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Are These Fictional Soap Opera Soccer Players Portraying the Real Life Sex Lives of Pros?

Do you watch Argentinian television? Congratulations, you’re already more qualified to write this post than I am! But I do know a little something about watching TV shows about cute guys in the locker room, and everybody knows something about soccer thanks to the World Cup, so at least pretend to pay attention?

Botineras, the Argentinian soap opera, features teammates Manuel and Lalo (played by the straight actors Cristiano Sancho and Ezequiel Castaño), who are falling for each other! Hotness, right? Except, as if this were an episode of Law & Order, the peanut gallery (read: viewers) are thinking the plot line might be mirroring some real life antics of actual pro soccer players. Escándalo! Relays Rumor Rat:

Soccer legend and Argentina World Cup coach Diego Maradona even went on the defensive after rumors that his PDAs with team-members amounted to more than just a physical expression of encouragement and congratulations.

“No I have not gone limp-wristed,” Maradona homophobically told the press after one of his team’s World Cup wins. “But I like to acknowledge and congratulate my players when they play as well as they did today. That was a pleasing result and display. It was a job well done.”

Oh, it also gets hotter. These scenes aired a couple months ago on Argentinian television, but they’re still fresh while we’re still discussing the World Cup, yes?

This one pretty much sums up their relationship’s development:

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  • Magmo

    Perhaps I need to start watching Argentinian soap operas…

  • scott ny'er

    Ummm. Wow.

    I did not think that Argentina was ok with gays.

  • Tallskin

    Hmmm, horny and moving and sweet all the same time

    Argentina has been moving in this direction for a while now. From a deeply reactionary and macho culture for so long, then suddenly WHOOOMP it’s gay friendly!

    Most ‘western’ countries are moving in this same direction, unless religion interferes. Sky pixie cults tell believers that being nasty to gays, well that being nasty generally, is ok and Holy.

    Luckilly, despite Argentina being a largely catholic country most people are ignoring the filthy christian cult.

  • L.

    @scott ny’er: Actually, Argentina’s House has approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and the Senate is, hopefully, next, so it may well find itself well ahead of the US and many Western nations.

  • Kieran

    We could NEVER show anything like this on an American TV because, you know, it could turn American men queer by watching this kind of homoeroticism.

  • Xtian99

    ok I watched all 3 videos and am now …moving to AGRENTINA grab my bags bitch!

  • hephaestion

    Buenos Aires has legalized gay marriage, I hear.
    Plus Argentina’s favorite singer is a lesbian, right?
    And things have changed a great deal for the better for gays in neighboring Chile, Uruguay, & southern Brazil.

  • hephaestion

    Spain and Portugal have already legalized gay marriage… in spite of being overwhelmingly Catholic. I think that may have positively influenced South America.

    A number of large cities across South & Central America have already legalized gay marriage, though no entire nations there have yet. But Argentina may soon.

  • scott ny'er

    Makes note to self: must learn Spanish. And then move to some of the above mentioned countries.

    Argentina seems to have some of the hottest guys.

  • Scot

    These guys are hot and that jesus looking guy is hypnotic!
    I read somewhere that the mormon & catho-lick churches in Argentina are trying to do the same bullshit there that they did in California with prop 8. Let’s all pray that they fail miserably. (sorry. I couldn’t resist an ironic pun)
    Just where does one watch Argentinian television?

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