Adam Sandler Stars In Sensitive Transgender Film With Sequences of Long, Soulful Farting

Sorry, yeah, the title of this post is somewhat misleading. Sandler’s actually playing his own annoying twin sister in Jack and Jill (see trailer above if you dare). It’s already a lock to win whatever annual award they give out for Stupidest Hannukah-Themed Family Comedy Featuring A Man In Drag.

Select your favorite way to receive this information:

A) Total avoidance.

B) Exhausted sighing, leading to momentary depression, culminating in eating an entire bag of Oreos before taking a picture of your blackened teeth and posting it on Instagram.

C) Big yuks!

D) Anger over Sandler’s perceived misogyny, his films’ oafish handling of gender expression and general ignorance of how difficult it can be for non-gender-conforming people to simply get along in the world without some Hollywood zillionaire muddying the water via dumb Tyler Perry-level man-in-a-dress gags.

E) An alternate reading of Sandler’s entire body of work as a lowbrow effort to normalize all categories of human existence via aggressive idiocy, equal-opportunity mockery, flatulence, gross exaggeration, more flatulence, thoughtlessly crass jokes, vomit, horny grandmas and an approach to real life that resembles nothing any human on Earth has ever experienced. Examples of this as it applies to gays include: the entirety of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, that male couple in Big Daddy, the elementary school principal/heroic closet-wrestler in Billy Madison, French maid Hitler getting raped with a pineapple in Little Nicky and Dave Matthews clenching a coconut with his butthole in Just Go With It. See? Progress.

Or not.

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  • Woody

    C’mon Queerty your taking life way too seriously…. slapstick is funny.

  • zach

    wats with the hate adam sandler is amazing the movie looks great he should make more more often instead of putting his name on shit like zookeeper i cant wait to see this with my friends we will laugh so hard this isnt bout him making fun of trans people its him playing a relative just like when jethro played jethren and when phoebe played her twin sister its called acting get over it

  • Red Meat

    How is this any different than when Robin Williams did it back in the 90s? Oh, it isn’t. I found him more annoying than his twin sister.

  • Niki

    I can’t stand Adam Sandler. Bleh

  • David B.

    Back off on Adam Sandler!

    I never saw “I Now Pronounce You…,” but the movie “Big Daddy” was incredibly gay-affirming, especially considering the gay relationship had nothing to do with the main plot. Adam Sandler said the perfect thing every time homosexuality came up in that movie. When his other friend said it bothered him when their two gay friends kiss, Sandler’s character said, “They’re gay. That’s what they do.” As in, there’s nothing wrong in it. When his love interest says it must have been difficult to have two friends come out gay, Sandler’s character shrugs it off and says, “They watch a different kind of porn, but otherwise they’re pretty much the same.” And he also makes the comment that he supports his two friends if they want to get married.

  • Steve


    Considering the number of things he has done that NOT ANOTHER LIVING SOUL IN MAINSTREAM HOLLYWOOD HAS, I have a feeling this entire article was a kneejerk reaction to something that honestly isn’t offensive.

    Sure, maybe if he was playing a trans character, this might be upsetting, but he’s not. He’s crossdressing to portray a female character. People have been doing this since Shakespeare, and I haven’t heard anyone get all disgusted by it until Adam Sandler did it. Where was all this dislike when “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Madea”, or “Big Momma” were released?

    Plus, like others said, he did a whole thing about gay marriage with “Chuck and Larry” which, despite of course have the heterosexual motives, had a focus on the gay community and our fight and didn’t show it in any false way. Then there was the couple in “Big Daddy” that was treated as normal.

    This article is really just an attack on Adam Sandler, which is fine if you don’t like him, but don’t try to hide that dislike with some self-righteous, pro-LGBT support when it clearly has nothing to do with that.

  • Dave

    After the earlier post detailing the emergence of new, highly virulent strains of gonorrhea, the subject of this one seems redundant. Indeed, if Adam Sandler is substantively different in any way from “painful testicles, urethral pus, oral ulcers, anal itching, and burning vaginal discharge,” it can only because bacteria are, by comparison, talented; and because burning, itching, pus-oozing sexual organs are, by comparison, hysterically funny.

  • Skeloric

    Funnily enough, I consider “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” to be essential to my and my BF’s “GAY THEMED FILMS” collection, placed right next to our copy of “MILK”.
    Adam Sandler is simply the style of comedian who makes comedy out of crassness.
    Look to “50 First Dates,” which shows an amazing amount of sensitivity to the topic of brain injuries despite Sandler’s comedy pedigree.
    Just because Adam Sandler is the type of comedian that he is, does not preclude his being an actual ally to our community.
    And an ally to our community is exactly what I deem him to be.
    Imagine how many people who might not otherwise have accepted the idea of “homosexuality as normal,” finally did so because of an Adam Sandler film.
    Mainly as he is, in his comedy, as much catering to those who could be our enemies as he is in giving them a few new pro-GLBT thoughts — snuck right in when they thought they were going to be entertained by his potentially disgusting crassness.
    If I were trying to reach someone like the Bachmann’s, I’d cunningly hide a pro-GLBT moment in some bit of entertainment they might be inclined to expose themselves to.
    Just stop a moment and look at it from THAT perspective, then rethink your overall feelings on Adam Sandler.

  • dvlaries

    A populace that continuously allows its movie stars to be plucked from the Not Ready For Primetime Players, should as least blush a little when it complains about eight years of Bush-Cheney.

    Belushi and Chase began an ugly trend that should have been stopped years and years ago.

  • ewe

    Sandler is talentless.

  • Skeloric

    But yet he is very successful and rich…
    If it isn’t talent, it has to be damn close.
    Close enough for me at least.

    You want to talk “talentless”, go look up Uwe Boll.
    That there is your benchmark.
    Anyone better than him is talented by definition.

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