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PHOTOS: Queerty Hits Opening Night at New York City’s XL Nightclub

The much anticipated XL nightclub at The Out NYC  officially opened Friday night and Queerty/GayCities photoblogger, Jeffrey James Keyes captured the inaugural party, Rockit, featuring beats by DJs Carlos Melange and Lady Bunny, a glitzy performance by  Amanda Lepore (above) and all sorts of cute boys, club kids and socialites.

The club, a group venture by veteran Big Apple nightlife promoters John Blair, Brandon Voss, Tony Fornabaio and Beto Sutter, has already sparked debate among local tastemakers. (Gawker in particular seems hellbent on seeing it fail.) But if the packed parties this weekend are any indication, XL could herald a real return to the mega-clubs of yore.

photos: Jeffrey James Keyes