Another video of Trump being a total a-hole, shoving a Prime Minister out of his way for photo op

There is nothing Donald Trump won’t do to be the center of attention… including shoving another world leader out of the way so that he can occupy the prime real estate of a photograph.

And at the brand-new NATO headquarters in Brussels today, he did just that.

Cameras caught Trump literally shoving Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro out of his way, then cockily adjusting his suit as he planted himself in the front of the group for a photo opp:

Here it is again in slow motion:

It was Trump’s first NATO summit, where he met with 27 other members of the military alliance.

Yes, NATO is the same alliance he spent all of 2016 badmouthing. And no, the other members did not forget what he said about them while he was on the campaign trail.

According to the Washington Postthe European leaders “gazed unsmilingly” at Trump while he gave a speech. Afterwards, he “was left largely on his own after the speech as leaders mingled and laughed with each other, leaving the U.S. president to stand silently on a stage.”

Let’s take a look at how Twitter has been responding to the shove…

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