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50 Cent: ‘Who Is To Judge’ Mister Cee If He’s Gay? ‘You’re Gonna Get Attacked’ If You’re Homophobic

Well slap me sideways and call me sally: The last man on earth I expected to come to the defense of Mister Cee is 50 Cent. But that’s who’s got the back of the scandalized Hot 97 DJ, who was arrested after NYPD officers spotted him receiving a beej from a man half his age in a car.

While the arrest of Cee (real name Calvin Lebrun) has set off some homophobic flame wars in New York’s hip-hop community, so far the highest profile person to come to Cee’s defense was Funkmaster Flex, and Flex was more focused on denying the rumors about Cee than he was embracing the possibility his friend and colleague is gay.

But 50 says he’d “make him my DJ any day.” Speaking to Hot 97’s Miss Info, 50 Cent explains: “It’s only entertaining because he means that much to hip-hop culture. I recognize Mister Cee as the guy who offered us Biggie, so he means that much to the culture. And a lot of the kids that hear the radio don’t see him the same way. … How about if you say, “I’m Rick James, bitch?’ How about if you say ‘I don’t care’? Who is to judge you when there’s an audience — that is probably one of the strongest audiences, if you look at Lady Gaga’s career — that says that that’s fine? … If you say it’s not fine, you’re gonna get attacked. You’re gonna write apology notes.”

Well shit. From the man who joked about gunning down a gay wedding comes the highest compliment from a music artist: recognition that the gays are “one of the strongest audiences” and most loyal. But he also puts it out there that sexuality is no longer something we should be sweating. (It goes without saying that when it comes to “apology notes,” 50 is speaking from personal experience.)

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  • James

    Wow I can’t believe that.

  • alan brickman

    He’s always been cool…and truly understands free speeech..not free hate speech rules…

  • The sane Francis

    This is a good statement coming from 50 Cent, my respect level for him went above trash level with him saying this. With THAT said, and I don’t want to knock the so-far positive responses of Mister Cee essentially being outed, but how much of this is the fear that these men will be the next one outed? People are talking about this being the domino that sets off a barrage of outings. Are these hip-hop stars going to rally around Mister Cee just for appearances or is it real?

  • jason

    I’m sorry but I’m so sick of these black DJ’s, black rappers, black hip-hop artists, black producers, black songwriters, black divas…where does it end? The reason I use the word “black” is because they themselves use it when promoting themselves to their niche markets.

    The simple fact is that black culture is highly homophobic. I’m not saying that ALL black people are homophobic, I’m simply saying their culture is. Black culture is based on a very old-fashioned, patriarchal belief system in which women are treated as sex objects and gay men as diseases.

    As for 50 Cent, ith he thtill relevant in today’th day and age?

  • The sane Francis

    Jason, why don’t you just say I’m sick of black people. Because that’s clearly what you mean.

  • blkgayeducated


    Are you saying white culture isn’t? Or Asian, or anything else? How about if I went around saying white culture is oppressive and racist? NOT ALL white people but that the culture is?

    Also, the biggest group of people that buy into the so called “black niche” markets are white people.

  • kayla

    Jason is a troll, please stop responding to his comments, very rarely does he ever say anything worthwhile…I really believe that he thrives off the negative responses to his comments, so please ignore him…He obviously needs a major hug!

  • Zonk

    That IS true that white kids buy tons of 50 cent type music. But I’ve also heard some black folk with the opinion that it means white kids will have it impressed upon them that black culture=criminal.

  • prohomo

    Rap. Rappers. Ugh. Lowest of the low.

  • blkgayeducated


    Didn’t know that! Thanks for the heads up!


    No, I think people take out of it what they want. Just like reality tv, the news, etc.

  • :)

    @prohomo: Don’t expect progress without mutual respect.

  • Charlie

    @jason: Jason hon every time someone like you says something like that you make it so much harder for the gay community to truly be a rainbow. We have black gay men, black lesbians, black transgender folks, and black bisexual people in our extended meta-family, please stop trying so hard to make them feel unwelcome.

  • ~R~

    @jason: and clearly “white” culture is so much more accepting and not based on a patriarchal system either!

  • ~R~

    @Charlie: EXACTLY!!!!

  • EdWoody

    I didn’t actually read it as saying “gay is good.” I read it as saying, “you’ll be forced to apologise if you say gay isn’t good,” which is not the same thing at all. Just recognising that gays are a powerful market force doesn’t mean you’re okay with that.

  • james_from_cambridge

    Leave Jason alone. He’s dealing with a very painful personal issue (prolapsed rectum) caused by being with a very large Black man, hence his bitterness with the Black community. I know you think I’m kidding but I’m not. We should try and be more understanding because he’s not a racist, just confused and angry. A prolapsed rectum does that to you. If you want to send Jason “get well” cards and notes, let me know and I’ll see he gets them. No BBC jokes please.

  • Ken

    Whether its being “fierce” in the face of every manner of adversity or “casting shade” on anyone who would seek to put you down or shove you into the background because they couldn’t handle your “fabulosity”, gay culture has a debt to black culture.

    For all the talk of black culture being homophobic, or the political analysts talking about how black churches have been among the strongest institutions for “getting out the vote to stop gay marriage”, black culture has been a powerful contributor to the development and growth of gay culture. Blacks in America know what it means to be treated as second-class citizens, and what it means to have to fight to be treated as equals in the eyes of the law. And for all the talk of equality under the rainbow, the dominant white gay sub-culture is often fiercely antagonistic and exclusionary when it comes to non-white gays.

    So let’s beware before casting any stones on any one group of people. 50 Cent is to be commended for rising above his own past and his own prejudices to publicly speak about a greater acceptance by all, for all.

  • Greg

    @EdWoody: I interpreted that exactly as you did. If Queerty’s quoting 50 verbatim, it comes across more as a warning against, rather than support for the gays.

  • TheRealAdam

    @EdWoody: Exactly.

    @kayla: LOL, a troll calling out another troll? I’ll take Jason’s ramblings any day over your nonsensical posts.

    @Ken: “the dominant white gay sub-culture is often fiercely antagonistic and exclusionary when it comes to non-white gays.”

    And what exactly is your evidence of this “fierce antagonism and exclusion?” I’m guessing one too many white boys turned you down? That’s usually what these claims come down to – a personal affront because the white gays aren’t attracted to blacks and don’t want to date them.

    With all due respect, boo-hoo.

  • kayla

    @TheRealAdam: Me! A troll…? I’m extremely offended.

  • Sunil

    @Ken: AMEN bro.

    @TheRealAdam: I’m guessing you’re also probably a white gay man. If you’re white, you have no idea how it’s like to not be white in the “gay community” — which is, mostly white.

    I am a gay South Asian male, and I feel exactly the same way. White gay men like to act like they’re all cultured and interested in yoga, Eastern thought, and eating Indian food — but when it comes to dating an Indian guy? Then they say “ewwww…..”

    White gay men basically move to cosmopolitan, culturally diverse cities like NYC, L.A., SF, Chicago, and then they want to date a man with blonde hair and pale skin, who also looks like he grew up on the same hillbilly farm on Kansas, Arkansas or Nebraska.

  • TheRealAdam

    @kayla: Of course you are, Kayla, of course you are.

    @Sunil: I fail to see how white men wanting to date other white men while being open-minded to “yoga, Eastern thought, Indian food” etc. in major cities, makes them “fiercely antagonistic and exclusionary” toward non-whites.

    I think you, like Ken, are just projecting your own insecurities onto white gays because they don’t want you. What, you think white gays have to like or date you just because they like your food and live in NYC or L.A. or SF? LOL! Wow.

    And the fact that you just referred to whites as wanting other “hillbillies” from Kansas, Arkansas or Nebraska (because, you know, all the white people who live in those places are hillbillies, and *all* hillbillies are obviously from those places) says more about you than it does about the white gays who don’t want to date you.

    If there are so many “sub-cultures” in the gay community, to use Ken’s words, why are you so concerned with the “white” one in the first place? Answer that and maybe you’ll see why your post, as well as Ken’s, is full of fail.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    @TheRealAdam: @Sunil: @Ken:

    You’re all wrong and right.

    Sunil I know what you are saying but the end bit made it sound personal. Yours talking about the kind of enlightened people who act a certain way to seem cultural progressive but when it comes down to action, are as bad as their more right-wing acquaintances.

    Adam, I do agree white culture is a helluva lot less homophobic then blacks BUT this is because of a different history. Plus whites tend to be more to the left AND it’s only the liberals who are not narrow minded, look at GOproud?

    Again, based in Europe, we mix more ethnically, much more then in the US so i have a different personal experience.

    It’s impossible to discuss what being black in America or the world is within a blog because still many African Americans are very religious-won’t here you question why they are Christians with slavery etc-and conservative.

    I agree. He was saying that careful for giving your opinion because they will make you apologize and FYI, gays bring in the money, plus they are LOYAL.

    Soo many of these rappers are gay it’s not even funny…you should see or hear how they behave when they come to London and think no one back home will know what is going on.

    I do think that it needs to be addressed that this person who has made your life so happy through music is now the most disgusting human being on earth.

    No wonder Tyler Perry or Oprah will never come out.

  • blkgayeducated

    Is The real Adam a troll? Or is he a poster child for the “gay agenda”?

    I can’t speak for Ken so for that I apologize from what I have last witnessed the white gays are all over the media, the news, the blogs, feeds, etc. Most of what people want to talk about concerning the “gays” is the white part of gay society.

    So, please don’t act like you are being victimized. You know the white gays want to continue to run shit. Look at all the top LGBT organizations, how many POC are in charge. Keep it real, dude.

  • Kev C

    Hip Hop isn’t hip enough for me to give a fuk. It’s mostly hopping and not hipping. Approximately 96.5% Hop to 3.5% Hip.

  • Sunil

    @TheRealAdam: I’m so “concerned with the ‘white’ sub-culture” (your words) because gay guys like you (white) are the majority of the “gay community” that is out, and socially & politically visible. Gay men of color (minorities) ARE the minority WITHIN the gay community.

    What do you say to straight people who complain that “straight people don’t define themselves by their sexuality, why do gay people?” You probably say that gays are a minority within a heterosexual-predominant society.

    We (gays of color) are the minority within a culture that is predominantly white. Ever wonder why some cities, such as Atlanta & DC (with reasonable black gay populations), have independent “Black gay pride” events?

    You, as a gay white man, have the luxury of living in a cosmopolitan city and defining yourself as just a gay man — not by your skin color. You have the luxury of socializing & dating only other white gay men as you choose. If you want, you can completely avoid associating with gay men of color. Nobody thinks twice about your skin color, or your ethnicity.

    We (gays of color) don’t have that luxury. Even when other gay men look at us, they judge us first by our skin color & ethnicity. I can’t live my life as an out gay man in an urban, gay neighborhood and avoid socializing or interacting with white gay people, even if I wanted to.

    Until you’ve walked a mile in our shoes, don’t judge us (gays of color).

  • Sunil

    @TheRealAdam: Gay men of color ARE the MINORITY within the gay community. White gays are the overwhelming majority of the “out” gay community. What part of that do you not understand?

    What would you say to straight people who complain that “straight people don’t identify themselves by their sexuality — why do gay people?” You would probably say that gay people are a minority in a heterosexual-predominant society.

    It’s the same thing within the “gay community.” We (gays of color) are the minority within the minority. Ever wonder why cities like Atlanta & DC with reasonable black gay populations have independent “Black gay pride” events? Ever wonder why there are film festivals in NYC & L.A. for gay people of color?

    You, as a white gay man, can live in an urban gay neighborhood and identify yourself solely by being gay. Nobody thinks twice about your skin color or ethnicity. If you so choose, you can live your life only associating & dating & befriending other white gay men, and avoid dealing with any gays of color, and you will probably still think of yourself as an integral part of the gay community.

    Us, as gays of color, don’t have that luxury. People often judge us first for our skin color & ethnicity, before they even get to know our character. Even for those of us who live in urban, gay neighborhoods, we can’t avoid dealing with white gay people like you, even if we wanted to.

    Please don’t judge us (gays of color) until you’ve walked in a mile in our shoes.

  • TheRealAdam

    @blkgayeducated: It’s all well and good that you observe that, but I still don’t see how you can tell me that that’s evidence of “fierce antagonism and exclusion” toward non-white gays. You are basically just telling me about all the white people you see, and you somehow conclude, based upon that, that white gays are racist and that there’s “fierce antagonism” toward non-whites (I’m assuming you agree with Ken)?

    I see no evidence of a deliberate attempt of white gays to “run shit,” – and why on earth are you so desperate to see “POC” in charge in the first place? What does it matter who’s “running shit” as long as shit gets done? Are you just mad because you, as a person of color, want to “run shit?” That makes you jealous and envious, but it doesn’t make white gays inherently racist. Don’t get it twisted.

    Finally, “blkgayedycated” as a handle pretty much tells me that your whining about white gays is bs. The fact that you would actually choose that handle as a name means you’re projecting. I don’t care to know you’re black and “educated,” so why are you, from the get-go, giving me information I don’t need and wouldn’t think to request? Your blackness is apparently more important to you than anyone else. Work that out before you come in swinging about white gays.

  • TheRealAdam

    @TheRealAdam: Sorry, meant “blkgayeducated.”

  • blkgayeducated

    So, are you trying to see that having the moniker “The Real Adam” can’t be taken in an assortment of ways?

    Come on dude, practice what you preach.

    I chose my name because people take themselves way too seriously not to make a statement about my intelligence because it has NO bearing on the blogosphere. My worth is not tied up in this hoopla.

    I do have an issue, where white, privileged individuals want to complain and whine when they are the ones running things. So, I don’t have sympathy nor do I want to hear it.

    My blackness means just as much to me as my gayness and I battle for both equally. You have no idea how it feels to be marginalized in society at any level, so it is not surprising that you can’t relate to my plight.

    I’m not attacking you, per se but the system and if the system benefits you, OF COURSE you won’t see anything wrong with it. The point that when it comes to POC and the LGBT community, shit is not getting done.

    It is not benefiting the gay community as a whole, the same way.

  • mikey

    @Sunil: I’d date you any day! :) Am black by the way and my bf is South Asian!

  • TheRealAdam

    @mikey: But the whole point is that he wants to date white men, and is angry that they don’t want to date him. How ironic…

    @blkgayeducated: “TheRealAdam?” No, not really. You’d have to understand why it’s necessary on this site, and why a handle like yours really isn’t. I’d prefer to call you by your name. I don’t care how black you are.

    The rest of your post is basically just telling me that I don’t understand because I’m not black. Well, if you are just telling me about all the white people you see and painting every white person with the same broad “white privilege” brush, how could you possibly understand the white perspective (if there even is one)?

    I just asked for some evidence, not observations about racial dating or how many white people you see in x,y, and z, organizations. You keep talking about the “system” and yet I have no idea what LGBT system you are talking about that deliberately oppresses non-white GLBT.

    I still have no clue what “shit” needs to get done when it comes to POC and LGBT, since obviously there are POC in the gay community and LGBT rights and equality apply to them no less than white gays.

  • blkgayeducated


    No, my name is just as valid as yours. In fact, it is not up to you to say, what name works here and what name doesn’t.

    I have to ask, are you a Dan Savage fan? Just curious.

  • TheRealAdam

    @blkgayeducated: I think you’re sighing because you can’t explain anything you claim. Like the others, you didn’t give me any substantial evidence, only personal complaints that have nothing to do with anything.

    And Dan Savage is irrelevant.

  • Frank

    I’ll give you a few examples if you want. Some people of color are still getting asked to show multiple forms of ID to enter gay establishments. Some are still getting their bags searched at gay clubs. Still others are last to be served by bartenders. There’s virtually no outreach by mainstream gay organizations to neighborhoods populated by people of color, and almost 98% of publications catered to gay people lack any regularity placing people of color on their covers. You want to talk about painting people with a broad brush? Black gay youth started to congregate in boystown, a gay neighborhood in Chicago, because they didn’t have a safe place to go in their own neighborhoods. A few get out of control, and the whole neighbor starts to label them as an unwelcome nuisance. Dating is one thing, I could care less about. Date whoever you want. But friendship is something totally different. Say what you want, but I do think there are more than a few gay men out there who, when a unfamiliar gay person of color approaches them in a social setting, unknowingly close themselves off, act aloof, or look for reasons not to befriend them; the same way some gay men choose not to befriend someone who is overweight, older, or not good looking.

  • Frank

    Our stories don’t even seem to matter as much. Matthew Shepard’s murder becomes a cause celebre’, and a call to arms to fight homophobia. People like, Sakia Gunn, Michael Sandy, Gwen Araujo, August Provost, Felix Pearson, Kenneth Monroe, and Darriel Wilson…? This list goes on and on. Marginal coverage. Forgotten victims or homophobia, because they don’t have faces that make headlines.

  • SBC19

    Jason, admit it… you have a *very* small pen!s, don’t know…

  • TheRealAdam

    @Frank: These are all personal anecdotes and there is no way to verify them. If they indeed happen based upon race, then that is sad, but I doubt whether or not race is intrinsically the problem in these circumstances. I’ve heard just as many people (black, white, whatever) claim Boystown is a great place for gay people of all colors, and that it is actually better there than in places like WeHo or Castro or Chelsea which tend to be more “whitewashed.”

    As for friendship, just like relationships, people can associate with who they like and who they want. I don’t see that as being anti-non white gays any more or less than it is anti-old age, anti-women/lesbian, anti-poor, etc.

    What I am getting at is that there is no way to point to any of these circumstances and say that they represent all gay white people, or that white gay culture hates black gays or anyone else.

    @Frank: OK, this makes more sense. This is something that should be corrected. However, I also think it is the responsibility of black/minority gays to speak up in their own behalf if they are not getting enough attention. I don’t see many in the gay black community doing that.

    Also, Matthew Shepard was so big because he was one of the first gay hate victims that were completely mainstreamed. Many of these other crimes happened in his wake and were overshadowed. It was just the same recently with Tyler Clementi, and the many whites and other racial groups of teens who were/are killing themselves weren’t given as much coverage as the “first.”

  • blkgayeducated


    Nope, I could give claims but you are not trying to listen. So why keep wasting my characters.

    Thanks for answering the Savage question, though.

  • McMike

    It’s really good see the men in the hip hop community take a stand against homophobia. Queerty says there have been verbal homophobic statements made but I have yet to see one published. The hip hop genre, IMO, is the gayest musical genre there is. There are 1,001 songs on the radio sung by a black guy to a girl and it’s obvious he’s totally gay (for example, No-Yo’s “Nothing but this girl..”). I bartended one night in a hip hop club and the dj’s posse was a bunch of young, gay black men…

  • Enron

    I think, as Frank noted “the same way some gay men choose not to befriend someone who is overweight, older, or not good looking.”, this also exist amongst people of color too. You have black guys who will never date another black guy because its “not their thing”. I like hot guys of all color, black, white, Asian. I do have a standard though, as someone who identifies as black, don’t expect because I am black and gay I am going date a fellow black who looks like Flavor Flav or Mr. Cee.

    I do admit to being one of those guys too who likes the pretty handsome, muscular types and if I had to choose between a muscular hottie and a guy who doesn’t work out, but is cute and self confident, I am going to go for the muscular hottie. Yes, its a shallow behavior but it exist not just with homosexuals, heterosexuals are just the same. Ask any straight guy their idea of the perfect woman, and you will get unrealistic celebrity results and when you probably compare it to their lady friend in their life its far from it.

    I like white hot guys, but, I know where to put a stop, I am not going to go after someone who probably is muscular, well manicured, knowing he is probably expecting the same exact thing in return from a guy. For many guys who probably live mostly an isolated life with no intimacy or companionship, sometimes we can make our standards more realistic when it comes to dating. Some black guys who decide they are going come out and jump into a gay predominantly white society believe that because its white gays, they will be sex fiends and go for anything that is a man. Sorry, I personally don’t see it that way (I am black by the way) just remember that. Its just that, I am analyzing things from perspective of some black gay men who choose to be open with their sexuality and put it at an unrealistic high standard. I personally am looking for a nice guy to start a relationship with because I get really lonely sometimes because of my environment in which I live, I don’t want a Brad Pitt or Taye Diggs, but if one came along, certainly not gonna pass it up. I do have a standard though, no Flavor Flav!

  • jeff4justice

    No one should even be getting arrested for sex in vehicles. This is police uselessness. As a homeless homo living in my SUV, I hope the cops don’t get all up in my business. I recently had a dream about Usher visiting me in my SUV and vlogged about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4NN3K6QqwY

  • Shannon1981

    @jeff4justice: sweetie, are you in a large city? Since you have internet access, why don’t you google an LGBT friendly shelter and go there? Seriously, they can help you.

  • Shannon1981

    Wow 50 cent coming to the defense of gay people? We are making progress!

  • James

    Comments on this post are all over the place.

  • James

    I do have to agree with The Real Adam on one thing alot of black gay men are snow queens who get mad when white guys don’t want them.

  • Aiden

    @James: As a black guy I concur, I don’t get how you can not like black guys and then get mad when white guys feel the same way.

  • Frank

    You know what you’re right, I didn’t pole every single gay person of color in America about their experiences with mainstream gay culture, but I live work, travel, and socialize amongst enough of them to a pretty good understanding a general sentiments of the community as a whole. These stories are out there, but I feel like they are dismissed because someone people chose not to hear them. Do they go to events with the majority population of people of color? No. But they do rely on input of the handful of people of color who pepper the mainstream gay culture that will satisfy the unified front the the gay community like to put forth. And to be honest, I agree with James and the Real Adam, a lot of those men are snow queens. As such a lot of them will go along and get along, ignoring a lot of the racism that occurs right in front of their face, so as to fit in better with the community.

  • Aiden

    @TheRealAdam: So you don’t see anything wrong with someone not wanting to associate with another? THe fact that your white non these things affect must make it so easy to be so fippant others problems.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Aiden: I didn’t say it wasn’t wrong, I said it’s not just a black/racial issue.

  • mikey

    @TheRealAdam: talk of inferiority complex, lol!

  • jason

    The black men with whom I’ve been intimate have been stunning, gorgeous pieces of manhood. One was a basketballer from Missouri with a deep resonant voice.

    However, I couldn’t picture myself with either Mike Tyson or 50 Cent. They both seem grotty.

  • ladeda

    Well it is clear that there is a heavier amount of Homophobia in Hip hop than there is in dance music, or most rock ‘n roll….. considering a lot of rock n roll stems from gays and their friends (Velvet underground, The New York Dolls, David Bowie, Patti smith, R.E.M., Elton John, Kurt Cobain, and the list goes on and on right up to Lady Gaga.)

    I am surprised at 50 cent throwing his hat in the ring, maybe he’s learned a thing or two from some of those comments he made before.

    Either way people need to get the hell over it, and so what. Cee was getting head in his car. Big deal.

  • Ricky

    @blkgayeducated: I, personally, dig the name you choose to represent yourself. And I can see where you are coming from. NOT only do you have to deal with homophobia, you also have to deal with racism. I obviously cannot speak for everyone else, but you have my personal respect. You are strong individual.

  • Ricky

    @Shannon1981: Like someone else pointed out, I don’t think he is defending gays at all. His comment seems loaded with a little passive aggresive insight. It seems as if he is really saying that if you disagree with the gay lifestyle and say something anti-gay, you will be publicly thrashed and forced to do some damage control.

  • The sane Francis

    His last comment definitely doesn’t come off as a supportive comment rather than a “if you come out as homophobic the gays will get you.” With that said, he could also be saying “if you are homophobic towards my friend, I will come out against you.” So really, it’s dependent on how you interpret it.

    What’s really unfortunate to me, though, is how so many of you make everything about appearances (race, body type etc.) instead of, you know, personality and character. I cannot deal with this racial bullshit, probably since I’m mixed, so I’m always caught in the middle, and I just don’t judge people or situations based on color nor am I attracted to people based on color, so I don’t understand why some people are so fixated on skin color.

  • Joey O'H

    50 Cent is worht about a nickel. I don’t understand this man. First, he’ll shoot down gay weddings… Now he comes to the defense of a DJ. Is it a black thing? While skin color means nothing to me, but really IS IT A BALCK THING? Is that why he’s coming to DJ Cee’s defense? I thought Cent hated gay people?

    Bottome line, 50 Cent is a hateful lunatic. I hold him up as high as I do Kanye West on the hate scale. Both losers with no musical talent whatsoever.

  • The sane Francis

    As far as what I’ve heard firsthand, 50 Cent is DL anyway. I don’t think it’s a black thing, I think he just looks up to and likes Mister Cee. But, again, I really do believe that these guys know that the cover could easily be blown off their lids, and that the backlash to their homophobia would be strong, so they are going to keep quiet.

  • Oli

    @blkgayeducated: hey, sorry to weigh in on this but I just wanted to ask, do you think that white gays don’t know what its like to be marginalized? I can understand your frustrations TOTALLY, but I don’t fully understand your antipathy towards white gay people (in terms of this discussion). There is a lot of prejudice in the LGBT community, for sure, but I dunno, I think its reflective of society and white gays definitely know a lot more about discrimination than white heteros typically do. Basically I’m just saying that one great thing about being gay is that there are gay people everywhere, in every race. I think there is a problem with prejudice which is explained, but not excused, by the fact that marginalized groups often tend to end up being discriminatory as a result of what they have already suffered. The bullied becoming the bullied kinda thing. But yeah, can’t everyone just get along?

  • Oli

    @Oli: *becoming the bullies

  • Taylor Siluwé

    I think 50 just grew up before our eyes. But actions speak louder than this bit of shocking support.

    So I’ll remain skeptical for now.

  • dre

    I happened to this page to read up on 50 Cent’s comments on Mister Cee. As a straight non-homophobic black male, I have to chuckle at the posts on this page.

    One word… BITCHINESS

    This has been an interesting view into the gay community, for shame, for shame!!! lol jokes.

    50 Cent is a very intelligent fellow. He has transcended his harsh start to become quite an amazing man.

    Shout out to several of you, who seem very cool.

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