UPDATE: General Mills Says Aaron Schock Is Mistaken, Has No Partnership With Wheaties

Congressional beach bod Aaron Schock is donning a suit for his latest campaign to promote “healthy living” in a partnership with General Mills, a company that just launched a host of LGBT-targeted advertisements for Gay Pride month.

The 33-year-old allegedly gay Illinois state representative debuted his face on the cover of the new Wheaties box this morning. “How funny is this!?!!”, he asks.

Well, since you asked, Aaron, it’s pretty damn funny! We think you should have started your “healthy living” campaign by addressing the incessant gay rumors on your coattails, the fact that a CBS correspondent “outed” you on Facebook, and the New York Timeshard-on for the details of your sex life.

We also think you should have removed your clothes for the shot. You looked so great werkin’ on your fitness, hangin’ at the pool and riding that serfbort, honey!

Meanwhile, over at General Mills:

Update 1:45pm: A General Mills spokesperson sent Queerty the following statement, confirming that the company has no relationship with Aaron Schock or the Campaign To End Obesity. He probably ordered this Wheaties box online, which apparently equates a “partnership” in his book:

The congressman’s tweet you reference was inaccurate — General Mills is not involved with the Campaign to End Obesity, and we do not have an agreement with the congressman. It appears that this custom Wheaties box was ordered from our website: [link], which anyone can do.

Keep it classy, Aaron!

Update 4:00pm: The #breakfastofchampions has spoken: