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  • dellisonly

    I knew I sensed sarcasm before that last sentence. Sometimes it is the only way to turn the mirror on someone so they can see their own hypocrisy.

  • terrwill

    Dear Daddy,
    If my previous suck up letter to you won’t allow you to give me keys to the car, we can go to the basement and
    we can play that game you always played with me when I was younger. (anything to get the car keys, Daddy) As always, I promise not to tell Mommy.
    Love and Kisses, Tanya :O

  • romeo

    Really, Queerty, was this necessary?

  • kademonster

    hahahah this chick is amazing. i sent my mom an email like this once. a few more expletives were used tho. and i still think she is Hitler incarnate.

  • dizzy spins

    lets get a pool going and buy this right-on girl a car!!

  • Fitz

    If your going to whore yourself out, at least be honest about it.

  • Brad

    LOL. Loved it!!!

  • Dasher

    It’s a wonder the sarcasm didn’t etch through the paper.

  • JRD

    To the teachers out there… this is a perfect piece to use to teach sarcasm. Also, it has the alternate benefit of teaching kids their parents really are Nazis when they spout hate.

  • $0.02

    Love it, funny!

  • Mike Fourth

    Funny thing is, daddy probably didn’t see the sarcasm in this and patted himslef on the back for getting through to his daughter. Praise the Lord!

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    It would have been better if she HAD mentioned that Hitler also attempted to exterminate US as well!


    Lol! Thanks Queerty for keeeping somethings light.

  • Ryan

    Didn’t Hitler want us queers dead too?

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