Andy Cohen Isn’t “Banging” Sean Avery, But He Wishes He Were

Andy Cohen was finally confronted about his “engagement” to former hockey stud and LGBT ally Sean Avery this week.

The pair’s bromance sparked rumors on a website designed by the ghost of Geocities earlier this month because, you know, gay men and straight men can’t just be friends. According to flimsy reports, an Instagram photo of the two men at the beach confirmed their “secret engagement.”

Last night, a TMZ cameraman caught Cohen on the streets of New York and congratulated him on the recent “engagement.” The Bravo brainchild was not having it.

“Sean Avery is STRAIGHT. Do you understand that?”, he said. “So a gay guy and a straight guy should be able to be friends.”

Then, as if to confirm the reason why TMZ photographers think gay men and straight men cannot just be friends, Cohen added “Listen, I’d be happy if Sean and I were banging’ … but it’s not [happening].” Maybe now that Sean finally knows how his man pal feels, it will!


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  • erikwm

    I don’t know who Andy Cohen is, but I do know Sean Avery, and that picture does seem to suggest a relationship beyond friendship. Why are they wrapped together in an American flag? It’s an intimate pose.

    Also, If my stomach looked like Andy Cohen’s, I would never take my shirt off at the beach. His navel is a black hole. Not sexy.

  • Libert

    yes i agree with u Andy Cohen!! Because i am a gay male & i have a lot of straight guy friends dat love me for me!!

  • Elloreigh

    @erikwm: Ridiculous.Intimate does not equal a romantic or sexual relationship. I don’t see anything in this photo that suggests a relationship beyond friendship. If someone else does, I suggest they take off the gay-colored lenses and pop a reality pill.

  • Dxley

    Who gives a fuck? It’s not like anybody wishes for them to be together because they’re so incompatible. I still heavily doubt this Sean Avery being straight thing. He sounds deep in the closet but it remains his choice whether he discloses it to the public or not. I have a lot of straight guy friends and I find none attractive, maybe for the fact that they’re straight and all don’t know anything on how to please a man because all they know is sticking it in and humping until they blow up. Andy Cohen just grosses me out. He always goes for anyone at least 15 years younger and he’s just a fucked up queen. That’s why he’s the only one who remains single while Anderson Cooper sleeps in sexy Ben’s arms every day and eats that sexy thing. Don’t worry, Andy. You’ll get a boyfriend, on the 31st of Never!

  • robho3

    I find Andy Cohen irritating

  • middleagespread

    A lot of negativity for Andy. Good for him to have friends that like him. Wish my circle of friends allowed me to be involced in all the cool kid stuff. To be young in this day and age! Not many people were that great to those of us that grew up in small town USA in the 70’s

  • fredo777

    I love Andy + (unless something drastic changes in the future) probably always will. As for Sean, I agree with Cohen. I wish he + I were banging, too. lol

  • scotshot

    @erikwm: Cohen is in his 40’s. Big deal. He earns millions yearly. How much are you worth?

  • ncman

    This story was 1st reported a week or so ago. And, if there was any confusion as to whether these two are engaged or not, the confusion was vaused by the two of them not answering the question honestly then.

    When asked, Cohen answered that the questioner should ask Sean Avery. Then when asking Avery, he confirmed the engagement.

    So, now Cohen acts all outraged that anyone would think the two of them are together when it was the two of them that didn’t deny it 2 weeks ago and actually confirmed it. What did he expect?????

  • hatethegame

    @Dxley: To be fair a lot of GAY guys “stick it in and hump it until they blow up” and vice verse

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