Are Men Opting For High Heels Instead Of Full Drag? The Times Thinks So

Last week as we changing at the gym we noticed a fetching lad buttoning up his dress shirt in front of the locker-room mirror. His fair was flawless; his overall look very Hedi Slimane. But there was something off—he was too tall for his frame. We looked down and realized he was wearing a killer pair of black women’s heels. We chalked it up to him being an eccentric, but a recent article in the New York Times‘ Style section suggests this is part of a burgeoning trend—at least in Los Angeles, where more than a dozen fellows in Ferragamos or Fendis can be found at Mr. Black in Hollywood.

Has the Sex And The City-induced obsession with Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks finally gotten its claws into gay men who otherwise have no interest in wearing women’s clothing?

Mr. Black promoter Luke Nero tells reporter Tricia Romano, “I went to a loft party yesterday, and there was a guy in normal shorts, normal tank and really hot red pumps. That’s it! Everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, I love those shoes!’”

Perhaps the most famous high-heel homo is hairstylist Derek J, who matched women’s pumps with jeans and a sweater on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2009, “the same year that the designer Rad Hourani sent male models down the runway in boot heels,” Romano points out.

We can see this really taking off in Los Angeles, where nobody walks farther than the distance from the door to the car. But unlike, women, New York homos  are hardly willing to suffer for fashion.

But what do we know—we’re still wearing Keds.


Image via Lisa Norwood



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  • One of the CA 36,000

    I live and work in the LA metro area– well, work. I live in Long Beach.

    However, I call BULLSH!T on this latest bit of typing by the style mavens in the New YOrk Times.

    Some gay boys like to play the “genderf!ck” card, and good for them (Raja, grrl, I’m lookin’ at your fierceness!). But it’s NOT some kind of new trend gaining in popularity among the guys in this part of the US.

    No matter how shapely our gams look in stilettos.

  • Tigris

    And gay guys wonder why they aren’t getting laid.

  • christopher di spirito

    As usual, the celebrated New York Times is just plain, full of shit.

  • JayKay


  • tiresias

    “But unlike, women, New York homos are hardly willing to suffer for fashion.” wow, sort your comma usage out.

  • Chris

    I’d prefer equality in not wearing painful and impractical clothing.

  • CaliberGuy

    I don’t get that, definitely don’t see it in my neck of the woods, short of things like women’s abuse awareness and women’s issues type events where straight guys will done them to bring attention to what ever the cause is.

    I don’t care if it ever became that popular I value comfort and not braking my ankle more then fashion. (I have enough trouble with my ankles giving out in just normal sneakers)

  • Joe

    July 4th…Ptown…tea dance primetime…drop dead gorgeous, tall, blue-eyed blond…shirtless, shorts and red stilettos.. Now I finally understand.

  • tallest

    lol, I love heels. My 6 foot frame in high heels is amazing:)Gonna buy myself a proper pair of hooker boots when I get the moneys.

  • mike128

    I live in NYC and have not seen this trend anywhere. Heels are the last thing I suggest anyone wear. They can be amazing to look at – but they are hell on your body if you walk in them too often.

  • Marcus

    I don’t know, I wanna say it would be fun but something about men in heels just looks off to me. The lines don’t work the same. Might have to do with the calves.

  • Martin

    I saw a few guys regularly wearing these on the Minneapolis gay scene, and I thought it looked awesome. They weren’t the super feminine style heels like you see in S&TC they were more butch and looked fantastic and they pulled them off. Think the two guys in the NYT article did as well. Think its a very niche trend but worn right they don’t give up any masculinity for style effect in my opinion.

  • iDavid

    Insecure ho’s pump’n for attention. In our culture war climate, dats begg’n for a violent kind of attention. But queers are smart, mmm, and sometimes not.

  • stephen

    Men in heels…..HOT!!!

  • stephen

    Men in heels…..HOT!

  • hf2hvit

    @stephen: “Men in heels…..HOT!” … NOT!!!

  • Mav

    I don’t know how they do it in LA, but in AL, a guy in heels is asking for an ass-kicking.

    But who’s asking me? I’m one of those “comfortable shoe” wearing queers. If they are comfortable shoes that also happen to be in tangerine, canary and robin’s egg, so much the better.

  • ian

    I had a friend who liked to wear heels some 30 years ago now. No drag, he was very preppy, dressed in button downs and chino’s with heels. He looked quite fetching actually. He was pushing boundaries for sure, since that was in Phoenix AZ not NYC.

    I have to agree with the nay-sayers however. This is not a trend, just a few who think it’s fun and attention getting. I suppose there will be some who jump on the bandwagon. There are always followers, but not enough to launch a real trend. I think the NY Times just needed to fill space.

  • Dacey

    Whether men like women’s fashion of high heels or there may be some other reason that of course nobody know even i don’t also know.But whatever the reason behind it i will say that they all look funny

  • anon

    It’s not a trend, it’s just a clique of idiot unemployed cokeheads at Mr Blacks. It’s pathetic, not posh.

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