1 Day Shy Everything But Marriage, Washington’s Gays Get Shafted


With “at least” 135,000 signatures turned in yesterday, anti-gay agent Gary Randall (of Oregon) and partner-in-crime Larry Stickney (pictured) squashed today’s planned implementation of Washington State’s “everything but marriage” domestic partnership bill. Referendum 71 would have granted overturned the law granting same-sex partners the same rights afforded straight married couples when it comes to things like pension benefits, adoption, child support, and hospital visitation. Now, if the signatures collected by Protect Marriage Washington are certified and valid ones number more than 120,577, the law will be put on hold until November, when voters will have a chance to weigh in on whether the 5,700 couples registered so far (and the untold numbers who would have joined the wave) should be treated as second-class.

Naturally, Washington Families Standing Together isn’t so pleased about this weekend’s development.

Now the question remains: How fast until the names of every single one of these anti-civil rights civilians get published?