Andrew Giuliani did his dad absolutely no favors in psychotic CNN appearance

Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew, did his father absolutely no favors when he went on CNN last night to defend him after the FBI raided his Manhattan apartment amidst a federal investigation into his shady dealings with Ukraine.

During a wild 10-minute back and forth with Erin Burnett, Andrew looked like a petulant child as deflected questions, hurled accusations, and rattled off conspiracy theories, including one about the judge who signed the search warrant.

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“Who appointed the judge?” Andrew asked Burnett. “President Barack Obama! You have an Obama-appointed judge who has signed this warrant where no other judge would sign this warrant!”

To which the CNN host countered, “You have proof that no other judge would sign the warrant?”

“I don’t have any proof,” Andrew admitted. “But do you have proof that any other judge would sign the warrant?”

Throughout the interview, Andrew tried dodging questions by mentioning Hunter Biden any chance he got.

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When asked if his dad would provide investigators with information about Donald Trump, he replied, “What I would say is, I do wonder if Hunter Biden is going to be charged with the allegations that are out there against him.”

So far, Rudy Giuliani hasn’t been charged with anything and denies wrongdoing.

Watch the full interview below.

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