Separated at birth?

Did you notice Denis Leary and Kellyanne Conway look exactly alike? Denis Leary did.

If “alternative facts” are officially a thing, surely alternative realities are a distinct possibility, too.

Well, on one such inter-dimensional plane, Kellyanne Conway may be a piece of performance art by actor/comedian Denis Leary, and not the unsettling talking head who speaks of  “gaping, seeping wounds” and attends presidential inaugurations dressed like The Nutcracker.

You have to admit, Conway and Leary look a great deal alike. It’s not lost on him, either.

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The comparison was first made on Twitter this week by British comedian David Baddiel, who posted pics of the two personalities and wrote “I remain convinced that Kellyanne Conway is a character played by Denis Leary.”

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Denis Leary thinks Baddiel might be onto something, adding: “And I better win a fu*king Oscar for this role.”

Oh, and let’s not forget that Kellyanne Conway has also tried her hand at stand-up comedy…