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In the second episode of  ‘YANN Calls…’, a new Brazilian interview web series created in partnership with Brasil Post, the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 top three — Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act — discuss their sex lives, the mutual respect that they have for each other, their first impulses to do drag and so much more!


Courtney Act confesses to having sex in drag:
After Bianca and Adore point out that Courtney enjoys having sex in drag, Courtney says, “I view my drag as an extension of who I am.” To which Adore adds, “[Courtney] gets straight boys.” Courtney continues, “Guys always know before anything happens, but you know what? It’s 2014 and gender and sexuality are a lot more fluid than they used to be.”

Adore on thinking she was transgender:
When speaking about her youth, Adore confesses, “When I was younger, I identified as transgender. I got picked on so bad in school that I wanted to reinvent myself. So I thought, ‘Let’s try makeup.’ I did it and I really didn’t give a fuck. I felt powerful.”

Bianca on the first time she did drag:
When talking about the first time she did drag, Bianca remembers, “I was in school and I had this opportunity to do a talent show. I wanted to be Boy George because he wore makeup. Then I realized I was a clown in a night gown, and it was fierce. The weird thing I find about drag it’s not about getting the attention. It’s getting the attention, holding it, and making it work.”

Courtney talks about wanting to do drag and Bianca chimes in on Michael Jackson:
Courtney mentions that she grew up singing and dancing, but that there “always seemed to be something less exciting about doing it as a boy. If you look at male performers, Michael Jackson was cool, he was the one that—” Before finishing her sentence, Bianca jokingly chimes in, adding, “She was borderline. Let’s be honest; her dancing and her style were very gay, but her look and face were very white.”

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