Adam Corolla Becomes The White Tracy Morgan By Bashing Transgender People

We’re not the only ones who thought the petition to marry Bert and Ernie was a stupid idea, former The Man Show host Adam Carolla thought it was stupid too. In fact, he spent about 8 minutes on his podcast riffing about how he also thinks it’s stupid to teach kids to respect transgender people and asked, “When did we start giving a shit about this? About these people?” So this makes him the white Tracy Morgan, right? Except instead of threatening to stab gay his imaginary gay son, he’s hating on trans-people and saying that the gays need to “just get married and please shut up.”

OK, before we get to GLAAD’s requisite denouncement and Carolla’s requisite non-apology, let’s look at what Carolla said exactly (or if you’re too lazy to read the transcript below, you can just listen here and then skip to the end of the pull quote):

“When did everybody get fuckin’ lumped in with the gays? Really, I mean what percentage is transgendered, y’know what I mean? I mean, let’s just say I was a politician and I was like, ‘Hey transgendered folks, I don’t need your vote.’ I don’t think I could get elected? What do they make up, thirty percent of the population? Sure. ‘I went to school with a bunch of transgendered guys and now I work with a bunch of ’em.’ What the fuck? When did we start giving a shit about this? About these people?

We gotta work it out with the—and now there’s all these variations where like, ‘I’m a pre-op, transgender, trans-neutral, trans-fat.’ Shut the fuck up! No. ‘I’m having hormone replacement therapy, but I still have my penis, but I’m not gay, but I’m attracted to men.’ It’s like what the fuck? I can’t do the math. I even, every time I see Chaz Bono I don’t know what, my cock looks at me and goes, ‘Uhh??! What do I do?’ I’m like, “I dunno, hide behind the balls. They’ll protect you.” They’re just a giant trampoline, they deflect anything that comes at you; the balls are very, they’re scrappy. Mm-hmm.

At this point, Carolla spends a long time talking about how “old-school” and tough his balls are, saying that his balls used to “walk twenty miles in the snow just to beat off” and that his generation’s balls “stormed the beach at Normandy.” We’d find all the testicle talk odd, except that he once hosted a show regularly featuring “The Juggy Girls” jumping on trampolines and a game where losers could get a “Sumo Wrestler Tea-bag.” But we digress.

Carolla’s co-host Emily Rosen continues reading from the stated aims of the Ernie and Bert petition and Carolla pipes back up:

Can the gays shut up? Just get married and please shut up? You’re ruining my life and what’s the, what does the ‘BLT’ stand for again? Oh, OK. They’re not “gonna save many worthy lives” [by marrying Bert and Ernie]. Yeah, Bert and Ernie butt-fucking are gonna save a lot of lives; it’s gonna be awesome. ‘Can you spell felch?’ What are we doing?! What is going on?

[His co-host says that the folks at Sesame Street “fired back” by stating that Bert and Ernie are not gay, they’re just puppets]

Well sure, they’ve got their fist up guy’s asses. Literally up felt asses all day long. Of course. Can I say this? What’s with all the fucking training that’s going on? Like, I don’t feel like I had any training and I’m fine. Y’know what I’m saying?

[His co-hosts both agree that that’s debatable] …

I want an apology from all the Asians and all the transgendered and the gay, the lesbian, bisexual, transgender community. Shouldn’t [the LGBT acronym] be something that like spells ‘YUCK’ or something? Y’know what I mean? Y’know like an acronym?… It’s important that I teach my kids about guys who wanna have their cocks cut off and a vagina put in their place. Alright. I’ll get to that as soon as I get home. ‘Hey kids, wake up. Y’know, there’s a small percentage of Americans who are really angry at their cocks. And they like them surgically removed and, uh, a hole put in their place. And it’s very important that you treat them with a certain amount of respect. It’s 1:30. And yes, I’ve been drinking. Natalia, sorry for peeing on you, but it was dark.’

So let’s start with the fact that this is completely unsurprising. Carolla’s entire schtick is wise-cracking, macho asshole—a low-brow, blue-collar type of comedy that passes off trite misogynist, racist, queerphobic cliches as “risque” comedy. Deservingly so, he has nowhere near the stature of Tracy Morgan, though Carolla does have a live tour, a podcast, and occasionally pops up on TV shows that need a loud mouth flapping his gums.

As GLAAD points out, while Carolla didn’t threaten to kill anyone a la Tracy Morgan, he did perpetuate the same hateful stereotypes used to bully, belittle, and bash transgender people—an especially callous thing to do in the wake of two transwoman murders in DC, another recent slaying in New York City, and the 3rd anniversary of transwoman Angie Zapata’s murder.

If Morgan were to provide any roadmap to what will happen next, GLAAD would ask Carolla to do the promotional walk of shame forcing Carolla to take a break from his tour, issue a formal apology on TV, meet with transpeople, and then sit alongside GLAAD while he apologized for his actions just long enough to get out of there as quick as the hell possible. But GLAAD will not be treating Carolla like they did Morgan.

Why? Well…

As expected, Carolla issued this non-apologetic response: “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.” Ah yes, the old “I was only joking line.” If you were only joking then you can say whatever you want, right? Rape women, torture children, kill the president—it’s all in good fun! Eh, no.

In response, Herndon Graddick, Senior Director of Programs at GLAAD said, “Adam Carolla has a history of making anti-LGBT and racist statements. Networks and advertisers should remember that attacking people who are different from him, and following it with empty apologies, is just a regular part of Carolla’s routine.” That is, while Morgan said homophobic things before his “stab my son routine,” he had never apologized for it. Carolla has… over and over and over again to the point that his apology is meaningless.

So rather than take Carolla on a parade of public penance, GLAAD’s out to show repeat-offender Carolla that words really do have consequences. “We’re going to be reaching out to our network and studio partners, as well as the development executives we’ve worked with, to let them know that this incident needs to be taken seriously when considering him for future projects.”

Sincere, teary-eyed apologies and admission of fault don’t really match Carolla’s tough guy routine. But if he doesn’t apologize, then GLAAD or other organizations could likely notify his live tour venues about his hateful remarks and even organize LGBT, race, and women’s groups to protest his appearances, or even buy tickets to heckle his performances, which could really make his tour a living hell.

But before Carolla decides whether or not to stick to his guns, he should know that his words really do shit on a misunderstood minority that already suffers greatly at the hands of privileged, presumptuous and ignorant people like himself. GLAAD points to a recent landmark study about trans-phobia and reveals the following:

– Transgender people can be legally fired in 35 states for being transgender. They are twice as likely to be unemployed.

– Transgender individuals live in poverty at nearly four times the national rate.

– Over 25% reported that they had lost a job due to their transgender identity.

– They are twice as likely to be homeless.

– 41% have attempted suicide, more than 26 times the rate (1.6%) of the general population.

Words do have consequences. It’s OK if Carolla doesn’t understand everything about trans-people. It’s OK even if he wants to joke about his lack of understanding. But acting like trans-people are in the wrong and deserve to be mocked and disrespected just for being themselves, is ignorant. No, Mr. Carolla—you are in the wrong and while not all of us will mock and disrespect, we will force you to wise up and realize that your words do have consequences. So take responsibility for them—y’know… “like a man.”

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  • Jim

    His generation stormed the beaches of Normandy? Adam Corolla sure looks good for being 85 years old.

  • randy

    Loud-mouthed obnoxious no-talent fuckhead.

  • mrbill

    the good news is I no idea this small dicked meat head even existed until his ignorant hateful rant

  • carlos

    hey queerty

    thanks for reporting on this but could steer clear of calling someone “the white this” or “the black that”

    its just not cool in my humble opinion.

  • MikeE

    “Can the gays shut up? Just get married and please shut up?”?????

    d’ur, is he SUCH a meathead that he doesn’t realize that THAT is exactly what “the gays” would LIKE to happen? that “the gays” cannot “just get married”?

    The guy is a grade A, certified, free-range, organically grown, moron.

  • Ian

    I’ve never like Carolla, but this is over-the-top mean spirited stuff. Sad thing is that he’s venting what he really thinks/believes/feels and I suspect a decent number of people feel the same way. I have never felt any connection/alliance with trans people, per se. But I also don’t want them subject to crap attitudes and vitriol like his. So I say Fuck Adam Carolla and his small-minded unfunny “wit.”

  • Mav

    Do people still listen to this dick-in-a-box? Adam, it’s 2011, not 1999. We’re sorry everyone liked Dr. Drew better than you and that the glory days of The Man Show are long gone and that you’ve worn out your welcome on so many platforms you have to self-publish a podcast now.

    But don’t take it out on queers please, we can’t help it that your comedy is tired and that you have to resort to shock humor to titillate. It’s also not our fault you were raised by a welfare queen and have internalized a lack of self-worth that you compensate for with humor.

    In conclusion: stop taking out your insecurities on people you don’t understand and focus on actually saying something funny for a change.

    PS: Sorry if my comments are hurtful. I’m not a comedian or a politician, just a transgendered 26 year-old tired of being a verbal punching bag for bigots and morons.

  • tabIndent

    What the fuck? When did anyone start giving a shit about Adam Corolla? About this dipshitted meat-head? Can Adam Corolla shut up? Just get some talent and please shut up? I mean, let’s just say I was a politician and I was like, ‘Hey Adam Corolla, I don’t need your dumbfuck vote.’ I don’t think I could get elected?

  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Carolla has had sex with men.

    On the GLBT thing, I think he has a point. I mean, we’re adding new letters every day. It’s becoming ridiculous. Personally, I think we should get rid of the L and have only GBT. We don’t need a letter to denote a gender. All the other letters don’t so I don’t see why we should allow the L in there.

  • ewe

    Adam Corolla is a piece of shit and a “has been.” He is on par with Dennis Miller who is also a piece of shit and a “never was.” Of course Dennis Miller has only the one successful gig because of his friend Bill Oreilly, the biggest piece of shit and a “wannabee.” In essence they are what Michael Moore labeled STUPID straight WHITE MEN. This should come as no surprise to anyone that Adam Corolla is a homophobic pig.

  • ewe

    @carlos: Would you kindly stop trying to impose rules of fighting onto the victims of this type of hate. Saying it is in your humble opinion sounds even more rediculous. Get the facts straight and stay focused on the perpetrator. Race is an open topic when gender and orientation is used for mopping the floors by these idiots.

  • christopher di spirito

    Adam Carolla needs his ass kicked by a trans person like Chas Bono to knock some sense into him.

  • ewe

    Lets face it. Straight guys who spew out this garbage have absolutely no idea they can’t get away with it until they are splattered all over the news saying “you will not get away with saying these types of things about other people.” For the most part they have grown up in an atmosphere where saying hateful things about minorities is like farting in front of the tv while watching spectator sports thinking they are participating in athleticism with people they don’t know and who don’t want to know them.

  • ewe

    by the way, has the Bummer evolved yet? Keep me posted.

  • Jewed Law

    Queerty quotes: “in the wake of two transwoman murders in D.C.”

    Ummm, hate to say it, but I’m kind of on Corolla’s thought-wave here . . . what exactly is a transgendered woman? Were they women becoming men? Were they men becoming women? Somewhere in-between? What’s the difference between a transgendered woman and a transgendered man? Which one has a dick? I have no problem with people publicly living out their fantasies, but there has to be some consistency in who’s who when it comes to identity or else our fucking heads will just blow off one day. Either that, or we’ll evolve into one genderless, colorless race of beings for whom “identity” will be something disparaged.

  • Cam

    Sure, gays will just shut up and get married, if Corolla will just make those pesky politicians stop putting laws through that prevent us from doing that.

    As for bashing transgenders, Maybe Corolla is just angry because he knows he would make a hideous looking woman.

  • ewe

    @Jewed Law: Being transgendered is in your mind just like being gay or straight is in your mind. Very little can be done about straight guys who are obsessed with dick and for you to contribute to that is ignorant. Just because you cannot get over the physical aspects of sexual orientation does not mean the rest of society is trapped in the same box. People like Adam Corolla and now you must be confronted so it can be seen that you either do not have or are not interested in understanding. Keep talking because you may actually be able to have a breakthrough.

  • Mav

    @Jewed Law

    Google is your friend.

    Because you obviously don’t know anything about transgenderism.

  • Mav

    “…have no problem with people publicly living out their fantasies”

    ^ This is why.

  • Mav < If anyone wants to see what transgendered and genderqueer folks are really all about.

  • Daez

    I find his remarks mostly funny. Basically, all he said is he doesn’t feel the need to explain to his children why the trans community exists. I don’t think it something children really need to learn about, but its really simple to explain it to them…

    There are a crap load of greedy doctors out there that would rather make money doing surgery then to treat mental illness because there isn’t as much money in treating mental illness, so they cut off a persons penis and put a vagina in its place instead of treating the persons mental illness.

    Perfectly explained.

  • ewe

    @Daez: and i did not find anything you said to be funny at all. Keep your day job.

  • ewe

    @FoolMe1ce: we are not discussing some anonymous unknown straight guy that lives down the block from you and has an audience of zero. That is the difference.

  • Jimmy Fury

    Why…. Why were asians included in his rant? Was it an earlier racist rant that bled over into the homophobic/transphobic one?

    Although including them does make me want to buy Alec Mapa, Margaret Cho, Ongina, and Jujubee tickets to one of his shows. Front row. All one table. Either to heckle or just stare at him with scary-asian-face and fuck with his mind.

  • Daez

    @ewe: Ok, here is the funny part. Because of some men that want to be women and some women that want to be men we don’t have employment non-discrimination protection for gays and lesbians.

    What do we get for not throwing these people under the bus? Constant ridicule and disdain by members of the transgendered community that desire to declare war on the gay community. Well, its time to say GAME ON. You want to bitch about being at the back of the bus, trans people, then come to the front on your own. Don’t expect us that have the actual acceptance of the majority of America to do it for you.

  • No One

    Being proud of being an ignorant dumbass on trans issues, debating any acronym/label other than “Gay” by which you only mean “white, cisgender, monogamous, affluent gay men who want to get married and support no other minority in the process,” and expecting to say anything hateful and never take ownership of any it–yup, Corolla’s comments would fit in fine here.

  • ewe

    @Daez: What planet are you living on?

  • ewe

    @No One: Practice what you preach.

  • Daez

    @No One: Not true! Minorities, non-monogamous men with little affluence are allowed to not get the whole transgendered thing as well.

  • No One


    Yeah, lemme know how mimicking the oppressor works out.

  • Daez

    @No One: I’m not mimicking anyone. I’m just being myself. I don’t get the whole transgendered/transsexual thing and that was alright before they started actively bitching about us. Once that happened, it was GAME ON!

  • Ginasf

    Carolla is physically morphing into Gilbert Gottfried, and his career is taking a similar path to obscurity.

    Daez… go build your log cabin outhouse and lock yourself inside. You obviously have considerable intestinal blockage.

  • Daez

    @Ginasf: Just because I take a stance for LGB rights doesn’t mean I’m suddenly a Republican. Nice try though.

  • ewe

    @Daez: It is not up to other people to make sure you “get” transgendered people. I don’t care if ignorant people stay ignorant as long as they are silenced.

  • Daez

    @ewe: Luckily for you, freedom of speech exists in this country. Silencing people is something Hitler and Stalin would have loved about you.

  • ewe

    @Daez: you keep diggin your hole there Daez. You have no just reasons for hating on transgendered people.

  • ewe

    @Daez: wrong again. Stalin and Hitler killed people.

  • Daez

    @ewe: Yes, to silence descent. Thank you for proving my point!

  • No One


    Actually, you’re only taking a stance on cisgender rights. L, G, B, and T have never been mutually exclusive. Nice try, but you should probably find another label (I’d avoid “homosexual” too because that might sound too scientific like recognizing gender identity).

  • Daez

    @ewe: Except for the fact that they manage to set back the GLB rights movement at almost every turn. Every step the gay and lesbian population has made has always been harder because of our inclusion of transgendered people.

    @No One: Nah, I’m actually only taking a stance for my rights. I could give a rip about anyone else one way or the other.

  • ewe

    @Daez: no Daez. To silence into shame. You obviously are not involved in any LGBT issues.

  • ewe

    @Daez: well that’s life Daez. It’s difficult but your answer to shit on transgendered people is not the solution. So fuck off.

  • ewe

    Did he finally leave? good. let me flush the toilet.

  • Justin N. in Oaklawn, Dallas, TX

    Score one for GOProud! If Ann Coulter ever gets sick or flakes out on an event, they how have backup.

  • missanthrope

    @Jewed Law: “but there has to be some consistency in who’s who when it comes to identity or else our fucking heads will just blow off one day.”

    I am sorry your small mind cannot handle complexity. Maybe you should find a cave to live in, then this complicated world won’t bother you and you won’t bother us with your transphobia. But I’m tolerant of you living out your fantasy that you’re a thinking human being.

    And as for Corolla, I’m sure this guy has a whole hard drive filled with trans woman porn. He has singled out trans women before and it seems like he has a special hatred for us, it smells like another Ted Haggard or Larry Craig.

    @Deaz:”Silencing people is something Hitler and Stalin would have loved about you.”

    Wait, you can all day writing messages on a website read by thousands of people. You have a well paid and formally popular performer agreeing to your views in comments that have widely published by the entertainment press. There is a wide spectrum of cisgender people who agree with you that it’s right to oppress trans people and that by struggling for our rights, we’re suddenly a burden to someone else as if rights are a zero-sum game?

    And you’re being silenced? Really?

  • Bron

    Actually, in those two face photos, Corolla sort of looks like a trans himself.

  • xander

    Why is it that the people like Carolla and Daez—who know the least about Trans~ people—are the most vocal and virulent haters?

    When someone’s opening premise is “I don’t get it” and that humanoid proceeds to blather on about how ‘gross’ or ‘unnatural’ or ‘alien’ trans folk are, we see a flagrant case of people worrying enough about the issue to speak out about it, +without+ any attempt to know WTF they’re talking about.

  • Wendy's bruised lips

    @Bron: Excuss me, nut nhat’s offensss to trans peopppl.

  • fredo777

    And, of course, we can enjoy the inevitable rebuttals that we liberals need to “man up” + not be so damn sensitive, freedom of speech, P.C. is killing this country, blah, blah, blah. blah.

  • Common_Man

    I love the picture of Corolla with the caption, “Racism has many faces.”

    That is hilarious. When did the transgendered become a “race?” Who is the ignorant one? “Racism has many faces.” Too friggin’ funny!!!

    The dude is a comedian. Get over precious selves.

  • Kenny

    Stop White homophobia!

  • Common_Man

    @ Kenny, are you okay with black homophobia? Do you just want to stop white homophobia? How about Asian homophobia?

  • WAKE UP!

    I see this time and again: the gay community refusing to understand that men like this are tapped into a HUGE sentiment in this country that’s WAY bigger than your what-shoes-go-with-this-again? crowd. Don’t believe it? LOOK THE FUCK AROUND. It’s time we stop underestimating these people or getting defensive and catty and really start paying attention to them. Michelle Bachmann isn’t going to go away because we make fun of her “gay” husband or fashion sense or hair helmet. Attacking this joker won’t do it either. We’re building our own backlash and if you people don’t see it, you’re blind. I look around everyday and I see this resentment toward the gay movement building. People are sick of the whining and bitching about every little namby pamby TRANSgression. And the economy doesn’t help. They’re hurting and they’re pissed off and they’re looking for targets, which sadly will include us–people they see as “affluent” because our own media is jacking itself off to present that falsehood. Again, fucking wake up.

  • Common_Man

    @ WAKE UP, you nailed it. Most (and it IS most) straight people don’t care about your sexuality. They don’t want to see you harmed. They don’t want to see you oppressed. They just want to go about their own business without giving any thought to you or what you do.

  • Mav

    @WAKE UP!:

    “It’s time we stop underestimating these people or getting defensive and catty and really start paying attention to them.”

    Why should we pay any attention (other than ridicule) to people of questionable celebrity who jump up a soapbox without any intelligent idea concerning what the fuck they’re soapboxing about?

    Carolla needs to take a page from Mark Twain: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  • Common_Man

    @ Mav: Again, Corolla is a comedian. He wasn’t “on a soapbox.” He was doing shtick.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”
    -Abraham Lincoln (Not Twain. Maybe you should ponder the quote some more.)

  • Mav

    @Common_Man: I was under the impression that comedians are supposed to be funny. Even if I was straight as a 2 by 4, I would find this “shtick” obnoxious and mean-spirited.

    And the origin of the quote might be debatable, but the message stands.

    But here’s a more contemporary quote for Carolla: “If you can’t say something nice, STFU.”

  • Mav

    “When did everybody get fuckin’ lumped in with the blacks? Really, I mean what percentage is Negro, y’know what I mean? I mean, let’s just say I was a politician and I was like, ‘Hey black people, I don’t need your vote.’ I don’t think I could get elected? What do they make up, thirty percent of the population? Sure. ‘I went to school with a bunch of blacks and now I work with a bunch of ‘em.’ What the fuck? When did we start giving a shit about this? About these people?”

    ^ Still funny?

  • Common_Man

    @ Mav, Who is funny to you? I’m curious. I never actually said that I think what Corolla said was funny. I never said I find HIM to be funny. That’s not the point.

    Can you honestly say that the people that make you laugh have never said anything “obnoxious or mean-spirited?” If not, why don’t you condemn them?

    My point is that one person finds offensive another might find funny. So who makes you laugh, Mav?

  • M.N.

    I’d like to know how gays are “ruining” Corolla’s life. Is he just a shock jock, like Howard Stern? In that case, he deserves the pressure GLAAD and other groups are about to put on him.

  • Henry

    @Common_Man: I think you’re a little too common for the rest of us. How about you walk through traffic and do us all a favor?

  • Mav

    @Common_Man: I can honestly say I don’t find anyone funny who uses “those people” as the basis for their shtick…

    Most of the humor I appreciate is self-deprecating, because it takes a lot more guts to laugh at yourself than it does to tear down other people. My favorite comedian is Robin Williams, FYI.

    Why doesn’t Carolla ever make jokes about his childhood on welfare? Guess he doesn’t find growing up in soul-sucking poverty as funny as he does growing up with gender dysphoria.

    I grew up transgendered in Alabama, surrounded by the unflinching message that I and all other queers were damned souls, the sons and daughters of perdition, and that I was going straight to hell where an eternity of prayer in appeal to the mercy of God would not get me so much as a glass of ice water.

    I almost killed myself several times as a result because as an adolescent I considered my life to be utterly worthless. I mean, there were several times I was literally standing on the edge of a bridge or with the barrel of a handgun to my forehead, trying to get up the guts.

    I’m lucky I stayed alive long enough to learn that it gets better.

    So I guess my point is, disparaging humor one person finds funny on a HAR-HAR-HAR schoolyard level might be putting a shotgun to the head of somebody else.

  • Henry

    @Mav: “Why doesn’t Carolla ever make jokes about his childhood on welfare? Guess he doesn’t find growing up in soul-sucking poverty as funny as he does growing up with gender dysphoria.”

    Probably because that would make his mother a welfare queen, and people like him get very serious when you tell them what cunts their mothers are.

  • Cranston Cranium

    Adam? You’re a smug arrogant bastard. Now that Conan is gone from late night hosting and has his team Coco. Now is your turn to follow suit with Team Caca. You are undoubtedly the least watched late night talk show host. I get more enjoyment from watching infomercials, than your lame ass show.

  • ewe

    @Common_Man: Comedy = funny. You = insulting stupid and offensive. Oh and fuck you too precious.

  • Common_Man

    @ Mav, well I’m glad that you’re still here with us.

    I just don’t think Corolla is one of the haters. We need to target all or our intolerance for intolerance for the real haters. (“Intolerance for intolerance” is mine. Trademarked).

    And I believe it’s never good to go with a knee jerk reaction when the subject is hate. Because that reaction is always more hate. It’s always good to step back and look at it from the other’s angle no matter how hard that may be. (In fact the harder it may be, the more important it is). I wish the a-holes you grew up around would have tried that.

    I don’t know the real Adam Corolla so I wouldn’t try to imagine what his true motive was but imagine this: Adam Corolla lives and works in a very liberal world. I live and work in that world too. In our world, unlike where you grew up, transgendered bias is widely seen as abhorrent and is openly condemned. So maybe Adam Corolla’s intent was self deprecating. “I’m the big dummy who doesn’t get it.” Again, I’m not saying that’s how it is. I’m just saying what if. Now consider this: there are millions of other “what if’s” out there. Don’t be so quick to assume that his intent was hate.

  • offenedfag

    @Jewed Law:

    You are right you are with Carolla on this as much a narrow minded bigot as he. Good for you. Is that your knuckles i hear dragging on the floor or just your prehistoric brain trying to figure out gender identities that dont coincide with your own?

  • Mav

    @Common_Man: I don’t think he’s being deliberately hateful. Hell, I grew up watching The Man Show like any other kid of the MTV generation and over the years I’ve found the majority of Carolla’s humor funny. I just think that through comments like these, he’s unknowingly spreading bias that large parts of the rural, conservative United States (not to mention the rest of the world) take deadly serious. When you say, “Hawaiians are stupid!” people roll their eyes at you. When you say, “Transgendered people are disgusting and I don’t understand them!” there is a sizeable segment of society who replies, “Hell yes they are, let’s murder them or give them so much grief that they save us the trouble.”

    It’s easy to brush off talk like this when you live in an area of the country where you can walk around openly gay and not have to worry about some guys you don’t even know gang-raping you and leaving you beaten to death in a backroad ditch somewhere. I’m not that lucky. Where I’m from, “Hey queer!” has pretty much replaced “Hey boy!” and “N—–!” as the redneck yelp of choice. Just the other day a group of teenage boys drove up behind me yelling obscenities and flicking me off. For the love of God, why? Because I’m a “girl” who has the gall to cut my hair like one of them? Because some holy book they’ve never even read says it’s okay to treat me less than human because I’m queer?

    There are people in this country who think that deaths like Matthew Shepherd are justified because executing homosexuals is the will of God. All I’m saying is, we don’t need jokers like Carolla adding gasoline to the fire. There is a ton of stuff you can make fun of without tearing someone down for who they are.

  • Mav

    tl;dr – In my personal opinion, don’t hate on the trannies – it’s like making fun of someone with a mental or physical handicap.

    Don’t pick on the shortbus yo.

  • Laughriotgirl

    @ewe: Are you saying that the commentary here (which isn’t THAT far from commentary made by other prominent L/G people who DO have a large audience)isn’t read by a large number of LGBT folks? This is a high-ranking gay website – for better or worse.

    If Adam’s comments are worthy of calling out, what about the pile of ignorant crap from the post I linked? Of all the various types of people I interact with on a daily basis, gay men are by far the worst regarding my status as a trans women – even with patient explanations done in good faith, I find cis straight guys get it better, faster, and ask more nuanced questions than gay men.

  • Curt

    @Henry, seriously? that is the majority of what he talks about. Carolla is a a racist bigoted misogynistic pig, but as a regular listener, I know his heart is in the right place. Many of you are harping on his stance on gay marriage, but if you bothered to listen to anything but a few remarks, you would know his stance is basically “It should have happened already, why are we still arguing over it?” To me that is true equality, no one has to hear about your plight because you are living your life just like everyone else.

  • Common_Man

    @ Curt, Henry is the one who suggested that I kill myself because he didn’t like my comments. My position is that we shouldn’t be so quick to condemn someone. Just as we do not like to be condemned. Seek to understand and you will be understood.

    Anyway, Henry thinks I would be doing everyone here a favor if I killed myself. No, he’s not a hater. (sarcasm)

    My advice to anyone on this site; look around yourself. Do you want to be associated with a hater like Henry, gay or not?

  • Spike

    @Common_Man: Aren’t you a goody two-shoes. Once you grow up and enter the real world, you’ll understand that people don’t police each other, and this isn’t Christian land where we shun sinners.

  • Henry

    @Curt: “Carolla is a a racist bigoted misogynistic pig, but…”

    I think that says everything, no but. You left out homophobic, though. I don’t know what Carolla has said about gay marriage in the past (links?), but his comments in this article are bad.

  • Bron

    Common Man : I agree. I don’t want to align myself with these gays who call women “cunt”s (“Henry”), but…….Queerty has such a plethora of nasty posters anyway, so it don’t really matter..

  • ewe

    @Laughriotgirl: I can’t answer for other people but it does seem like you are making a generalization about gay men. Do keep in mind that these so called straight guys with their nuanced questions directed at you may be more about getting into your pants than some authentic desire to communicate. Just sayin.

  • Henry

    @Bron: Some women are cunts, like women who take their boyfriend’s semen from a thrown out condom and get pregnant from it. Get over it. If you don’t want to “align” with me (are we playing Hollywood Squares?) then don’t, it’s no skin off my nose.

  • o

    @Bron: I think it’s strange that you say “these gays” as if you aren’t gay, or as if calling women cunts is something gay men generally do. Maybe you’re just a homophobic POS who can’t tell the difference between straight men who hurt women and gay men who don’t.

  • Bron

    Henry : You guage Corolla’s character by the statement that he’s a “..misogynistic pig” and then call a woman a “cunt.” Uh huh. Then you wish death on someone you disagree with. I don’t really care, but it’s the typical character of most gay men.

  • Bron

    o : Look at any article on Anne Coulter or Bachman on a gay blog. Not saying there’s anything admirable about those women, but you’ll still see “cunt” and “bitch” over and over. So don’t tell me gay men aren’t, generally, misogynists.

  • o

    @Bron: Your comment that “most gay men” wish death on people is fucked up. That doesn’t make even a little sense, Charles Rozier. You also have no basis for saying most gay men are misogynistic. I bet you also think gay men are the ones who beat women and rape women, instead of straight men. Dipshit.

  • Henry

    @Bron: You know what, I’ve noticed over and over again that 32 year old Korean men rape gay boys. You can’t tell me Korean men aren’t typically rapists of other men.

  • Rachel's discolored minor labia

    Is that better, Charles?

  • o

    @Henry: Why exactly would a psychopath like Charles care about the way women are treated, anyway? This is the same person who said he can get his partner to have oral sex on command, he calls her a slave, and he complimented a soldier on having “no less than three pussies” waiting for him when he got home.

  • Bron

    o : Well on this site, as well as other gay blogs, everytime gays wish death on someone there’s not one spot of criticism. Nothing, whatsoever is criticized. So who do you think you’re kidding? I won’t share your fantasy that gays are benevolent creatures. On Towleroad there was a case where two girls were accused (falsely, as it turned out) of kidnapping and trying to kill a lesbian. In Kentucky. (Look it up on Towleroad and look up the comments). The comments were bloodcurdling- even one espousing how the gils should have their “cunts” sliced up with razor blades in prison. That was just fine, nobody criticized it. Then they posted the girls’ facebook pages so you could email them and threaten them with that. When the girls turned out 100 percent innocent, no apologies.

  • o

    @Bron: That’s funny, I’ve never seen you apologize for claiming that kike isn’t an insult.

  • Laughriotgirl

    @ewe: Rather than make sweeping generalizations, there was a link to specific statements… or just read the dreck in this comment thread by (mostly?) gay men.

    Whatever the motivation, straight men (with a few exceptions) have never accused me of “internalized homophobia”, “treating mental illness with medicine”, or insisted on calling me anything other than a woman. Gay men, (with a few exceptions) were the friends I lost when I transitioned, are the ones to tell strangers my status in a public setting, and the last to generally “get it” (and still talk about transsexuals like they are some experts).

    The question still stands – if Mr. Carolla is to be called out for making anti-gay and anti-trans comments, why are gay men not held to the same standard? Mr. Carolla made (and offensive and harmful) joke. Mr. Carolla didn’t quietly sacrifice trans job protections to pass marriage equality (NH 2009, NY 2011), he didn’t write a book denying the validity of transsexuals (Fouralt), he didn’t grab the microphone from the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots from a transsexual who was there (NYC Pride 1995). Not to mention the level of discussion about any trans-related topic that happens on nearly every gay blog from Queerty to AmericaBlog Gay – with very few, if any, gay men stepping in and challenging the anti-trans commentary.

  • Henry

    @o: I don’t expect a psychopath to be consistent or to tell the truth, and neither should you.

  • Rachel's bleeding tits

    They bleed because she wasn’t old enough to give milk.

  • Bron

    And who is this Charles Rozier people are bringing up? Why does he have anything to do with my statements, which none of you seem to be able to debate?

  • o

    @Henry: No, I really shouldn’t. Even if he wasn’t a psychopath, the fact that Charles Rozier is anti-Semitic scum should be enough to warn me away.

  • o

    @Bron: For someone who isn’t Charles Rozier, you don’t seem at all surprised to be told that you’re sexist slim or anti-Semitic vermin. It’s almost as if you’ve been told that many times before.

  • Bron

    o : Nope. I just realized you’re trying to pretend I’m this other anti-semitic character. I guess you pretend everybodyyou disagree with is one person. Now, you and the guy who calls women “cunts” should go look at those Towleroad posts..

  • M.N.

    Oh, I see, Bron doesn’t like it when women are called cunts because his mother, like Adam Carolla’s mother, is also a cunt.

  • Bron

    M.N. : Actually, my mother IS an awful person, but…..thanks for making my point.

  • o

    @Bron: So, to be clear, Charles, you’re denying that you’re an anti-Semite, despite saying that kike isn’t a slur. However, you’re not denying that you’re sexist, because you didn’t respond to that charge at all.

  • Henry

    Just to be clear, this is the Charles Rozier from Augusta, Georgia. There’s more than one Charles Rozier in the country.

  • Bron

    o : Yeah, go look at the recent posts on Adam Levine. Where I defend Orthodox Jews. Then see if you still want to pretend I’m Charles (while you ignore the misogynist gay man above calling women “cunts.”)

  • Henry

    @Rachel’s bleeding tits: Bleeding isn’t the same as lactation, people don’t just start bleeding from their nipples for no reason. Are you saying they would bleed if you cut them?

  • Bron

    Henry : I’m from NYC. And here now. Never even been to Ga. And all this pretending I’m somebody else is just to distract from the facts : gay men regularly wish death on others in the comments sections on blogs, and gay men frequently call females “cunts” (trying to attack them by making a normal part of anatomy a negative thing). And that represents the non-blog gay community as a whole. Certainly not EVERY gay male, but too large a percentage espouse the terrorism of others while good gay men do and say nothing.

  • o

    @Bron: We know it’s you, Charles, and we don’t have to hack Queerty’s database to do it. That’s stupid and it shows you don’t know how hackers do what they do. I’ve known Henry for a long time, and I know he’s not misogynist. He has no 10 year history of BDSM like you do, for example. So you can shut the fuck up about that.

  • Bron

    Yup. He calls women “cunts.” LOL. Gay logic.

  • Henry

    @o: Charles will only say that BDSM is “degenerate” if somebody else does it. That’s why he can scapegoat gay people who are into BDSM, and totally fail to take responsibility for his own desires.

  • Bron

    Henry aka o : I don’t think anybody, straight or gay, into BDSM is degenerate.

  • o

    @Henry: It’s interesting – and very frightening – that he uses Nazi language to condemn Nazi behavior. After all, it was the Nazis who thought women were second-class citizens.

  • Bron

    Henry aka o : Not all women are nice, either. There were some ferociously bad female Nazis.

  • ewe

    @Laughriotgirl: I can’t speak for everyone. Carolla is an asshole, some transgendered people are fucked up and some gay men are shit heads. What can i tell you? I try to address one person at a time. Or if it is a consolation, Carolla is a shit head, some transgendered people are shit heads and some gay men are assholes. Or Carolla is a shit head, some transgendered people are assholes and some gay men are fucked up.

  • o

    @Bron: I’m sure you could tell us all about the history of your little clan.

  • inoits2

    Henry you dumb bitch…I am Charles not Bron

  • nix

    I would relish the chance to knock this SOB clean out

  • Chuck

    What the fuck? I never liked him, now I know why. Seems like he’s desperate for attention. How long has it been since he was on tv. The ’90s?

  • Ogre Magi

    How sad, I thought I remembered reading that Carolla had a gay assistant that he was very fond of! I wonder what happened?

  • Pip

    Adam Corolla has always been a stupid ignorant asshole.

  • Garrett

    Coming from someone who listens to his podcast daily and knows him better than anyone else on this board (especially Queerty and their high standards of journalism), I’m telling you he’s not a bigot. He’s definitely politically incorrect going on insensitive, but there is a HUGE gap between Eddie Murphy and the hate that spews from his dick-sucking lips and Carolla, who just hates all the labels that liberals love to put on everything while simultaneously saying we’re all equal. Its not LGBT anymore even, its LGBTQQIA, and ive seen even more initials than that. Hes pro-gay marriage, he’s part of the NOH8 campaign. When idiot bloggers don’t do any research and just key in on a couple quotes (in which its obvious he’s joking anyway), you water down the term bigot for the REAL BIGOTS like Victoria Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Gallagher, and most of the comedy show known as the Tea Party.

  • Flu-zz

    It seems that ole’ Adam knows way too much for a guy that supposedly hates the LGBT population. I think it’s more of another man about to come out issue. Or he is out and only his rectum and his top know it.

  • LEO

    What a cheap loathsome creature – not even funny, just venting his neurotic insecurity like a lot of males. It really is tedious, the endless droning about his little boys parts and his macho blah blah’s. Me thinks he doth protest too much…. wonder what he’s so defending against.

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