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Are Cheyenne Jackson + Michael Urie Collaborating On Everything Now?

First they’re teaming up to beat down on Newsweek‘s Ramin Setoodeh, and now they’re reading lines together straight from the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial, which is so gonna become the gay Vagina Monologues.

It’s all part of the Courage Campaign’s celebrification of the on-going trial. Lots more here.

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  • Henry Gerber


  • Henry Gerber

    Great to see Jackson and Urie in almost anything BUT this wouldn’t qualify even if they were doing it in the nude while Neil Patrick Harris sang show tunes.

    Three cheers for their wanting to help advance marriage equality but this is the perfect example of good intention not looking before it leaps, of assuming “activists” can consistently be trusted to use your gifts and your time intelligently. There is a time when Stupid must be called out, and I’ve seen no stupider idea in a long time than imagining that re-enacting the trial, which started understandably enough because cameras were barred in the courtroom, can be a vehicle for “education.”

    Was there courtroom oratory, fireworks, that I’ve failed to read about that would create the kind of drama anyone NOT ALREADY PRO MARRIAGE EQUALITY would stop for five seconds to pay attention to? And Reliably Pompous & More Liberated Than Thou On Cue Cleve Jones has given it HIS holy blessing and will be descending from his Palm Springs throne at some San Francisco event to kick off the project for some huddled mIsses yearning to be bored? Why not just shoot everyone in the world with tranquilizer darts?

    Courage Campaign posited themselves as people whose fresh ideas would make up for the failures of existing calcified gay orgs….something we genuinely needed and still do. But more often that not they’ve confused self-satisfying self-righteousness and circle jerks for courage and actually creating change. HRC uses celebrities to attract people to their expensive, self-perpetuating dinners. Courage Campaign is using celebrities to attract people to an idea that they imagine is thinking “outside the box,” but they’re simply out of of their minds to fantasize that juxtaposing the concept of “guerilla theatre” with “trial reenactment” accomplishes anything other than putting the moron in oxymoron.

  • Petrov

    3 cheers for these actors getting involved. Think I’ll wait for the movie, though. Hope there’s a happy ending.

  • EdWoody

    I hope they’re doing each other up the chuff.

  • Greg from Denver

    I don’t agree with Mr. Gerber. I’ve got a really bad internet connection which means it took close to an hour to download 14 minutes of video. But I thought the testimony was good and I’m glad I watched it. I’m glad this is being made available.

    I do agree that it doesn’t make for the most riveting of experiences, (I probably wont put in three hours to see the other three pieces). It does give us a glimpse into what the court is hearing. I would like to see the pieces edited for a documentary that would tell the story in a more concise manner. Until then this is better than nothing and right now that is the alternative. If you thought this was dry watching imagine how dry it would be reading.

    Even if the majority off people watching are already pro marriage equaliity, I think it helps us clarify our reasoning and arguments when we explain the issue to the other people in our own lives.

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