It’s not exactly news that some women, even lesbians, are into gay porn. Remember Julianne Moore awkwardly trying to explain to their son why she and Annette Bening watched gay porn in The Kids Are Alright? And Pornhub has the stats to back it up.

Cosmo recently took a deep dive (mildly NSFW) into the very particular community of female fans who are obsessed with the twinky stars of gay porn studio CockyBoys.

“If it wasn’t for our women fans, I don’t think we would have the level of exposure that we’ve had,” former porn performer George Alvin (a.k.a. Max Ryder) tells the mag. So, what makes these nubile young dudes so appealing to 20- and 30-something ladies?

1. They look like a boy band.
That’s essentially the story’s starting point, positioning the boys as “One Erection.” According to CockyBoy Tayte Hanson, “When these girls were young, boy bands were the ‘in’ thing. They saw the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, and that’s what their brain decided to tell them was attractive and appealing.” The brand’s x-rated, faux boy band mocumentary series aims to cash in on that appeal.

2. Their movies have actual plots.
It’s kind of a cliché that women like porn with a plot, but CockyBoys founder Jake Jaxson says his company’s more ambitious films have “elevated” the genre.

3. They can tell they’re into each other.
“Women definitely have a preference for gay porn where the men look like they are into each other,” says Dr. Lucy Neville, a senior lecturer at London’s Middlesex University. That’s in contrast to straight porn, in which women’s sexual responses often seem fake. “If a man has an erection and he ejaculates, that shows he’s having a good time,” Neville explains.

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4. They’ve built a community.
The boys are active on social media, messaging fans and interacting with them on a more personal level. Meanwhile, some of the CockyBoys’ female fans travel from all over the world to meet them at events, and some of these women have even established friendships with each other based on their mutual obsession. “I feel like this is my second family,” one fan admits.

5. The real-life behind-the-scenes drama.
Just like Joan Crawford and Bette Davis’s legendary feud made them gay icons, CockyBoys fangirls lap up the off-camera rivalries and gossip. “A lot of the girl fans thought we were dating in real life, to the point where they would sometimes attack the actual people we were dating on social media,” Alvin (a.k.a. Max Ryder) says of his former co-star Jake Bass. Fans nicknamed the pair “Jax.” “The funny part was we hated each other but on camera had to play off the whole ‘Jax’ [thing].”

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