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Andrew Sullivan Has 1 Single Way The Republicans Can Woo The Gays

Years ago Andrew Sullivan, WHOSE BEARD HAS REACHED OUTRAGEOUS BUSHINESS, abandoned his conservative roots, and now he’s sort of abandoning his Democratic sway, what with that terrible Obama person. But he hasn’t written off the GOP entirely … but it’ll take some major pendulum swinging to get him and other reasonable gays back on board. Namely, Republicans will have to drop support of discrimination from their platforms, which seems like an obvious piece of jetsam to take care of? [Big Think]

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  • David Ehrenstein

    Patient Less Than Zero is and has ALWAYS been a Gay Republican. Now of course he has “Buyer’s Remorse.”

    But he’s still a Gay Republican.

  • Kev C

    I’m stopping voting for, or supporting any political candidates. I’m now for total political abstinence.

  • Paul

    Discrimination and bigotry is to the modern GOP/Republicans as stink is to poop.

  • ake

    Sounds like a Libertarian to me. The party most gays should belong to.

  • tjr101

    Apparently he’s ashamed of admitting he is a Gay Republican.

  • Fitz

    I don’t have a party to affiliate with. I am not a self hating homo who accepts less-than status. And I am not an abused wife who will take the lesser of two evils. So who the heck is there?

  • Brutus

    @ake: Why? I distrust the “free” market and think social services are a good thing.

  • the crustybastard

    Putting aside the astonishingly poor way he presents himself, like some mumbling, rambling homeless guy who found a pair of designer frames in a dumpster…

    Sully thinks our choice is the party that represents “the least worst option,” and advises us to side with the party who is the “least hostile”?

    Good god. How dim and pathetic.

    There is a party that endorses full LGBT equality. If you think Democrats didn’t earn your vote, rub your big Green vote in their stupid faces.

  • Casey

    The Green Party is who I will be voting for.

    Aside from social issues the difference between the Reps and the Dems is so tiny, that the US is basically a 1 party system.

    Both the Dems and the Reps are pathetic and useless.

  • robert in nyc

    Sullivan is delusional. I just don’t see the GOP supporting full equality in any way, shape or form. Everyone of them voted against repeal of DADT recently and the overwhelming majority oppose same-sex marriage as well as ENDA, they’ve made that quite clear. Though I applaud the Log Cabiners bringing a suit to overturn it, they still support a party that doesn’t support [them]. How on earth do they think they can change their party from within? Has the GOP authored any equality bills? If not, why would the Log Cabin group they think the party will change?

    Ake, No. 4….one of the Libertarian tenets is that government should be removed from marriage. I dono’t see how that could happen. How would gay couples or straight couples for that matter get access to the 1100 plus benefits that come only at the federal level and over 400 at the state? I’m a Green, the first party to endorse marriage equality but we can’t even get enough votes to pass the primaries, neither will the Libertarians. Its rigged against us and few politicians worth their salt are going to stick their necks out to make that a campaign issue, at least not for the presidency. Its political suicide and they’re not that progressive anyway.

  • Cam


    You absolutly nailed it.

  • Fitz

    No. 11 · Cam


    You absolutly nailed it.”

    Did I have a good time? Did I leave my watch there? Sorry- getting older, I need a little assist here and there, ha ha.

  • gym bunny

    damn – I was guessing Sully was pushing for a free all you can eat buffet

  • Evji108

    Is he the one who picketed the all-you-can-eat-fish-buffet for refusing service when they started running out of fish after he ate 24 pieces?

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