You’ll never guess who Kellyanne Conway’s creepy drag twin is

The Internet has a real knack for obsessing over meaningless nonsense, and we’re not going to fool ourselves — this falls squarely into that camp.

And yet there is something remarkably uncanny about Kellyanne Conway’s drag doppelgänger.

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What fresh-faced queen has the distinct honor of such a title? None other than Patrick Stewart.

Stewart donned the look about a year ago for an episode of his Starz show Blunt Talk. It was a simpler time when Conway wasn’t yet a household name.

Here he is getting settled:

And here’s Conway again for reference:

And back to Stewart:

SNL, are you listening?

Naturally, Twitter is super into this comparison:

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  • pudman56

    It’s about KellyAnne got a facelift.

  • oaksong

    Uncanny. And much better looking. ???

  • oaksong

    Uncanny. And much better looking. ???

  • oaksong

    Uncanny. And much better looking. ???

  • dommyluc

    Damn! I wish he had worn the Gucci “Nutcracker” outfit that Kookyanne wore to the Inauguration. That would have just destroyed her.
    And it seems to me that Sir Patrick has a lot less facial hair.

    • silveroracle

      Re. Facial hair. Agreed!

      I think dear Patrick would look better in red. Love him.

  • scotshot

    Conway almost appears human & alive.

  • Jack Meoff

    How ridiculously airbrushed is that first picture on Conway in that awful blue hood. Reality check needed I think.

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