The Ins-And-Outs Of The Right Wing

A Gay’s Guide To The GOP

Sifting through the Republican presidential candidates can give a homo a headache. As a public service, Salon’s published their first ever “Gay Guide to the Republican Candidates.”

Here’s a sample from the entry on the newest Republican candidate, Alan Keyes:

A perennial political candidate and former State Department employee, Keyes announced his candidacy in mid-September. It has all the markings of a moral crusade, with gays and lesbians in the crosshairs. “Abandon God with respect to the family, and we have no claims to rights,” he announced at the Values Voter Debate, during a discussion of same-sex marriage.

He has called homosexuality the practice of “hedonistic self-gratification,” and described Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter Mary as a “selfish hedonist.” After his own daughter, Maya Marcel-Keyes, announced she was a lesbian, she said he stopped funding her college education.

Keyes could take a lesson from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who reversed his anti-gay stance after his daughter came out.