An Animated Guide To James Franco’s Gay Kisses

Book trailers are all the rage these days.

Modern authors have been reduced to squeezing their entire novel into several minutes of a cheeky advertisement to appeal to the kind of media-obsessed children that fear their life will end when their iPhone dies; the same kind that also believe YouTube is a news source and articles can be fully digested by quickly reading the headline.

It’s a cutting-edge new platform that’s both exploration of the future and an ode to the past. A truly deep way of connecting with and touching the lives of people around the world. Incredibly artistic. Groundbreaking, even. Naturally, James Franco is on board.

The noted heterosexual appears in a new book trailer for Gary Shteyngart’s “Little Failure” with Rashida Jones, David Ebershoff, and sexy Girls staple Alex Karpovsky this week, where he plays the unprecedented role of a gay man kissing another man. Shocking! I’m so enlightened!

If you watch the trailer above, you won’t learn much about Gary Shteyngart or his new memoir. That’s because this four minute trailer is mainly about James Franco and his brave decision to accept a role as a man kissing another man, or in this case, Gary Shteyngart’s husband. Clothed in a pink plush robe, he also—gasp—holds Gary Shteyngart’s hand.

This is not the first time multimedia artist/poet/director/actor/comedian/guru James Franco has kissed another man. Let us not confuse this kiss with the time he kissed himself:


…or Sean Penn:


…or Michael Shannon:


…or Seth Rogan:


…or Akiva Schaffer:


…or Aaron Tveit:


…or David Letterman:


…or Will Forte:


…or Bill Hader:

tumblr_m1x69lTwj01rs7wflo8_250 (1)

…or Ryan Gosling (but not really):


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  • jimbryant

    A lot of these kisses look fake and semi-comedic. Maybe James is stringing us along and playing with our emotions, our need for validation.

  • Tyler100

    Blahblahblah celebrities are fake Blahblahblah I hate celebrities and gays Blahblahblah I’m JimBryant.

  • TellurideGay

    James Franco is kinda hot :)

  • sejjo

    Oh James, where’s my kiss??

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