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Adam Lambert’s Big Rolling Stone Coming Out Cover Is Here!

lambertrollingstone No secret here: Adam Lambert is gay! And finally, he’s put to rest what some describe as “speculation” — or which we describe as “concerted avoidance to confirm” — that he’s gay. ““I’m proud of my sexuality,” Lambert tells Rolling Stone. “I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” But keep in mind: “I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader.” Not until we recruit you! On the photo “scandal” of him in drag making out with his ex-boyfriend: “Wasn’t ready for that. … I’ve only dressed in drag three or four times. … I don’t tuck and wear breasts, that’s not me.” On bunking with Kris Allen: “They put me with the cute guy. Distracting! He’s the one guy I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type — except that he has a wife. I mean he’s open-minded and liberal, but he’s definitely 100% straight.” On his wardrobe: “I was like, ‘I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!'” On being compared to Clay Aiken: “Clay Aiken’s gay, and I’m gay, and we couldn’t be more different. The only thing that is the same about everyone in the gay community is that we’re gay. … Why can’t we talk about a human community?” On growing up gay:: “I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy.” On his lady fans: “”I loved it this season when the girls went crazy for me,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s all hot.” On coming out after the show: “Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but I thought, ‘I’m going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler.’ I didn’t want the Clay Aiken thing and the celebrity-magazine bullshit. I need to be able to explain myself in context.” Dislikes: Cocaine. “That drug is such a reflection of the lack of self-esteem and control people have over themselves and their lives.” (Oh, and congrats on the record deal.) BONUS: Behind the scenes video of his photo shoot. He does his own hair! It’s on the next page (video autos-starts).

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  • Em

    Ok, Ok… here is your first straight female fangirl posting. (DUCKS)

    After I quit drooling and “sqweeeing”, this was the first website I ran to. I am really interested in the opinions of everyone that posts here.

    Not sure how it is even possible that I find this guy even hotter, but after reading the few bits here, I really do. Damn.

    Ok, I will go back to lurking.


    On another note, I love it here, I have learned so much and it has really opened my eyes to some of the misconceptions I had about the gay community. And for that, I thank you.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Didn’t Lance Bass say the exact thing about being a Civil Rights Leader. He has appeared in the NoH8 campaign.

    I’m glad Adam came out overall.

    Rod Daily in Sex

  • Tim


  • slider

    Good for Adam……plus, I do agree with him on Kris..he is a hottie and cute down to earth guy. I wish them both well.

    Em,welcome and glad you are enjoying the site….Str8 allies are always welcome:)

  • Rock

    @Tim: Adam’s straight fans are happy for him.

    It’s so nice to see that gays are bored with OUT AND PROUD celebrities.

  • J

    @Em: It’s interesting to see a straight person openly commenting on the site. Welcome aboard em, and don’t be afraid to un-lurk yourself from time to time. 😉

  • Daniel

    Adam Lambert’s gay? What? How did I miss this before Rolling Stone? So, basically he had to be PAID to come out? Fantastic. What a loser. Makes me wanna switch teams.

  • Adam

    @Daniel: Thanks for the support!

  • Kbutterum

    It’s official. You now have your Gay idol. Can we move on?

  • Cam

    Glad somebody came out at the beginning of their career instead of after they were on the downward slide. Good on you Adam.

  • prissysissy

    He’s not really my type per se, but he looks hot on the RS cover! Love the hint of mildly furry chest .. droool! 🙂
    Good luck to him – hope his album is wildly successful.

  • Em

    Thanks for the welcome, guys! I appreciate it.

    I do have a question: How do you all react to the “just a singer, not an activist” stuff?

    Is that his right? Or does he “owe” it to the gay community to stand up for eveyone?

    Does anyone even care? LOL

    Thanks again! And if I ask a stupid question, please (gently!) let me know.

    My intent is, certainly, not to offend.


  • AlwaysGay

    I love the cover. I got so excited today when I saw it and I never get excited about celebrities. Adam is a trailblazer. He is the first entertainer to acknowledge his sexuality at the beginning of his career. Buy his music, it’s really great. Practically every song he sang on Idol I loved. I’ve listened to all of them at least 15 times.

  • The Gay Numbers

    That’s why he didn’t mention until now- if you mention it then you are being a civil rights leader. but when he’s fellow singers mention their relationships in straight couples are they also being civil rights leaders? Who knew honesty was so political. Thanks.

  • The Gay Numbers

    by the way- I am referencing the coyness. Why was there a need for it?

  • Closet

    @The Gay Numbers: Is there a need for closeted celebrities to stay closeted?

  • Rodney

    I think he handled this situation extremely well. On Idol, He allowed the American public to get to know his talent first. He also never compromised his image. He could have very well worn less make up and dressed differently on Idol. He chose to walk in his own path. I wish him well on his career. I loved him on Idol. I am sure that I will love his album.

  • bobito

    @The Gay Numbers: honesty is ALWAYS a political hot-button. Why do you think politicians avoid it like the plague?

  • Kalebarkab

    I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

  • drresol


    My reaction? I’m just fine with it. At this point, I actually think he may do more good by simply coming out rather nonchalantly and focusing more on his singing career. There are a lot of people who don’t have a problem with gay people, per se, but may also feel a little unsettled by the more “out-proud-and-loud” types (my mother, for example). Maybe someone like Adam, simply stating it’s just another minor detail of his life and character, will help people realize gay people are just ordinary, non-scary people.

  • PaulD

    @Em: Em, welcome!

    It’s a tough call. On one hand, he’s an artist. It’s not his job to be, as he put it, a civil rights leader. On the other hand, one hopes that he will help where he can.

    In the end, it’s light years better than closeted Anderson Cooper trying to play the respectable news anchor while never throwing his support behind gay rights.

  • edgyguy1426

    Yeah Em, welcome.
    Maybe if Adam waits a while. I don’t think the whole Idol experience is giving him enough time for any kind of -ism right now. He’s probably being rushed from one appearance to another. My feeling is, with the following he has- gay and straight- if he waits a little longer, and he maintains a solid career like Kelly Clarkson, I think he’ll reach an even wider audience if he wants to get involved civil rights-wise.
    Keep posting. You have a unique voice here on Queerty and I’m interested in hearing it. J.T.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @bobito: Except he’s not a politician so honesty from the start should not be so political.

  • broadway_baby

    @Em: We all have a role to play in the movement. In my opinion, Adam being out, proud, and unapologetically queer is exponentially more beneficial to the movement than our current crop of so-called gay “civil rights leaders.”

    Adam just making his music, being himself, and talking freely about the actual sex part of his (and our) sexuality will do more to open people’s minds than whatever ridiculousness HRC (for example) is up to these days.

  • Dennis

    This has NOTHING to do with being a trailblazer, or honesty, or a role model, any other high minded ideal…

    Like everything related to American Idol, this is about MARKETING and commerce! And shoving mediocre talent down our throats for profit…He’s the “gay idol”, some else is the “country idol”, yet another is the “christian idol”…this shit is more contrived than the Village People (cowboy, policeman, blah, blah)

    This goddamn show is everything that’s wrong with the corporate takeover (hostage holding, really) of the music industry. Yes, AT LEAST he’s out (could he even be “in”?) But here we have another winning-karaoke caliber superstar to rule the airwaves, ugh!

  • broadway_baby

    @Dennis: Oh, goody. The bitters are here. Is it impossible for the old queens to just be happy for someone else’s success? No one is going to make you buy his record, honey.

  • Dennis

    Yes, I’m extremely happy when real talent emerges…made more difficult by the never ending flow of corporate-pushed mediocrity taking up space on the radio. Again, glad he’s “out”, but this is all about ca$h, not being a role model.

    (and BTW, 40 ain’t that old, you’ll get there too if you’re lucky. And I stopped buying ‘records’ months ago, yeah, I’m down wit’ it.)

  • Alexa

    I read somewhere that he actually said he makes out with girls when drunk and is becoming bi-curious, does anyone know if this is true? If it is, it sounds like a major cop out, said solely to keep the screaming fangirlies around. I’m hoping the person who said it was full of shit or mistaken, but they are usually quite reliable.

  • Cam


    Just the fact that he is out is a political statement. Whether he wants it to be or not.

    It is beneficial and good for him. As for

    “”No. 28 · Alexa
    I read somewhere that he actually said he makes out with girls when drunk and is becoming bi-curious, does anyone know if this is true? “””
    You were the first poster over on the Clay Aiken thread defending him and being very detailed. I think we’ve all heard how the Clay Aiken fans have been planting rumors etc… about Adam so please be happy with your Clay Aiken CD’s and stop trying to ruin Adam’s sucess.

  • Alexa

    @Cam: Um, Cam, I love Adam. Go back and read my posts here about him during the show if you don’t believe me. I’ve never denied being a Clay fan as well, I didn’t realize it was unacceptable or forbidden to like both of them. I’m just a little disappointed if what this person said is true, because I thought Adam was going to be comletely honest here.

    And if you really believe Clay’s fans are somehow capable of tricking an msnbc reporter into believing they are a music producer and whoever else she quoted in her ridiculous story, then you are either unbelievably stupid or naive.

  • Kyra


    I hope people can stop looking to blame Clay Aiken fans for everything. Adam Lambert said this –

    Female attention:

    “I liked it this season when girls went crazy for me. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all hot. Just because I’m not sticking it in there doesn’t mean that I don’t find it beautiful. Lately there’s part of me that’s almost bi-curious the other way around. I’ve made out with girls at nightclubs when I had way too many drinks. I don’t know if it would ever happen, but I’m kind of interested.”

  • Kyra


    Here is the link to source for the above quote


  • Cam


    Hi Alexa,

    I just read that comment, you were right, my apologies!!!! Honestly, it just seemed like such a stupid thing to say I assumed it had to be false!!!

    And I agree, I hope he isn’t pulling the bait and switch all of a sudden.

  • Em

    Again, thanks for the welcome guys

    As far as the “bi-curious” stuff… I knew that would show up over here. LOL

    I don’t think it is a copout.. I think it is fucking hot… is he runnin’ game? Maybe…

    But why not let the fan girlies have an inch… we’ll take what we can get! LOL

  • galefan20004

    Personally, I think the cover looks hot. I don’t like his music, but then again I’m extremely picky on who I do like and most of what is like is from female artists. The last thing the gay community needs is another make up wearing, feminine “roll model”. Like Adam said, the only thing that binds him to Clay Aiken is that he is gay. I really don’t want people thinking gay and looking at Adam Lambert then thinking all gays wear makeup and look like that.

  • dgz

    talented. famous. gay. out.

    finally. even if his first album is crap i’m buying it.

    no, i have no problem with bicurious. i would hazard to say that most gay men have wondered at least, just like the “straights.” i think it would be a bit strange if we all objected to someone’s sexuality.

  • myrios123

    @Adam: Good job Adam. I’m a big fan. I think RS was the perfect media. I look forward to hearing more of your singing. I only have one disagreement with you… every GLBT celebrity is a civil-rights leader whether they want to be or not. Hey man… you’re the one that wanted to be on the podium.

  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com

    OK, this is the deal.

    Yes, no one’s “required” to be a “civil rights leader” I think they should VOLUNTEER to be, but that’s a totally different thing.

    The problem is, while his own word choice is less explicitly caustic than Lance’s first comment was [who, YES, deserves HUGE respect for having grown from then], in essence he is DISSING gay activists when, were it not for the work that gay activists have done for decades, KICKING entertainment world doors open, among all the others, the second the AI produces got a hint of his mint he would have been GONE, Mary, GONE!

    And NO pass for his youth. He’s not 2 years old. If a 27-yr. old pissed on your couch would you say, “No problem, he’s still young”? NO, you’d say, “WTF, Bitch, you’re old enough to know better! Now clean it up!”

    He has a FANTASTIC singing voice and was totally robbed of the title, but he needs to work on the voice he uses to indirectly reference those who made it possible for him to even come in second. Queen, the group, is talking about you being the new Freddie Mercury? Lovely, but, note, he died with one painted-on pant leg still in the closet, most of his straight fans willfully tuning out his sexuality regardless of how many “daffodils” he virtually threw at them.

    Honey Lamb, You got a free ride on the wave of public acceptance cresting now but set in motion BY “civil rights” activists.

    Less eyeliner, more gratitude and respect.

  • Whup-ass Master

    You mean that guy who’s got pics of himself all over the internet tongue kissing another dude is GAY? I just don’t think his “I’m a homo” publicity junket and press tour is news. It’s a career move.

    But in his RS pic, doesn’t he look just a little bit like Suzanne Pleshette after she was attacked by a flock of crows in The Birds?

  • Rick

    Interesting that Adam said he didn’t want to come out in a celebrity magazine like others have done–Lance Bass, Clay Aiken, yet he comes out in Rolling Stone. I used to get that magazine and it is all about music celebrities–thus another celebrity magazine of a different type.

    I couldn’t agree more with Dennis above, the whole sexuality thing is MARKETING and getting people’s attention. It was played to the hilt by AI and Adam for $$$$ of course. Adam says his sexuality is only a small part of him yet for the past few weeks that is all people talked about and even he mentioned on occasion dangling it in front of people.

  • drresol

    This whole thing has been rather amusing. First, he was being ripped on for not making his sexuality known. So, he publicly declares that he’s gay. Now he’s being ripped on for attention-whoring and playing the gay card for publicity and career advancement.

    I guess maybe I have a unique, outside perspective since I didn’t watch a single episode of AI. I’m only aware of Lambert from things in the media (including this site). It’s just amusing to read comments like, “who cares?” and “Duh! Big surprise!”, when for the past few months it’s all anyone could talk about. Articles concerning Lambert generally received 3x the amount of comments of a typical article.

  • Closet

    “the whole sexuality thing is MARKETING and getting people’s attention. It was played to the hilt by AI and Adam for $$$$ of course”

    So it’s advantage to be gay, it’s good for marketing.

    Could you please explain why are so many celebrities in the closet?

  • ZachThomas

    Lambert is deluding himself if he thinks his stunt in Rolling Stone is any different than Clay Aiken, Lance Bass or Ellen before him. Rolling Stone IS the celebrity magazine bullshit. I’m already sick of hearing about this guy.

  • Z reveals

    OMG! What a BIG news! Yawn!

  • Em

    Thank you for the warm welcome from a lot of you. J.T. Specifically, thank you, your comment kinda made me tear up. I have always been pretty flaming liberal, but the cause was made special to me recently. I am in Iowa, and when our laws were changed, I literally sobbed with joy. It was at that time, I realized that I had to do more. I had to do something, I cannot in good conscience sit back and watch as a large population gets pushed to the back of the bus. Not now, not ever. Honestly, the only gay people I really personally know are a couple of cousins who wouldn’t talk about being gay at family functions for all the money in the world. (one cousin lives with his partner and they have separate bedrooms, to not make visiting family uncomfortable!!!! SICKENING!!!)

    Unfortunately, I am starting at home, with my slightly homophobic husband, but I am working on him, and making headway. I just changed his opinion on gay marriage!! (he was all for giving “them” the same rights..eye roll, but hated the term gay marriage… snapped him out of that little opinion, fast) So that has stalled me a bit in my efforts outside of the home. I will get there, so in the mean time, I am learning and reading and talking to men and women who dont mind my stupid questions, who dont mind my (unintentionally) insulting proding. (my obsessive use of the … and grammatical errors….)

    Wow… that was longer than it should have been, but there you have it. I will be lurking, I will be asking questions that are none of my business, if no one minds, that is.

    Just a few comments, then back in my hole,



    Feminine?? LMAO… nothing girly about this guy… all man, imo. All 6 foots one of him… yum… (sorry, went off a bit there). I think if people look to adam and are totally accepting of him, it is a good thing. Seems like it would make it easier for the less queer-y crew. HAHA


    I am a 29 year old str8 female, with 3 kids… nothing wrong with a little bi-curious… I wouldnt mind…

    @Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com:

    Queen does not want adam to be his new frontman, but maybe drop in on the tour, collaborate, things like that. There is no replacement for Mr. Mercury.


    I, of course, cant speak for Mr. Lambert, but I think he meant the raggy type mags… star, ok, etc…

  • Puddy Katz

    He’s gay and it’s 1989!

  • dgz

    @ZachThomas: he was politely saying he didn’t want to sell his story to a tabloid. rs doesn’t have to pay for interviews.

  • dgz

    @Em: good job with your hubby! each one, teach one.

  • Bri

    @Kbutterum: He’s not an American Idol. He didn’t win. Where have you been?

  • geoff

    In other earth shattering, shocking developments, Lindsay Lohan likes vodka.

  • The_FNG

    @Dennis: Jeez Dennis – From your petty responses, it’s OBVIOUS that you’ve done no research into Mr. Lambert. If you did, you’d find that he’s one of the most “real” folks out there.

    He shows his honest, and quite entertaining persona in his post-Idol interview with Michael Slezak. Funny, self-deprecating, practically always smiling – the genuine article.


    Dislike him all you want (which is about all there is to your rants) – that is of course your prerogative, but when you spout off about “mediocre talent” in regards to Adam Lambert, I have to say that millions of other folk strongly disagree with you.

  • Dennis

    I’ll amend my post to add that Lambert has a decent voice, and seems a cut above most of the other crap that Idol has foisted upon us…not budging on my belief that Idol is overall, a mediocrity factory, and has not helped to further musical artisty. It’s all about crass commercialism, and often the lowest common denominator wins.

    If Adam prooves me wrong by being a real trailblazer, more power to him. I’m yet to be convinced there’s anything so different about him, other than eyeliner.

  • The_FNG

    @Dennis: Hey Dennis – I am really pleased with your flexibility. Click the link to that interview I listed. Watch all 5 parts of the interview, and you will come away with a more enlightened view of the man.


  • jjm16

    @geoff: lol

    hrmm. too bad he’s neither cute nor talented.
    on the civil rights angle: doesn’t public pressure to politicize one’s life discount the passion behind others who speak out? i vote yes.

  • Em


    While I appreciate your opinion on the kinds of artists AI produces, I am forced to disagree.

    Carrie Underwood (a fav. of my 7 year old!) raked in $14 Mill last year alone… I think she is taking her “mediocrity” to the bank.

    Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson walked away with $5 Mill each.

    Me, ah…I made about $3 an hour doing daycare out of my home. So I wish I had their “mediocrity”!


  • MB

    Whether he’s trying to be a civil rights leader or not, he’s doing wonders for us in terms of visibility. He’s got CNN tslking sbout his crush on Kris like it’s the most normal thing in the world 🙂

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Em: Money is not the sign of something being good or lasting. I like Carrie Underwood. She’s talented, but her sucess is a product of her going beyond American Idol. In fact, I am prepared to argue that every sucess story out of the show is about people who rejected American Idol’s brand of music rather than embracing it.

  • WTF?

    “I’ve made out with girls at nightclubs when I had way too many drinks. I don’t know if it would ever happen, but I’m kind of interested”

    Anyone else as bored with this statement as me? Isn’t it just what every little 19 year old “fabulous” gay boy says? ‘I’m shocking and enigmatic, I keep you on your toes!’ Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    He’s a flash in the pan and I find it funny the amount of energy folks are giving him. In fact, it is only seconded by the fact that NO ONE commented once on the fact that in the RS cover photo, our boy has a snake on his trousers. Yes, that would be a trouser-snake. I’m just saying…

  • The Gay Numbers

    @MB: That’s undeniable. I just wish there was no coyness about it because there is always this tension about being gay like there must be something wrong with it. I would have been more happyif it was an uneventful announcement htat he did sort of matter of factly rather than the big reveal like “Oh, my gawd he’s gay” I would have prefered “yeah, he’s gay. okay, i love his music and that’s what’s important.” Then again I dont like his music so far, but we will see what he does post American idol.

  • Em

    @The Gay Numbers:

    LOL. I do agree with you… And that is a great point, Carrie’s first record, did very well, but it certainly could not hold a candle to the stuff she did later, when out from AI’s thumb… Kelly Clarkson is even more pronounced…her first record SUCKED, but then she, too, got to go on her own and is now quite successful.

    Touche, my friend!

  • Em

    @The Gay Numbers:

    Sorry for being a post hog! But Adam is an attention/media whore… and I say that in the most loving way possible. He HAS to keep buzz about him so people remember who he is in a few months. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on perspective, his “schtick” just happens to be being gay.

    Plus, as a fangirl, I have to believe that he would have shouted from the rooftops his gayness, when HE wanted to; but AI has each of these contestants under lock and key. It would not suprise me if, during the show, they didnt need permission to piss by themselves. I have a feeling that he was not allowed to really talk about it, until AI decided it would make them the most money.

  • Kbutterum

    @Bri: Tell the media and read the cover.

  • Ted


    “He’s got CNN tslking sbout his crush” on A STRAIGHT GUY!

    NOT good PR to counteract the “fags are sexual psychopaths who’ll hit on ANYONE. That’s why we have to keep them AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN, and out of the Boy Scouts, Big Brothers, and the military” meme.

    Yo Dog! Ya don’t want to be graded for your performance as a public gay person? Then STAY OFF THAT STAGE! The costs to OTHERS is too high.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Em: Yeah, the contract that Simon has them sign is supposedly crazy over the top. That’s saying something for the music industry, which is well known for its unconcionable contracts (meaning that as a matter of policy the law will not enforce them due their unfairness). So, I would not be surprised about how detailed they are regarding issues like sexuality and other aspects of the singers lives being under the lock and key of the show.

  • Windyloo

    @Ted: I think it is the most normal thing in the world to admit you have a crush on someone who won’t return your feelings. That happens to everyone, gay or straight. He didn’t put the moves on Kris or force himself on the man. In fact, he told him about the crush, they laughed about it, and they became great friends. What is not great about having that in the news?

  • Bi Bi Baby

    Who else isn’t surprised that this guy is already dealing the bi card? Not me, baby. It’s like night following day.

  • Em


    He totally does put the moves on Kris… oh…wait, that is only in my fantasies, sorry.

    @Bi Bi Baby:

    From my perspective, hearing the bi-thing isnt, “omg, i might have a chance” or “see, he really isn’t THAT gay”… it is the sexual open-ness that is such a turn on. But again, i dont think it takes away from his message, he is sexual, he is proud of it…and goddamn it, if I dont find it hotter than hell.

  • Aurora

    “In my opinion, Adam being out, proud, and unapologetically queer is exponentially more beneficial to the movement than our current crop of so-called gay “civil rights leaders.”@broadway_baby:

    Totally agree with Broadway Baby’s above statement (married female here again guys…and loving MOST of your conversation). But, for those of you who still don’t get how unique Adam Lambert’s talent is…take a few minutes to listen to his songs recorded (however poorly) at the Upright Cabaret accompanied by only a piano. You can find them all on YouTube. Here’s a link to one of my favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYKaIWWeulI

    Rarely have I seen someone so clearly taken with the music they’re performing.

    As far as marketing…he’s been very open as to how difficult he found it to break out in LA (of all places)…so seeing the magic ticket American Idol is, he played the game better than the rest. Don’t hold that against him.

  • Joanaroo

    Wow! It looks like Adam has a love him/hate him thing with the commenters. As someone who hasn’t followed AI, I’ll just say that Em, I found this site when reading about Prop H8 and love the commenters. As a straight woman, I feel the LGBT community has been treated so unfairly and deserves our support. I have learned alot from gay friends and also the blogs and LGBT publications and websites.

  • Bi Bi Baby

    Sexual openness? It’s just business.

  • Toby

    Let’s check back in a couple of years. Adam Lambert will be a flop like most of “talent” manufactured by the AI machine.

  • schlukitz


    Hi EM! I was out for a good portion of the day and so I missed your very nice earlier posts. While my welcome to the threads is late, it is none the less sincere. 😉

    How refreshing to have a nice person like you join us on these threads. You are a breath of fresh air compared to some of the visitors we have had on Queety in recent weeks. And that includes fellow gays who have managed to rankle not a few of us who regular post on Querty. ;P

    I for one, am very happy that you are sharing your thoughts and comments with us and hope that you will continue to do so. We’re all very happy to have you aboard.

    Thanks for the understanding and support and good luck with your hubby.

  • Jeebs

    I think it’s sad that Queerty changed the words around his interview.

    Adam mentioned that he was expecting the pictures of drag, he even said that he took the pictures himself, what he wasn’t expecting was a picture that was taken of him making out with some guy.

    Please Queerty, don’t pull shady shit like that,

  • Percival

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t ever want a snake that close to my crotch.

  • dgz

    [insert “one eyed trouser snake joke” here: _______________.]

  • David

    Em, thanks for your respectful entrance to this community! You rock. For my opinion on your question “Does Adam owe the gay community” I’d say no. To my dismay, most gay men I know voted for Kris “cuz he’s hot” rather than Adam who’s “too gay”. So instead, Adam owes his fans, who are women. And if he wants to throw them a bone about finding them hot and being a 5 on the Kinsey Scale, more power to him. Just because it’s clever, who’s to say it’s not true?

  • Rose

    I think it’s great that he doesn’t want to be a civil right activist. in a way he is doing it just by being himself. we don’t all have to rally and protest and become activists in order for “gay” to finally be more acceptable. being seen is what will eventually make it the “norm” and he’s doing exactly that. he’s who he is, he is being seen and he doesn’t care…and i think this is the beginning of possibly seeing more people who are out before they are even “in” (meaning popular).

  • Em


    Thank you for the welcome. It was nice to come on here this morning and see that!


    LOL… I would have to say a 5.5 on the kinsey scale. **snicker** Thanks to you as well, for the welcome. I hope I dont offend too many people along the way, but if you will have me, I will continue to post. I have been sticking in this thread mostly, trying to gain the courage to branch out in the site. I am really paranoid about saying something really stupid and hearing “who let the straight chick in here…she doesnt know anything”… plus, I feel like kind of an intruder, but I have the best intentions, for real!


  • edgyguy1426

    @Dennis: But hasn’t the music business almost always been about marketing? Talent is talent, and sooner or later it all amounts to sales..whatever the market will bear. The public is fickle and will want what it wants after the initial magic is over. Will he be a Kelly Clarkson or a Clay Aiken. It’s a crapshoot, and even some of the more talented people don’t succeed because fierce competition, the public’s attention span or poor choices made by a label or an agent.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Em: Well don’t let a little disagreement frighten you away. Heaven knows I’ve said stupid stuff on here but most people are respectful and will respectfully disagree from time to time. There are a few haters, but you’ll be able to figure out where people are coming from after a while. Don’t be afraid to post what you feel, even if you think the majority won’t agree with you. As I’ve said in other posts, what’s the good of being somewhere where everyone agrees with you and believes what you do? How do we learn from that?

  • Em


    I only allow people that agree with me 100% of the time, around me. It is better for my self esteem. I kid, I kid… ok, I will just jump out there. The more you know, the more you grow… (ok, total PBS Kids throwback, this is what I do with my life, all day… kids programming, drives me insane).

    Nevermind, I am unsually weird today.

  • osocubano

    He’s gay?
    Never would have suspected it.

  • geoff

    I wish Adam all the best of luck. Having said that, I saw a post from another thread saying it’s our duty to buy his album and support him. I think not. I support him coming out and wish him all the best because he seems like a decent enough person but let’s face it folks, times are hard and I’m not plunking down $20 hear an artist I don’t personally care to listen to.By that same token, I wish the Indigo Girls and Mika and K.D. Lang all the sucess in the world, but if I don’t like the music I’m not gonna pay money to hear it. I’m part Mexican too,does that mean it’s my duty to see every Jessica Alba movie that comes out?

  • Tony

    He doesn’t need to do drag, he is drag. Sorry, but yawn.

  • Catherine

    Welcome Em. I’m glad to see I’m not the only woman lurking around here.

    First of all, I didn’t watch American Idol, and what little bit of Adam Lambert’s singing I saw, I wasn’t particularly fond of. I might check out original stuff of his at some point, but I might not.

    But for those people who said that he was just saying he was bi-curious for his female fans, I’m inclined to disagree. Speaking as someone who self identifies as bisexual, it’s a perfectly normal orientation, and he very well could be bi. We have no idea what’s going through his head.

    And at whoever it was that we should buy his CD regardless of what we think of his music: I think not. If I don’t enjoy it, I’m not buying it. I don’t care that he’s gay, at least in this regard. It’s great that he’s being open about his sexuality, but that doesn’t translate into buying his album.

    That ended up a bit longer than expected. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the issue.

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