hell hath no fury

Anderson Cooper posts cryptic message vowing revenge on Andy Cohen for shirtless photo leak

If Andy Cohen thought Anderson Cooper was just gonna let him leak his shirtless photos without any repercussions, he was sorely mistaken.

Last week, Andy shared a few shirtless pics of the silver-haired CNN anchor along with the caption, “If it were a normal year, I’d be on vacation with my pal…threatening to post shirtless pics of him. Well, it’s 2020 and I’m sitting on my deck so I figured I’d just post without asking and piss him off! #SilverFox.”

After the photo received over 325,000 likes on Andy’s Instagram page and was shared and re-shared across social media, the Bravo host posted an Instagram story saying that Anderson was not happy with him.

“Anderson is so pissed at me, you guys,” he said.

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Well now, Anderson has officially vowed his revenge. Over the weekend, he posted his own Instagram story basically telling Andy to sleep with one eye open.

“I don’t know how. I don’t know when. But I will get @bravoandy back for all of this,” he warned.

That sounds cryptic.

Also, you know Anderson’s got some major dirt on Andy, sooooo this should be fun to watch.

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