It's partytime

Activists are planning a gay dance party at Mike Pence’s house, and they really want you to come

What are you doing Wednesday? While you’re doubtlessly a-grog after the long weekend, you may want to throw on your dancing shoes again tomorrow, since there’s gonna be a queer dance party at VP-elect Mike Pence‘s home that evening.

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Activist group DC Welcoming Committee organized DisruptJ20, a series of demonstrations that will take place around the inauguration, and it includes a raucous soiree at Pence’s Chevy Chase, Maryland home.

disrupt trump inauguration

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Here’s all the pertinent info, culled from the group’s web page and Facebook profile:

The homo/transphobic Mike Pence has graciously invited us to shake our booties and bodies in front of/around his house in Chevy Chase. We plan on leaving behind [biodegradable] glitter and rainbow paraphinalia that he can NEVER forget. #WeAreQueer#WeAreHere#WeWillDance That’s right, get ready to WERK it and tell Daddy Pence: homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country!

WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 are teaming up to bring you the best dance party in the nation, so you betta’ show up and weerrrrkkk! We will meet at the Friendship heights metro and make our way via carpooling or dance to Daddy Pence’s neighborhood. Bring your flyest rainbow gear and your booty/body shaking skills!

Afterparty Fundraiser Location TBA!