Antigay Politician Caught In Sex Scandal Can’t Stop Talking In Circles, Refuses To Resign


The strange tale of Bill Kintner continues.

Here’s what we already knew: He doesn’t want gay people to get married or adopt, for trans people to have any rights at all, and for queers to be served by businesses. And he also enjoys a good Skype jackoff session on his state-issued computer with women he just met.

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The details are vague and a little contradictory, so it’s hard to know who to believe, but this is what we’ve learned from the Senator so far… According to one account, he met a nice lady on a trip in July of last year. But according to another, she pursued him on Facebook. Either way, they soon found themselves engaging in what he calls “cybersex via her invitation over Skype.”

Note how he’s careful to insert “at her invitation” into his explanation! As if he simply had no choice. A lady invited him to jerk off on camera, it would be rude to refuse!

Anyway, after their fun sexy times, someone said told him they’d recorded the session and were going to bribe him. Their price: $4,500. (That seems low! Must not have been a great cam session.) Bill was having none of that, so he went to the police. The cops investigated, and it looks like the extortionists are overseas and there’s not a lot that they can do to bring them to justice.

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But now the governor of Nebraska’s called for Bill’s resignation. That’s a good call, but for the wrong reasons. Bill should resign because he’s a homophobic monster, not because he fooled around with a lady online.

Yes, he’s married, and the whole situation probably sucks for his wife (who, incidentally, is an advisor to the governor). But even if he cheated on his wife (and we don’t know, maybe they have an open relationship) that’s no reason to disqualify him for office.

Kick him out for being opposed to basic civil rights for LGBTs. Kick him out for being careless about his digital security. Kick him out for his ludicrously messianic statement that he must remain in office because “I am right where God wants me to be.”

But don’t kick him out for sending sexy videos on the internet. If that’s the policy, none of us would ever have jobs.

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