50 Shades Of Gay: 11 Out Actors Who Should Replace Charlie Hunnam As Christian Grey


When news of Charlie Hunnam landing the most coveted role of the year, psychosexual billionaire Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the literary masterwork that introduced middle America to Ben Wa balls, reactions were mixed to downright negative. All the while, everyone and their kinky mother seemed to want openly gay actor and all-around perfect-looking human being Matt Bomer to slip under Grey’s copious shade. That we’ve come to a point in our society where audiences are ready to embrace an actor for a role regardless of sexual orientation is something to celebrate, and in that spirit we’ve compiled a list of hot, gay action stars we wouldn’t mind getting into some hot, gay action with. If we forgot anyone, leave him in the comments.

Check out 11 openly gay actors perfect for the lead role in 50 Shades of Grey.


Matt Bomer
A fan favorite, Matt Boner Bomer is the subject of a petition to get him to play Christian Grey. This hottie already dons a suit and tie for White Collar, so we can already picture him tying a windsor knot around Anastasia Steele’s dainty wrists.


Wentworth Miller
Sorry but we can’t focus on anything else but our jail fantasies of him in Prison Break.


Matt Dallas
matt dallas shirtless you, me, & the circus
From Kyle XY to KY jelly.


Luke MacFarlane
luke macfarlane shirtless erection
You may know him recently from Satisfaction, or Smash, or even as far back as Kinsey, but we like to remember him from Erection.


Jonathan Groff
Many a gay may remember Jonathan as Leah Michele’s love interest Jesse St. James on Glee, but we like to remember him as the love interest in our dreams. Our naked dreams.


Cheyenne Jackson
Another Glee and Broadway alum, Cheyenne is already comfortable sexing (allegedly) in front of a camera.


Simon Woods
Formerly Rome‘s Gaius Octavian Caeser, Simon Woods’s butt is a gift from the gods.


Luke Evans
This Welsh god has already played two Greek deities — Apollo in Clash Of The Titans and Zeus in Immortals — so there’s no reason he can’t play another god, this time of S&M.


Sean Maher
Currently starring in Logo TV’s Eastsiders, some of you might know him from such classics as Firefly, Party of Five, and The $treet. Oh yeah, he was also in one of NBC’s many aborted fetal premises, The Playboy Club. If it was The Playgirl Club it would still be on today.


Chris Salvatore
While he might have a much smaller audience than the rest, having only appeared in LOGO Network’s Eating Out movie series, he recently got rave reviews in the new original play Pieces. We’re loving his bits, too.


Craig Parker
This Spartacus actor has nudes. That is all. You can click here to view them, but your computer might have a meltdown.

Whomever steps into Charlie Hunnam’s place, hopefully they’ve got a warm pair of boots ready — lest they also catch a case of the cold feet.

Damien Basile is a fashion designer, pop culture enthusiast, social media microlebrity, and lover of college football. When he’s not sleeping he’s awake.

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  • Jake357

    Not Groff or Jackson. They’re both too smarmy and cheesy and musical theatery…it just drips out of their pores; they can’t turn it off. I mean, they’ve both played straight so unconvincingly that it’s like a joke.

  • Dxley

    Oh, maaaaaaaaaaan!!! After seeing this, I believe God exists. Matt Bomer ^.^ these guys are so f*cking hot. I wish it could be Bomer.

  • tardis

    Bomer is the only one that could pull it off. Either way, 50 Shades is such a trashy novel that’s sure to make a trashy movie. I’d rather watch Twilight or even read it, which it’s based off of anyway.

  • Jenny

    LMAO this list is a fucking joke. (except for Bomer and Miller)

  • Red_Dragon_888

    Forget actors, they need a Porn Star!!!

  • sportsguy1983

    Chris Salvatore? Really? He can’t even sing (he thinks he is a singer), yet alone act his way out of a brown paper bag. None of these guys (including Matt Boomer who has been mentioned as a legitimate possible choice) will be picked. It will be a straight actor.

  • afrolito

    This list is a joke right? No serious actor will come within 50 feet of this turd…not that this list of nobodies would even be considered.

    Wentworth is too old, and Matt clearly has no interest in this.

  • Charlie in Charge

    Did not know Simon Woods and Sean Maher were on our team. That brightened my morning.

  • jfabz

    @sportsguy1983: So the 50 Shades movie is musical now?

  • Nyruinz

    Why does a gay actor need to play the role of a straight man? Hollywood can keep that train wreck of a film

  • Dixie Rect

    Even though they are all no talents, I’m surprised Queerty didn’t suggest their usual hit list: Davey Wavey, Lance Bass, Robbie Rogers or Nick Gruber…..

  • tardis

    @Dixie Rect: You’re right about the others, but not Robbie Rogers. The man is out and currently playing. That’s pretty big in the gay world. He needs to be talked about more.

  • the other Greg

    @Dixie Rect: LOL, you left out the Jonas brothers.

    You may be on to something with Nick Gruber – after all, as he keeps telling us, he’s straight!

  • Polaro

    @Dxley: Yeah, we agree on something. But, as usual, Dixie Rect proves he is just a frustrated hater.

  • Red_Dragon_888

    How about a movie called “100 Shades of Pink?”

  • Niall

    Luke Evans is not “out” as far as I know, he might have “come out” in a british mag a few years ago, but his agents consequently put him back in again and he doesn’t seem to mind seeing as he enjoys talking about women and fast cars now *eye roll*

    Oh and I actually had no idea Craig Parker was gay, wow…you learn something new everyday, should have known since he posted that pic on gwip a while back lol

    And I know it’s supposed to be “acting”, but if you’ve ever read the books(which regrettably I have), all your choices are jokes besides Matt Bomer and Wentworth Miller, neither of which will probably do it.

  • Jorval


  • Dixie Rect

    @Polaro: Y’all get so uptight over the silliest things, I was making a joke. Queerty is a complete joke too, so why not join in on the joke?

  • damienbasile

    @Niall: As far as Luke Evans is concerned here’s a quote from him: “Everybody knew me as a gay man, and in my life in London I never tried to hide it”, “whether I’m successful or if I weren’t successful, at least I’ll never have that skeleton in the closet they can rattle out. Y’know what I mean?”

    So, there’s that. If his PR people are trying to shove him back in the closet then that’s something completely different.

  • Daryl-Atlanta

    I’ve not read the book, nor am I aware of what the supposed, ideal “look” of the Christian Grey character is thought to be…though besides Matt Boomer, I’d like to offer two names to the list of possible replaces for Charlie Hunnam – Ian Somerhalder (from CW’s “Vampire Dairies”) for nothing more than his sexy demeanor and “those eyes” of his and also the actor Joe Manganiello (from both TV and for his performance in “Magic Mike”), then hopefully with facial hair, who after only a single look, requires no further explanation of why he too could be a f-i-n-e replacement for Mr. Hunnam. Wow, just thinking about this sure makes me wish that I was a casting agent in charge of auditions for this role.

  • buckyr64

    Luke Evans could make for a good Christian Grey, but how about Travis Fimmel from History Channel’s Vikings. His intense eyes and acting style would melt the screens. Also, Jonathan Rhys Meyers who would be no stranger to the sexual acrobatics required for the role and he is an excellent actor. So people let me know: 1) Travis Fimmel…Mmmm! 2) Jonathan Rhys Meyers 3) Luke Evans

  • buckyr64

    Let me say it aloud: TRAVIS FIMMEL from Vikings, then Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Luke Evans, but let’s consider TRAVIS FIMMEL.

  • Doug

    LUKE EVANS??????? That scum bag crawled back into the closet after he started getting big movie roles. In an Advocate interview he did about 10 or so years ago, he talked about how proud he was to be gay, that being closeted was stupid and all the gay porn he owned….now, he’s dating beards and refusing to comment on his personal life- which we all know when managers say that- it means GAY GAY GAY!!!!

  • erasure25

    Oh my Craig Parker. If only you were naked in Legend of the Seeker… ;p

  • buckyr64

    Doug, I hear you loud and clear and I did not know the history behind Luke Evans. Putting sexuality aside, Travis Fimmel from Vikings would be the best choice. Check out his eyes; find Vikings and watch…Mmmm!

  • Teleny

    I don’t know who any of these guys are, but they are all very handsome.,,

  • Rob Moore

    Honestly, I would love to see Charlie Hunnam do it, but the train left the station on that one.

    Craig Parker did some pretty convincing nude and straight sex scenes in Spartacus before he was knocked off plus cruelty was his characters forte. He looked very damn good doing it. Matt Bomer got pretty kinky in Magic Mike so I think he could pull it off. Unlike some, I think Cheyenne Jackson’s recent real-life douche-ness might come in handy if he got the role.

  • Houston Collins

    Why are you faggots fucking obsessed with this stupid fucking book for straight toddlers. GIVE IT A REST!

  • Niall

    @damienbasile: Yeah you’re basically telling me what I already know. But like I said, his agents have put in back inside the closet, set him up with some PR beard who says they’re “in love” and at the Fast & Furious 6 premiere, he was talking about loving women and fast cars. So he himself is obviously okay with being back in the closet or maybe he just came to realize he’s now bisexual lol.

  • Amalgamate

    what is Chrsi Salvatore doing on this list? He is an awful actor! did you see Eating Out 22 through 45? please stop embarassing REAL actors

  • Amalgamate

    agreed! Methinks someone at Queerty is sleeping with the guy…embarassing

  • sharkbjs

    This online “magazine” is getting shallower with each and every issue. Who’s writing this crap — high school interns?

  • KevinG

    I would love it if Matt Bomer did it. But whoever is cast should be willing to do full-frontal nudity. I think it would be ridiculous for this film of all films to shy away from that.

  • Jim Petrone

    Although not gay, my choice remains Ian Somerhalder for the role.
    It is he I visualized while reading 50 Shades of Grey.

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