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André-Joseph Léonard Hit With AIDS-Free Pie

Belgium’s André-Joseph Léonard, who’s facing just a wee bit of criticism for calling AIDS the disease mankind gets when homosexuals get all disgusting with each other, is suffering greater indignities than his own staff quitting on him. He’s also being slammed in the face with pie — as you can see here, while he was overseeing the All Saints Day service last Monday in Brussels. What does mankind get for that, sickle cell anemia?

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  • hotone2me

    How sweet it is!!!!!!!!

  • C'mon

    Stupid prank.

    Very bad PR in the bigger world…you know, there is a bigger world outside of this site.

    Legitimates retribtion.

    We’ll see how you celebrate then.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    This was stupid, and offensive. Nail the man when he’s out in public, fine. But during a service that is very important to people, even people like me who are no longer practising Roman Catholics, yet still celebrate certain religious days–like All Saints Day and All Souls Day–that’s just wrong.

  • Imo

    I’m loving this.

    What a cute boy

  • demonW

    ‘…at least it was a fruit pie!’

  • C'mon


    So you applaud hate crimes? Great. Then don’t be surprised when hate crimes against gays get applauded.

  • SteveC

    The catholic church is a hate group. Therefore he deserved it. The bigotted bastard. These bigots don’t care about people criticising them. They take their orders from a malevolent sky-fairy, and the poison goblin Ratzinger.

    I think a mass bible burning should occur whenever these religious people start spouting their venom.

    Religion is the enemy that we must fight. People who follow catholic or baptist or muslim or orthodox jewish teaching are colluding with hatred. They don’t deserve respect.

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