Adorable Australian Marriage-Equality Ad “It’s Time” May Come To American TV

We loooved “It’s Time” the memorable marriage equality video from Australia (above) so much that we made it one of our ten favorite ads on the subject.

Now the too-cute clip—which has received more than six million views on YouTube—has a chance to reach a wider audience: television audiences here in America. The progressive marketing company Social Teeth has started an online fundraiser to get the funds together.

“Our intention with the ad is to powerfully convey how gay and lesbian relationships are normal relationships,” reads a statement on the group’s website. “‘It’s Time’ represents two people who, despite their gender, are able to spend their lives together without social or political barriers.”

Social Teeth is aiming to raise $50,000 by October 10, but they’re less than $1,000 toward their goal. In addition to buying airtime, a portion of the money raised will go directly to Get Up!, the Down Under group that first released “It’s Time” in October 2011.

We know money’s tight, but if you have a wedding to go to consider a contribution to this cause in lieu of a present. Trust us, the happy couple will never use that punch bowl.