Young Gays Reflect On Their First Prides — Glitter, Nerves, Hookups And All

First word, first step, first day at school, first kiss — there’s really only one natural life progression to hit next — first Pride!

Do you remember your first Pride? No? Then you probably did something right.

But it’s not always rainbow glitter and unicorn smiles. Pride can be overwhelming, messy and eye-opening.

Below, guys Whisper their first Pride experiences — all the glory and the defeat.

I went to my first pride parade yesterday. It made me tear up when a group of Mormons in the parade gave me hugs, told me they loved me, and shook my hand.

I went to my first pride the other day and I have to say I've never felt happier or more loved in my life... As cheesy as that sounds :)

I went to pride for the first time yesterday, and I don't think I have ever felt happier and more carefree in my life

I went to my first pride, where my straight friend got hit on and I didn't.

I went to pride for the first time today. Wasn't that impressed. Maybe pride isn't my thing. The drag show was kinda cool tho

Went to gay pride for the first time in a bright pink jockstrap and a black flower crown. Took x, woke up this morning and threw up glitter.

Today I went to my first LGBT pride and I was surprised at how many churches support us.

Today I was supposed to meet a guy I've been talking to for six months at our first ever pride. He stood me up... I guess I'm really not relationship worthy.

I went to my first gay pride festival I had no idea what to expect and the first thing that happens was someone gave me condoms and asked if I wanted to test them... I ran like hell.

First time to gay pride ever. Ended up having sex with a stud in the parking lot

My first time at Pride was way better than I expected, every butt grab was like an unspoken compliment

I went to my first pride today! I felt it was necessary to go before moving back in with my homophobic parents.

Today was my first time at the pride parade it was amazing I danced, people showed me love, the guys were hot, and I got groped. IT WAS AWESOME!

Today I marched in my first pride parade. I was approached by protesters and I was scared. I'm a bisexual guy and a veteran, I support love in every form.

This year is the first time I've accepted myself and opened up as gay. I was extremely nervous to go to pride but it was so wonderful to see so much happiness in one place.

Pride fest was the first time I felt happy in a long time

Went to my first pride. It was one of the first times I've honestly felt like I was being true to who I am.

I finally feel like I can be comfortable with my sexuality after going to pride for the first time.

My first time at the pride parade I passed out because I was so nervous.

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