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11 Ways To Take Your Mind Off The Possibility Of A Trump White House

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As Election 2016 draws to a merciful conclusion, good, patriotic voting Americans have come to their wit’s end. After what seems like an eternity of Newt Gingrich, bizarre attacks, antigay meltdowns, sword fights among GOP prez candidates, mudslinging, sex scandals, meltdowns, emails and a leaky, partisan FBI, the American people need a reprieve.

Fortunately we here at Queerty have assembled this fine list of ways to relax before and after election day.

Give yourself a break, and check out 10 Ways To Take Your Mind Off the Election. But don’t forget to vote!

1. Go to the movies


Moonlight, Loving, King Cobra…movies with LGBT themes are currently hitting cinema screens, and deserve a huge LGBT audience. Turn off cable news and head out to a local multiplex to check out a great new title or two. If nothing else, the movies do show how far our community has come.

2. TV Marathon


For those with an aversion to going to the movies, have an old-fashioned TV marathon. Get out a boxed set of your favorite LGBT series—Queer as Folk, The L Word, Will & Grace—order pizza, open a good bottle of wine, and kick back with a bud. It beats watching Anderson Cooper non-stop.

3. Karaoke


Nothing helps take the mind off dire political straits like a catchy song. Ergo, find a local karaoke establishment, and put in to croon. Listening to even the worst singers is still somehow better than listening to the bellicose rhetoric of this election cycle.

4. Go on a Hike


Get some exercise away from the TV or internet by going on a local hike. For most of the country, winter approaches making good outdoor days endangered. The first week of November or so should still have a few good, outdoorsy days, so take full advantage.

5. Have Sushi


Rather than subject yourself to one more report about “fishy” dealings by some candidate, head out to your favorite sushi bar, order a tall sake, and gorge on some greats rolls. If the sushi doesn’t take your mind off the election, enough saki will.

6. Go to a Planetarium


Take in a bit more culture by heading over to a nearby planetarium to take in a star show. Let the music and stars relax your mind. After all, should Hillary lose, no doubt knowing the cosmos will help when you want to leave the planet.

7. Wine Tasting

Row of wine glasses on barrel in winery cellar

A wine tasting with a friend or date bud can offer a good deal of quality, get-to-know-you time. If nothing else, getting a bit buzzed should distract from the election, or at least numb the pain of it all.

8. Vintage Shopping


Retail therapy can help take the mind off the election overload, so give yourself a challenge. Do a little vintage shopping at local antique, vintage or consignment stores. Set a goal to find at least one awesome vintage item to wear on inauguration day.

9. Yoga Class


Stretch the stress away at a yoga class. Again, take a date or friend to make it a bit more interesting, and balance the body and mind with a bit of eastern philosophy. Spend a bit of extra time on the “child’s pose” position, just in case you need to learn to bow to a new government overlord!

10. All-American release


If all else fails, celebrate an overlooked contribution of Americana by watching some good ole’ all-American porn. Watching it alone can gratify, while watching it with a date can satisfy. Either way, end the screening by shouting “USA!”

11. Oh, and how could we forget Grindr. Of course you’re probably already there