Young Activists Fight “Zero” Commercial Horror

Some of you out there may not be comfortable getting in the middle of gay marriage debates – and who can blame you? it’s only about equality – but that doesn’t mean you can’t join a good cause. For example, some college kids have started a movement against car company Toyota’s ubiquitous, infuriating “Saved By Zero” ad campaign.

The ever-insightful NY Post provides the inspiring details:

…Facebook groups, bloggers and others have risen up against the automaker’s ad.

“It’s pretty much unanimous that everyone I’ve talked with thinks it’s very annoying,” said Colin Anderson, 19, a freshman at the SUNY at Binghamton.

He created the Facebook group “Stop Playing Toyota’s ‘Saved by Zero’ Commercial.” It has swelled to more than 1,200 members.

We’ve included the ad above purely for those of you who may not be familiar with its grating quality. Those of you who are familiar should skip the video demonstration and go about your day, which we hope is splendid. For those of you who did watch the commercial: you should have known better.

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  • JNunzio

    Slow news day, eh?

  • Ben

    Cute, again, but I don’t see why you’re posting about these things. This is starting to get rather stupid.

  • Quill

    Um, what’s annoying about that? If it was played a over and over again during the course of a program, it could get annoying, but far less annoying than the Purina commercials that feature the ramped-up sounds of dogs eating. Now THAT’s annoying!

  • fredo777


    Are you kidding me? There are much worse commercials out there right now.

    Have you seen the commercials for:

    Pedi Paws (the dog toenail clipper, with cross-section views of a dog’s toenail innards)
    Mucinex (the mucus medicine. no explanation needed)
    Riddex (the pest repellent, complete with rats, roaches, + other unpleasant imagery blasted on the TV screen)


    And so on…all gross, all worse than this one.

  • Jeff

    Yes, must be a very slow news day. If I saw this commercial on TV, I wouldn’t have given it second thought. Then again, I watch TV about 2 hours per year.

  • EdWoody

    I fully support this initiative. That advert is infuriating. My boyfriend ends up singing it all day around the house. This may lead to his death.

  • Vinman

    Made me smile EdWoody!!!

  • Erick

    Wait… they want to stop this for being annoying and yet the Head On commercial still airs.

  • Smokey Martini

    People are protesting over THIS?!
    I officially lost faith in the world.

  • Dan

    Was gonna say… main crime of this ad is that it’s painfully boring. But this is Toyota we’re talking about here, so it’s perfect for them.

  • Minnie

    Maybe those 1200 people signing up to protest this banal advertisement could have spent their energy calling up some california voters.

    When protesting a car ad counts as “activism”, it cheapens everything the rest of us do.

  • Nick

    Dear god…I thought I was just being a Tivo-loving, commercial hating junky, but that commercial makes my eye twitch.

    God…it’s awful!

  • Bruno

    It doesn’t do The Fixx proud, but geez.

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