Another Day, Another Antigay Lawmaker Caught On Grindr

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 11.06.40 AMAn antigay lawmaker has just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Rep. Randy Boehning (pictured), a 52-year-old Republican legislator from Fargo, N.D. who has actively worked against extending equal rights for gay people, has been outed for having a Grindr profile.

21-year-old Dustin Smith of Bismarck, N.D. exposed the lawmaker after Boehning voted against Senate Bill 2279, which would have granted LGBT people legal protections against discrimination.

“How can you discriminate against the person you’re trying to pick up?” he said in an interview.

Boehning’s screen name? Top Man!

Smith said that Boehning, er, Top Man! sent him raunchy messages as well as an unsolicited photo of his penis in the early morning hours of March 12.

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Boehning, who is single, initially declined to comment on whether he was, in fact, Top Man! But on Saturday he confirmed everything.

He called sending the x-rated photo a “lapse in judgement” before adding, “That’s what gay guys do on gay sites, don’t they? That’s how things happen on Grindr. It’s a gay chat site. It’s not the first thing you do on that site. That’s what we do, exchange pics on the site.”

Boehning went on to say that he voted against the bill because he didn’t believe his constituents would support it.

In other words: He’s more concerned about his career than his community.

As for being outed, Boehning says, “The 1,000-pound gorilla has been lifted. I have to confront it at some point.”

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h/t: Inforum