Aaron Rodgers Reportedly “Gets Cozy” With Gay Beard Taylor Swift

taylor-swift-aaron-rodgersRumored (but definitely “not“) gay NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers was spotted out on the town this week, and according to reports, left his “personal assistant/roommate” Kevin Lanflisi at home. In his place was suspected gay beard/man machine Taylor Swift.

Rodgers and his newfound diva friend were reportedly “chatting” and “getting cozy” at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Los Angeles on Monday, which was hosting an official afterparty for Zac Efron‘s new movie That Awkward Moment. Their sighting together has sparked unsubstantiated “dating” rumors on a handful of gossip sites, but we know better. Aaron obviously isn’t interested in Taylor Swift—he has a good Christian fiancé, duh.

In totally and completely unrelated news, Taylor Swift has long been suspected a “power beard” for the throngs of men she’s blown through in the past few years. Although none of the men Swift has dated have ever come out publicly, gay men have historically wondered about a few of her exes, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and Taylor Lautner.

Congrats on the new friendship, Aaron! We’ve always liked you better with a beard.

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  • Kane9

    Rodgers was obvioulsy there for Efron. He is a twink chaser and gor bored of Lanflisi’s aging body and everything else….

    He probably said a quick hello to Swift and its news because of who they are.

    What i really want to know was whether he went home with Efron.

  • KittyLitter

    . . .
    Rodger isn’t even attractive. He could’ve been a decent role-model, but his internalized homophobia isn’t cool.

  • MK Ultra

    The title made me LoL

  • B Damion

    Dam queerty.

    Will ya’ll ezz up of this man’s balls. Jesus ya’ll squeez’en them so hard they gonna pop.

    The man is not gay.Let him alone now.

    Have mercy. He’s not even that goodlooking. He’s a bird.

  • KittyLitter

    @B Damion:
    Not gay…haha. Good one.

  • aces1218

    From the last article about Aaron
    “Bid adieu to your gay rumors,” of course, until (and if) any more evidence comes to light.”
    Is him talking to Taylor Swift for a few moments now considered ‘evidence’?

  • ppp111

    I think he’s attractive, gay or straight. I know a lot of guys find Tom Brady attractive but he’s never done much for me. Aaron has that goofy eyes look that make him adorable. As for these rumors,I’m wary of anything most gossip sites like to spout so I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

  • Kane9

    @ppp111: Kevin Lanflisi’s mom threw shade at aaron on facebook saying she was happy the niners won and “what goes around”. i think this is more than just gossip sites. simple reseach will show that. Also, he’s a twink chaser and i feel bad for kevin that he used, abused, hung out to dry, then dumped him in the worst way. this is not a man we want to be part of our community.

  • robirob

    Taylor Swift is the beard that turns your closet into a glass closet.

  • aces1218

    @Kane9: what’s his mom’s name on facebook? im kinda curious.

  • ppp111


    Come on, aren’t we jumping the gun here? Besides, any of the Niner faithful will always diss the other team, it’s part of the game. You don’t think Seahawk fans haven’t done the same since the NFC championship?

  • balehead

    Taylor Swift has no shame…..

  • Kane9

    @aces1218: i want to say Karen or Kay Lanflisi

  • ppp111

    Okay, I admit that is curious. Wow that is interesting. I’m more curious about the ‘what goes around’ comment.

  • ppp111


    Playing devil’s advocate here but if he is gay, and that’s a big IF, Lanflisi is a grown man who knows what he was getting into with an athlete. Sorry but if he felt used he was the one who stayed. No one forced him.

  • Kane9

    @ppp111: thats a really superficial and easy response. these two could have been madly in love, and you dont know what was said, and what promises were made if any. imo you have to examine the relationship in its totality which we obviously cant as much as we’d like. Either way, i often troll Kevins instagram and he doesnt seem to be losing sleep.

  • aces1218

    @Kane9: thanks. That is interesting. While I don’t think they were in a relationships, i definitely think there was a major falling out, likely caused by Aaron.

  • Patsy Stoned

    “That Awkward Moment” – oh, the jokes just write themselves sometimes!

  • DuMaurier

    So….in other words, he might be gay, he might not be gay, none of us knows. Glad that’s settled.

  • litper

    At this point dating Taylor Swift should be considered official coming out.

  • jckfmsincty

    She really seems to like gay guys.

  • GeriHew

    Taylor Swift IS a Christian.

    That’s actually a fact, not just wishful thinking.

  • DistingueTraces

    I really think it’s tacky to keep posting the poor ex-assistant’s name all over the damn internet.

    Aaron Rodgers is a public figure. The other guy isn’t. He didn’t sign up to be in the public eye.

  • Niall

    I thought his dad said he was with a good Christian girl who was not Taylor Swift?

  • erikwm


    The song Swift will write about Mr. Rodgers should be epic.

  • BiL

    I think that they are each other’s beards.

  • Geoff B

    As a hardcore Green Bay fan, I think he’s great. If he’s gay and decides to come out, great! If he’s gay and chooses to keep it private, great. If he’s straight, great (as long as he doesn’t use his fame to harm the community). He brought my team a Superbowl win. He has won Green Bay 3 consecutive division titles. As a fan, that’s all I want from him. If he winds up playing for our team, I’d be thrilled, but he doesn’t owe anyone anything but to be a decent human being. It’s his life and if he’s not harming anyone he should be able to live it however he wants. And yes, even if he played for the dreadful Vikings or Bears I would feel the same way.

  • mjwatts

    @Geoff B: Perfectly said.

  • TomMc

    @Kane9: Haha. I’ve “troll[ed] Kevins instagram” too… and that’s a good thing. (I hope.)

    When this story began percolating in late December, I though Mr. Lanflisi was kinda nuts to rat out Mr. Rodgers in any way, for any thing.

    Since then though, I do believe that Mr. Lanflisi – partnered with Rodgers or not (be he gay or straight) – deserves someone as exceptionally beautiful, on both the inside and out, as he is.

  • OreoCupcake

    @Kane9: Aaron didn’t go home with Zac because Zac didn’t even turn up because he was feeling ill. Not going to lie though Aaron probably went home disappointed about this.

  • manonyme

    @ppp111: I agree. I find him attractive as well. But we should keep in mind tht this is a subjective exp. (the eye of the beholder)

    We really can’t debate it bc each of us has that personal preference…

  • manonyme

    don’t care if he’s gay, but i find him hot…

    One has to admit not many men his age have roommates. Unless she has a nice B cup at least. Plus the trove that is Twitter. Where ppl post wht they think is not revealing, but in fact is totally revealing.

    Check out Matt Harvey and Freddie Freeman from MLB and their tweets that are downright school-girl like. (They could’ve used DM, but didn’t)

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