Randy Rainbow’s “Interview” With Trump’s Attorney May As Well Be True

trump attorney randy rainbow
Randy Rainbow “interviews” Donald Trump’s attorney. Via YouTube.

The line between satire and reality has never seemed more blurry than in this election cycle.

The madness just keeps coming, especially out of the Trump campaign, with no signs of stopping until we all finally, mercifully get to cast our ballots and say goodbye to the circus leading up to election day.

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The latest is an awkward and barely coherent interview with Donald Trump’s attorney, which has now been spoofed by American’s preeminent fake interviewer, Randy Rainbow.

It is slightly more ridiculous than the original, but only slightly. Says who? Says us.

Check out the video below.

And if you liked that, watch Rainbow’s “interview” with Donald J. Trump himself.


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  • robho3

    Watching the actual real internee owes these boozoos give is just as funny.

  • Normal1

    I am a long time Queerty reader who has never commented. But the endless shilling Queerty does for Clinton has motivated me to speak out. No agenda, Queerty, really?!? You are shameless political hacks. And all you regular commenters who flame anyone who dares post a negative comment about Clinton or a positive comment about Trump are no better. Where was the coverage of the historic comment by Trump in his RNC speech praising cheers for gay rights? Where was the coverage of Thiel’s historic address to the convention? Both mark significant progress for the LGBTQI community that deserve our support rather than denigration. Where is the coverage of the thousands of gay people who support Trump … other than comments to the effect that they are flawed or mentally ill? Shame. I am a 59 year old gay man who has voted Democratic for 36 years but won’t be voting for Clinton. I lived through the endless scandals of the Clinton “co-presidency” and believe the American people deserve better. Clinton complaints about the so-called “right-wing conspiracy” may have seemed warranted after one scandal or maybe two. But it should ring hollow to most Americans now. For those of you too young to have lived through or remembered the Clinton years, do your duty as a citizen and research those years yourself rather than rely on politicians or the media for their spin. Whitewater, travel gate, Vince Foster, file gate, Lewinsky, silencing of women who dare speak out against the Clintons, the impeachment, Bengazi, the email scandal, Clinton Foundation “pay to play” … how many scandals are enough? Please, think for yourselves before you vote rather than be duped by “no agenda” Queerty.

  • Karlis

    @Normal1 Seriously? Whitewater? After years of “investigating” and millions of taxpayer dollars spent — nothing. Travelgate and Vince Foster? Nothing. Monica Lewinsky? Nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. The impeachment? Nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. Benghazi? Investigated by the Republithugs in the House again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again — nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. E-mail? Careless, but not criminal. And as for Trump and his supposed friendliness to LGBT people? One throwaway line at the Republican National Convention, and that is the long and the short of it. Donald Trump has promised to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Oberfell. He is no friend to you, and he is no friend to anyone who is LGBT. Please, think again.

  • charlie_jackpot

    In US politics the voting is very stark, one person or the other. I can understand why you may not like Hillary, but by not voting you are giving a vote to Trump. If you want Trump to be president, vote for him, if you don’t vote for Hillary. Otherwise your country will end up circling the drain like the UK

  • Ukin Blome

    @ not so Normal1; you took a right when you should have taken a left. The Onion is down the hall to the left.

    BTW, not another tired user name? Really girlfriend! How do you keep track of them all?

  • Normal1

    Exactly to my point, Ukin Blome. Flaming and disrespect to any one who disagrees with group think.

  • Normal1

    @Karlis My point regarding Mr. Trump’s comments is that a site advertising no agenda other than the gay agenda would presumably report advancements for LGBTQI persons in all political venues and then let readers comment and debate their significance, as you have rightfully done. A site that advertises no agenda other than the gay agenda would presumably report the history of Mrs.Clinton with respect to LGBTQI issues and let readers comment and debate rather than selectively report or not report at all. My issue is with this site not being true to its advertised mission and purpose. Rather than promote civil discourse, through imbalanced and incomplete reporting it is promoting group think, which, through the course of history has proved to be dangerous or even fatal. At one time Queerty did provide more balanced coverage of LGBTQI issues but has long since morphed into a partisan platform. Yes, I realize that Queerty is not right for me and I will be moving on. If any kind reader can recommend a more balanced LGBTQI site, I would appreciate it (I am not being disrespectful or facetitous).
    BTW, if you have assumed from my post that I am telling folks to vote for Mr. Trump, that is not accurate. I am urging every voter to do their due diligence to seek information on their own and to decide for themselves rather than to follow the crowd that shouts the loudest. Unfortunately, both the main stream media and non-main stream media (like Queerty) make it increasingly difficult to do so.

  • Creamsicle

    @Normal1 the “No Agenda, except for that gay one,” is mostly just a tongue in cheek tagline and not a promise of unfailing journalistic integrity. In fact, it’s basically an ironic acknowledgement of the inherent liberal slant of all gay news and issues since the Left is the only part our the larger American political infrastructure where gay rights are even entertained.

    The fact that Trump said something one time about “protecting the lgbt community from a dangerous foreign agenda,” means nothing when his own platform and his own running mate represent a dangerous anti-lgbt domestic agenda.

  • Curtispsf

    @Normal1 Now don’t forget to include the part about how Hillary Clinton strangled Vince Foster with her bare hands. And don’t forget how this was all exposed in Mr. Ben Ghazi’s “tell all” book but we all know the only copy of this was stored on Hillary’s email server. And didn’t Hillary wipe the email server clean in response to a subpoena from the Justice Department? So answer me this, Mr. Smarty Pants: “Where is Kate Smith to sing “God Bless America” when we need her? We REALLY do!!

  • scotshot

    @Normal1 If you’re looking for a website that offers more balanced view (conservative) of LGBTQI issues, Immediately proceed to: BREITBART.

  • scotshot

    @Normal1 You stated that Trump is supportive of LGBT people and its viewpoint. Why then did he appoint Steve Bannon of Breitbart and Kellyanne Conway – An editor of antigay Breitbart website and a longtime radio host who both promote an antigay agenda?

    Is it not antigay for him to state that he’ll work to strike down MSM?

    Then there’s his Executive Advisory Board which is composed of anti gay evangelical figures. Many have promoted extreme solutions to homosexuality.

    If you want to promote a fair and balanced debate / discussion on these issues bring others whose agenda is antigay.

    Now it’s been fun playing with you but it’s time to g back to your Trump Troll friends to have mammies.

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