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Atlantis President: Arrested Men in Dominica Had Balcony Sex “In Full Public View of the Port and Town”

Rich Campbell, President of Atlantis Events, has issued a statement about the arrests of two men yesterday aboard an Atlantis-chartered cruise ship docked in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica. The men pleaded guilty today to charges of indecent exposure.

Campbell’s statement was posted to Atlantis’s Facebook page:

Please accept my apology for the late post, we have been at sea for the past 18 hours with limited internet access.

We appreciate the comments on this board regarding the incident in Dominica yesterday, but would sincerely ask that most of you get the facts correct before condemning Atlantis or Dominica for what happened. Here are the facts:

Yesterday morning around 9:30 am two of our guests were seen engaging in a sexual act outdoors on their balcony in full public view of the port and town. Not only did many of the residents witness the act, several of our guests saw this incident as well. The local authorities responded to a complaint by several residents. The two gentlemen were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of public indecency and detained overnight. They appeared in front of the local magistrate this morning, paid a small fine, and were released in full.

Please understand that the complaint and subsequent arrests had nothing to do with the guests’ sexual orientation, nor was any “anti-gay” law invoked. These guests were engaged in behavior that is inappropriate in any port of call, or major city for that matter.

The guests were never left on their own. We had both representatives from Atlantis and Celebrity cruises with them at all times during their ordeal and had our local representatives look after them last night. Furthermore, we worked closely with the US Embassy in Barbados to assure that their safety was always being monitored.

Atlantis had 2000 guests in port yesterday in Dominica and most of them had an outstanding time visiting the country. Celebrity Cruises has been extremely supportive, working with Atlantis to insure these guests’ safety and security despite their detention in Dominica. We commend them for their unwavering support through this incident.

In court today, reports Dominica News Online, the men (43-year-old Dennis Jay Mayer and 41-year-old John Robert Hart, both of California) claimed they weren’t actually having sex, but they did admit to public balcony nakedness.

“They were struck by the beautiful mountains, clear fresh water and beauty of the island,” their defense lawyer told the court, “and they also had a few cocktails, and so threw caution to the wind. They came here for a good time and did not mean to offend the laws of the country.”

After being chided as “rogues” and “vagabonds” by the judge, the men were each fined EC $2400, or about US $890. Considering they nearly faced charges for buggery (Dominican-speak for sodomy), which could have carried prison sentences of up to ten years, the men should probably be counting their blessings.

“They could have been charged with buggery,” Dominican Police Chief Cyril Carette said earlier today, “but because it is a very long process, we decided that it was in our best interest to deal expeditiously with the issue and get the individuals out of our island as quickly as possible.”


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  • yaoming

    These were no “gentlemen”.

  • marksdn

    I dont’ know… did anyone actully get pictures of this alleged “act”? Some one had to have a camera or a cellphone camera…

  • cdinsf

    Gays have been throwing caution to the wind since the beginning of time, but we are rarely “vagabonds”!!

  • MBear

    Yeah, and there’s no nudity at Carnival. Sure.
    I call shenanigans

  • Sam

    2000 passengers, lots of outraged locals & not a single photo or video of the event. In the meantime, the guys names, their city, state & their mug shots have been posted all over the internet. This will be a memorable vacation for them.

  • QJ201

    Good thing the local cops didn’t check out the steam room. A friend of mine went on an gay cruise and practically lived in the steam room for the entire trip. No tan, but soft skin.

  • Atlantis is a scam

    This is a cruise line that promotes itself as an easy hookup spot, a place to have lots and lots of hot gay action, now throwing their customers to the wolves, and with little to no regard for their customers’ well-being.

    Further, the fact that the press release was issued before the accused could return home, after being “convicted” in a kangaroo court with no presumption of innocence and no assigned legal representation, under threat of further imprisonment if they didn’t plead “guilty,” makes this whole thing smell even worse.

    Atlantis is a company that sells overpriced cruise tickets to gay men who don’t know any better, promising an awesome gay experience while sailing to third world places where you’re in danger of being assaulted, persecuted or even killed for your sexual orientation.

    Their sex-promising advertising asks “do you cruise?” You’d better not on board one of their ships.

  • lika

    @Sam: why do you need video or stills of the event, you pervert! the guys pled guilty. this is what happens when you do illicit and illegal things and you get caught. i’m sure illicit activites are rampant, both on gay and straight cruises, but they got caught and got caught big time for acting like shitty, privileged teenagers. Last time I checked, public sex is also illegal in most of the world. I’m all about public sex, but doing it indiscreetly on a balcony giving a show to the locals, seriously? I mean, why not do on the other side of the ship, away from land’s witnesses? you get the cheap thrills of public sex and the danger of being caught without the whole public shaming and reputation-tarnishing media take out because of unforgiving and homophobic locals.

  • the crustybastard

    A gay cruise to a destination where gay sex can mean prison for a decade.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Atlantis is a scam

    “the guys pled guilty”

    More than likely, they were told to “plead guilty” to the misdemeanor charges, or face “buggery” charges that included prison time.

    In a lawless, homophobic society with kangaroo courts and a broken justice system, the “plea” means nothing at all.

    And there was no sex. Metroweekly has confirmed with the accused individuals that all they were doing was standing unclothed on their balcony. Considering that Atlantis Cruises are promoted as “clothing optional” on many tourism web sites, that’s to be expected.

    I suspect Atlantis rushed out their CYA press release to influence the dialogue prior to the return of these men to the USA (where they can tell their story without threat of third-world “justice.”)

  • Mikel D McGrew

    Surely these men had cabins where they could have done whatever they wanted in private. Anyone who drinks more than he should and then throws caution to the winds and ends up naked in public, deserves what he gets – Isn’t that what happened to Jason Russell? Fair is fair and you stay out of trouble in the Dominican Republic they same way you do in San Diego – by not being an ass!

  • robco

    This is why I avoid the Carribean. This is not a region that is friendly toward the LGBT community. I’d rather not go an spend my money there. There are a few places that are OK, but that is because they are overseas territories of other nations who require having anti-discrmination laws on the books. I’d rather go somewhere my patronage is appreciated and where I am considered a human being.

  • Sam

    @Ilka You crack me up. I’m looking for photo evidence not cheap thrills. The men said they weren’t having sex & apparently it wasn’t easily proved because the island dropped the buggery (you know sodomy) charge. They pled guilty to public nudity, which probably anyone would do to get the hell out of that homophobia land.

    Save your outrage. On the Dominica newsite website the people were all crowing about if it was two girls would they have called the police and they said no they’d join in. So it’s very clear, unlike Rich & the cruiseline statement, there was a lot of homophobia involved.

  • Atlantis is a scam

    “naked in public”

    Naked on a private balcony, a quarter mile from the shore, is not “naked in public.” Sorry.

    “there was a lot of homophobia involved”

    Of course there was.

    More than likely, the two men were threatened by the magistrate — who insulted them personally — with dire consequences including torture and prison terms if they didn’t plead guilty to a lesser charge and leave immediately.

    This is a country that punishes consensual sex between two adults of the same gender inside their own rooms with 10 year prison sentences. That Atlantis Events would choose to send a boat full of gay men on an explicitly sexual gay cruise shows a complete lack of basic fiduciary concern for their well-being.

    The defense that “you should do your research before you go” is pretty weak when one considers the sexed-up advertising (complete with “Do you cruise” tagline) that this unethical company puts in the back pages of gay periodicals next to the porn ads. Any reasonable person would have the expectation that a gay cruise filled with sexy events would not expose any of its clientele to a legal environment where a kiss on the balcony or sex in their private cabin could lead to a decade-long prison term.

  • homer


  • NovaNardis

    Even if they were simply naked on the balcony — and people saw them — that is indecent exposure. That’s what they admitted and plead to. There’s not civil rights case here, since they weren’t charged with buggery.

  • lika

    @Atlantis is a scam: did the rest of 1,998 gay men on board compel the captain of the boat to leave the island immediately because of its virulently homophobic locals who can be seen with pitchforks and torches at the port? the only thing missing from your kangaroo courts of third world justice system is the word “savages.” did you intentionally stop short of using the word? let’s not be too rushed to judge everyone in the country due to an antiquated law still on the books. It wasn’t till 2003 that sodomy laws were, supposedly (some states still is holding on to it) struck down in this country.

  • Atlantis is a scam

    “let’s not be too rushed to judge everyone in the country due to an antiquated law still on the books.”

    That “antiquated law” dates from 1998, but let’s not allow facts to get in the way of a good homophobic rant, shall we?

  • Atlantis is a scam

    “Even if they were simply naked on the balcony — and people saw them — that is indecent exposure.”

    Looking at photos of the distance from the dock/town to the ship, one would have needed high-powered binoculars to tell that the little peach-colored dots were people — let alone determine if someone was naked.

    And again, what is a “clothing optional” gay cruise line doing docking at a country where being “clothing optional” on the ship could land one with a charge of “buggery” — with mandatory 10 year prison sentence?

    This isn’t some prudish organization. It’s a company that advertises an openly sexual environment on board its ships, next to the porn ads in the back of gay magazines. What is it doing docking in a country where the very thing it advertises as providing could land someone in prison?

  • Sam

    The whole public nudity charge wouldn’t have happened except the locals were so amazed to see a cruise ship full of only men. The homophobes started gathering around the ship looking for something to complain about & these men gave them the show they were looking for. This was no accidental viewing of two men. So the Atlantis statement is amazing trying to say this had nothing to do with the men being gay. What fool is going to believe that. Also they didn’t hesitate to throw their passenger under the bus not even waiting for the men to tell their side of the story. If you go on their cruise you can see what kind of support you’re going to get.

  • Spike

    Its and older/younger couple from Palm Springs.

    For christ sake, the upper deck front of the ship is referred to as NAKED BEACH when at sea for a reason.

    These guys used really really really bad judgement and there were consequences. Had the ship been docked in San Pedro and did the same thing, there would be similar consequences.

    Tourists, gay or str8t, need to respect the laws and customs of the places they visit. Done, end of story. This was not Dominica hating on the gays, this was two gays that thought they were being wild/crazy and now humiliated. Palm Springs is a very small town, everyone there already knows who they are and their face book pics are quickly going gay viral.

  • matt

    @lika: Only a few states still had the anti-gay laws on the books in 2003 and they had been basically unenforced for a while for consenting adults in private. In fact part of the reason why it took so long to strike them down is that it became difficult to find an appropriate test case, the Lawrence v Texas case was a very unusual occurrence. Not only does Dominica still have the buggery law on the books but the penalty is very harsh and I have found data saying that they still enforce it.

  • Sam

    Well the story is that Atlantis has a 3 year contract that obligates them to stop at weekly basis at Dominica during season. That’s probably why they were so quick to throw these men under the bus and assure their passengers nothing to see here. No homophobia even though the country has these antiquated laws.

  • NG

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Atlantis visits St. Petersburg Russia this summer with their new anti-gay laws recently enacted that make it a crime to promote homosexuallity just by holding hands or wearing rainbow pride items.

  • Schlukitz

    Now, where is B when it comes to making an important contribution to this ever-evolving story?

  • Tim

    I don’t understand how the local police were allowed to board the ship to arrest the men, and how they knew which stateroom was theirs, then got the crew to let them into the room. Or, how they were able to identify the men once they left the ship. None of this is addressed in the press release. This really changes my opinion of Atlantis: I’ve never been on one of their cruises, but I considered it. Now, I definitely will not. They seem completely inept and amoral.

  • Webb

    Cruises have always been for tacky people, either gay or straight. Now cruises are dangerous. LOL

  • Clockwork

    Tim, I was wondering the same.
    Atlantis just let’s local cops come onto a ship and make arrests?

    No way I’m getting on that boat.
    I don’t think that is the normal policy of other cruise lines.

  • CaliberGuy

    The same way that an ship from overseas can be bored and people on board arrested for violating laws in the US, once you are in a country’s waters you are obliged to fallow their laws, and to allow their law enforcement officials on the ship. Legally the curse line has no legal leg to stand on to refuse law enforcement to carry out their duties.

    Their is a reason that when you travel not matter gay or straight over seas/ out of country it is a good idea to know/have an understanding of the local laws and customs and to fallow them. They engaged ether way (whether it was sex or public nudity) that is illegal in just about every country and city/town around the world, they got caught and punished end of story and lesson learned.

  • Schlukitz


    Where were you when English 101 was in session? I counted at lease 7 spelling errors in your text. We won’t even go into the issue of sentence structure and grammar.

    That aside, you said: “They engaged ether way (whether it was sex or public nudity) that is illegal in just about every country and city/town around the world, they got caught and punished.”

    I only heard about their being caught being nude and being charged with public indecency. There was no substantiation for the original charge of “Buggery”. They were fined and released by the authorities.

    Would you mind providing some documentation as to all the other countries, cities and towns in which they allegedly engaged in sex or public nudity?

    Inquiring minds need to know.

  • Schlukitz


    Typo correction:

    “Lease” should be “least”

  • Seaguy

    Residents with eagle eyes or binoculars!

  • Schlukitz


    It was reported on another blog site that the distance between the birthed ship and land was some 345 feet.

    Unless someone had eagle eyes, that would have made binoculars absolutely necessary for someone on shore to see what was going on aboard the ship, especially since the original charge was “Buggery”

    Either that, or the one performing the buggery had a world-record-shattering dong that could be easily seen from that distance without the use of magnification. LOL

  • Farquart

    Throw ’em overboard!

  • Atlantis is a scam

    Here’s a photo of the dock in question, as it appeared from the cruise ship. Note that distance. It’s impossible for someone in the town to see *anything* — even full-bore sex on the balcony — from that distance.

    You’d need high-powered binoculars.

    Take a look at the balconies on the buildings. Consider that a tall man will be perhaps 2/3 the height of that balcony. Now honestly tell me that you’d be able to see whether someone was naked or merely in a g-string.

    You can’t.

  • B

    Re Mo 33: Queerty’s picture shows about one cruise-ship width between the edge of the ship and the shore, with a dock in between. You can probably walk out on the dock
    towards the ship. so the distance is probably way less than 345 feet. Also, I tried a google search and when I added “345” to the search, I started to get phone numbers and street addresses. If there was a distance on Atlantis’ facebook page, I didn’t see it: without a facebook account, I can’t download the page and I won’t set up an account because I refuse to do any business with that company (facebook).

    The problem is that, as you get closer, you end up looking up more than sideways. You’d think these balconies would be at least waist height and solid so that someone who slipped wouldn’t go overboard. I’m not sure how anyone close enough to spot these guys would see anything below the waist. I can believe that they would see a couple kissing or hugging, with anything else being left to the imagination.

  • Eddie

    If you like to be completely naked and have sex in public, please don’t come here in the third world because pleople feel outraged with this behavior here. We hope other people with a more sane mentality will visit our countries and they will be welcome. We don’t want you or your money because that costs our dignity. We learned with our parents to have a more civilized manners and we appreciate other standards than debauchery. We didn’t grow up seeing such things here. If you are a first world citizen you must be learned about how to present yourself in public. Please don’t come to the third world thinking these lands are o huge brothel. There are families in our countries and I think it isn’t fair change our dignity for your money. Even the cheapest prostitute here will be ashamed to do such things in public. If you desagree, if you don’t approve what I wrote, please stay in your homeland. ( Pardon my English ).

  • B

    No. 35 · Atlantis is a scam [Different person #1 using similar name] wrote, “Here’s a photo of the dock in question, as it appeared from the cruise ship. Note that distance. It’s impossible for someone in the town to see *anything* — even full-bore sex on the balcony — from that distance. has a picture taken from shore of the ship in question. It appears that the railing for each balcony is made from some sort of transparent material. If you look closely, you can see one person standing on a balcony (fully clothed). You would clearly be able to tell that two people where pretty close to naked and next to each other. You might not be able to distinguish naked from wearing a g-string, but could tell if they were hugging.

    If the railing was not transparent, you would not have been able to see enough for the couple to get into trouble. The person who complained may have been closer to the ship than from where the picture was taken. This would make the viewing angle worse except for the railing being transparent.

    One additional factor – locals had noted that only men were getting off the ship and a number of them had shown up to see what was going on.

  • Schlukitz


    Your English is forgivable.

    Your patently homophobic comments, on a gay site no less, are not!

    If we of the LGBT community are not welcome in your country, what makes you think that you would be welcome on a site dedicated to the LGBT community?

    So, why don’t you take your own advice and stay in your own “homeland”?

  • BECBrad


    Seriously? You want to go into the “manners and dignity” that third-world countries have? Sure, no public sex allowed; but go ahead and kill your 14-year old daughter for not going through with an arranged marriage with a 60-year old man. Oh, sorry. that’s not third-world — that’s your “culture.”


    Fair enough; the guys were irresponsible and your hands were “tied by local law.” Except for the fact that “local law” could easily be enforced at a whim by any local authority on any of the gay folks on/off the ship. And, that “local law” would be 10 years in prison (or some outrageous punishment) for being gay. It is your responsibility to protect your passengers and stopping at any country that that has such malicious anti-gay laws and “third-world” attitudes is clearly a complete failure on your part.

  • Schlukitz


    You are absolutely right. Atlantis acted very irresponsibly by placing their passengers in imminent danger and as their transporter, Atlantis is liable for any harm that comes to any of their passengers, for any reason whatsoever.

    The Atlantis memo from Rich Campbell was a disclaimer…a blow-off of any responsibility on their behalf by shifting the blame for their actions to the unfortunate men who were caught in the cross-hairs of an overzealous police department and out-moded, fractured justice system.

    America is a very litigous country, especially when it comes to public liability and I have no doubt that these two men will have absolutely no difficulty in finding a lawyer who will be only too happy to serve Atlantis with a huge liability suit for big bucks…and will probably even be happy to do it on a contingency basis.

    Sit back. Enjoy the show. The popcorn will be done if a jiffy. ;P

  • Eddie

    If to be a homophobic implies don’t admit sordid behavior…Yes, you can call me that way. But please stay home!

  • Eddie

    @BECBrad: Yes, you said ” manners and dignity “: If we have money we wouldn’t do a gay cruise to have sex in public. It’s disgusting.

  • Eddie

    @Schlukitz: Call me homophobic if it implies care about wath the society that you live in and wish to be included think about licentiousness,promiscuity, sordidness etc.

  • Khalil

    @Atlantis is a scam: Where did you get that stat from? The buggery laws in most English speaking Caribbean countries were established before the countries even became independent in the 1960’s some stem from before the turn of the century….

  • chuck

    Why all this self righteous talk about culture and society? And broken justice systems? There are no perfect societies anywhere… true you can get arrested in Dominica for being seen naked on a balcony with another man, but in Sanford Florida you can be legally killed for being a young Black man in a hoodie. I would take my chances in Dominica, thank you, at least I can hide being gay, I can’t hide being black.

  • ML

    If the passengers were indeed engaged in public sexual behavior or even nudity then I have little sympathy. They broke the law and should take responsibility for their actions. If they can afford the cruise, then they can afford the fine.

    But, Atlantis doesn’t get off the hook that easy. They heavily promote their cruises as hedonistic escapes so why would they put their passengers at risk by including an intolerant place like Dominica on the itinerary?!

  • richy

    I visited Dominica in December and the Jetty is more like only 100 ft long and there are many tourists and locals (including children)going about their business on the bay front

    To all the people trying to defend the actions of these two men…..I’m not sure if it’s more to do with Imperilism/Racism, because what you are saying is that Big Bad USA and it’s citizens can go to any tiny country and do what ever they like and get away with it .

    There are many LGBT people living in Dominica, just like everywhere else and I am sure the other passengers who didn’t decide to break the law would confirm that they had a great time and the locals were very welcoming and treated them in a friendly and respectfull manner.

    Just imagin if aDominican cruise ship full of Dominican decided to dock in US waters and have sex in full veiw of local families ……….would you still be defending them and using the same weak excuses?……..I didn’t think so.

  • JD

    There is blame to go around on both sides. The men shouldn’t have done it, period. That was bad judgement on their part even if it was just standing outside naked. The same behaviour would get them arrested in the U.S. And while it’s debatable whether Atlantis should be stopping in these ports, the way they responded is appaling. They put all the blame on their customers. Even if what they said was true, they should not have done it. Very unprofessional and it makes me think twice about ever going on an Atlantis vacation again. It’s not very comforting to know Atlantis will throw you under the bus in a second to protect themselves from liability.

  • richy

    @Schlukitz: Victims of “Over Zelous” police??? You couldn’t get a more laid-back and accepting society. Maybe some “Over Zelous” Rum drinking.

  • JR

    Queerty – Where on earth did you dig up that very old file photo of a ship that does not even sail anymore. The ship pictured is an old Royal Olympic ship and I’m not sure of what port is pictured here. If you expect people to make judgments about how far the ship was from land and who could see what, don’t you think you could provide proper photos of the scene of the “crime” so all your McGruff readers could sleuth the incident more accurately?

  • Callum

    I am bothered by a number of comments I have read above from well intentioned LBG men or women.

    To those who have said the arrests were not caused by homophobia or by a homophobic reaction please read the following, especially the comments by the mentally disturbed black bitch of a “Hair Braider”

    Quote: The bigot-indulging Dominica News Online (DNO) reports:

    Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen what they described as sexual activity taking place on the ship said to be carrying only male cruise passengers. One hair braider told DNO that she was “mentally disturbed, [this is the] first time I am seeing that in my life.”

    “It’s wrong, it’s dirty. They can’t do that so publicly. They need to respect us and our land,” another angry onlooker said.

    End Quote

    Reading the above quoted comments the arrest was obviously enhanced by homophobia.

    Secondly many have posted that nudity as such would be considered indecent at any civilized Port-Of-Call. Well, San Francisco is Very Civilized, easily on par with Paris, Madrid, Monaco, and London. In San Francisco such nudity would not be considered indecent. Visible nudity on-board boats in the harbor at Monaco is also not considered indecent.

    Also one must remember, the cruise was advertised as a clothing optional cruise.

    Atlantis may have a contract with Celebrity Cruises however Atlantis should re-think their attitude towards ports-of-call that have homophobic laws or attitudes.

    The president of Atlantis Events, Rich Campbell, told the Associated Press that the company would continue to visit Dominica in the future.

    “Many countries and municipalities that gay men visit and live in have antiquated laws on their books,” he said. “These statutes don’t pose a concern to us in planning a tourist visit.”

    Again I say Rich Campbell is wrong! If I hire a firm to take me on a gay cruise or gay safari, or simply to a gay day at a theme park, I want the trip to be done with people that are not homophobic and also to locations that are homo welcoming! If not, you don’t get my money. Atlantis will no longer get any of my money, nor my recommendation to fellow gay vacationers.

  • ousslander

    @Callum: I don’t see that as homophobic just not wanting to see public sex. I don’t want to see t people gay or straight having sex in public. Am i homophobic?

  • Schlukitz


    The fact is, the two men admitted to and were found guilty of public nudity, not having sex. And from a legal point of view, that is the only charge that you can accuse them of.

    Continuing to insist that the men were having sex, when the Dominica Magistrate found otherwise, is as disingenuous as continuing to accuse a man of murder when he was merely found guilty of assault.

    You were not there to see what happened with your own eyes, as is true for the majority of us posting here.

    You asked, “Am I homophobic?” If you feel compelled to continue propagating a story for which there is no photos and no legal proof, then I guess I would have to say, if the shoe fits, wear it.

  • Schlukitz


    World Net News, the National Organization For Marriage and the American Family Council, all of whom have been classified as anti-gay hate organizations by Southern Poverty Law Center, have all called to let me know that they have a seat reserved, especially for you, and that the coffee is on.

  • ML

    @Callum: It is disingenuous to suggest that San Francisco’s attitude toward public sex and nudity is representative of much of the world or of the US for that matter. In most places public sex and nudity will get you thrown in jail or fined at the very least. Those who engage in such behavior get off on the danger and occasionally get busted. Ask George Michael.

  • Wrongship

    How about using a picture of the actual ship, or at least one of any ship of that cruise line? The one you have pictured is the Semester At Sea ship, an educational exploration ship, which couldn’t be further from the crux of this story.

  • Schlukitz


    Thank you for posting that video, Sam.

    Now that the two men are safely back on US territory, I suspect that this will not be the last we hear about this unfortunate event.

  • KG

    @#23 Sam- There is NO way in HELL Atlantis had a contract to go into Dominica every week during season! Atlantis does 2 Caribbean cruises per YEAR – THEY do NOT have a contract for Dominica every week. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, from whom Atlantis Events chartered the ship MAY have such an agreement – however, an agreement such as that can be circumvented when there is a whole ship charter and at most the Cruise Line would pass on any “penatly” to the Charter Company (Atlantis in this case – who would pass it onto their guests) should the charter company choose to skip a regularly scheduled port. All of that would be part of the charter price negotiated between RCCL and Atlantis Events.

  • JD

    Where/when does Atlantis market their cruises as clothing-optional? I’ve been on 3 and never heard such a thing. While it wasn’t well enforced, I remember hearing the opposite – clothing was to be worn in all public areas. I personally was turned away from the dining room for having shorts on, not pants.

  • TJ

    Isn’t anyone going to comment on the fact that one of those queens claims to be “43”??
    Girl, who are you kidding… u havent seen 43 in at least 10 years..

  • Sam

    They got the age wrong in the story. I think that’s the retired policeman who’s really 53.

    @JD Then it sounds easy enough to remove Dominica as one of their stops. Other people have said they felt very uncomfortable when they were there–who goes on vacation to feel uncomfortable.

  • Sam

    Response was to KG not JD

  • TJ

    @ Sam… got it, I was going to call shenangins on the two of them only being 2 years apart.. 20 years seems a lot more reasonable

  • SamIAm

    I’m not saying their treatment was correct or that they even did this, but the idea that because Atlantis generally allows activity like this means that Dominica should is absurd. I would imagine there is nothing that says you are free to be on your balcony nude while in port. The idea anyone would think that is okay is absurd. It’s not okay to be naked in your car on a public street.

    Also, had a few drinks? At 9:30am? Sounds like a bunch of tina queens to me.

  • FunMe

    @Schlukitz: I hope there is a lawsuit!

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    Ironically, most of the people living on the island are cruise industry dependent, relying on drug dealing, prostitution, and gambling to pay their bills. The Carribean hasn’t seen nor heard of a “gentleman” in three hundred years, let alone raised one. They’re all too busy selling fat tourists their asses, shitty exstasy, any other shitty drug, and their sisters. But it’s TEH GAYZ, they’re the problem suddenly. I wouldn’t spend a dollar anywhere a Carribean national might get hold of it, it’s just really bad for business in the long run. Any business.

  • Edouard de Mas

    @Blah, bla..huh?: I second your motion.

  • Dame

    I don’t think people actually grasp the real issue here. Two men were FUCKING IN PUBLIC IN PLAIN SIGHT. Jesus Christ, people. I mean, wow….

  • Schlukitz


    It is really disingenuous of you and many other gay people to keep saying that the two men were having sex in plain sight, considering the fact that there has been no photos or empirical evidence presented to substantiate that charge. Nor, has one single person come forward to testify that they actually saw intercourse being performed aboard that ship.

    As a little background history on what is rapidly becoming a tired, dishonest, lack-of facts story, the Magistrate found them guilty of “Public Indency” (nakedness, if you will), which is NOT the same thing as having sex in plain sight. The court dropped the charge of “Buggery” because there was no proof forthcoming to substantiate it.

    As it was, the two men suffered jail conditions that I sincerely hope none of us ever have to endure. Aside from the humiliation and the ruination of their good previous reputations (they are not stimatized sex-offenders in the eyes of the law, they were each hi-jacked and ripped-off to the tune of $900. USD, a princely sum in a Third World, homophobic hell-hole like Dominica. Given the extreme poverty of that island nation, one can only wonder about whose pockets that money wound up in?

    Moralize about the decency of nakedness, if you must, but at least try to have an open mind and not attempt to re-try them in a self-righteous court of public opinion.

    Lord knows, we already have enough anti-gay adversaries who delight in doing just that. We as LBGT people do not need to hang our own brothers and sisters out on a fence in Oklahoma to appease them.

  • Schlukitz


    Typo Correction: “they are not stigmatized sex offenders” should read, “they are now stigmatized sex offenders”.

    A close parenthesis should also have been placed after “$900 USD” to set it apart from the rest of the sentence.

    If there are other typos or mistakes, I am certain that I will be notified accordingly…and quickly. LOL

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    All of the straight people who are playing slap and tickle in Carribean public places or have ever enjoyed a little nookie on the beach are blessed by Walmart Jeebus and the magistrates of the land that sells it’s citizens flesh by the hour? I think I got the gist of it now. Nude Evangelical cruises are next, and none of you queens better beat me to it. Working on the biz plan now, don’t even try it!

    Seriously though, anyone have some suggestions for porn selections to include in the pay-per-view included in the cabins? I know they’re Christians, (freaky porn addicts of the first order) but where does one get the marketing numbers for that kind of extreme kink? The mob?

  • i was on the cruise

    I have to shake my head reading most of these comments. You sound like a bunch of “know-it-alls”, but in reality you’re well short of the facts.

    1) I was just a few rooms away from the two guys that got arrested. My partner and I were also on our balcony enjoying the spectacular views of Dominica. The pier was very short, perhaps 50 yards at the most, and the town is literally at the foot of the pier. There were many locals at the end of the pier greeting Atlantis cruisers. You could plainly see all of them and they could plainly see all of us, without even squinting.

    2) Did you not see the part of the statement which said that many Atlantis guests also confirmed they were having sex on the balcony? I was on the ship. The Atlantis guests that saw it, saw it from the pier. It was obvious what they were doing. It was “in your face”. The question is not whether they were having sex, but why? Was it a case of “poor judgement” or a deliberate “in your face” middle finger to the Dominicans? That’s the question you all should be asking.

    3) Atlantis is not clothing optional. There is one small deck high up on the ship where nude sun bathing is allowed, but not while in port. Everywhere else on the ship, clothing is required. 3/4 of the guests are partnered/married and conduct themselves in a reasonable way.

    4) Atlantis does not have a “contract” with any islands anywhere. Their contract is a contract to charter with the cruise line of choice. However, they do design their own itineraries with the cruise ship operator. This cruise went to Grenada, Barbados, Dominica and St Barts. We had no problems at any of the islands and were warmly welcomed by the locals. They all knew we were gay but treated us with respect, even in Dominica. Guys who went on tours or excursions all came back saying they were treated very well. The only exception were those, including me and my partner, who simply wanted to wander around town that day. We weren’t off the ship 10 minutes before we could feel the “angry mob”. There were definitely a few thugs inciting the locals. Some of the lines I remember were “If that was us, we’d be arrested”, “that ship doesn’t belong here and should leave”. After that, we returned to the ship and spent the day at the pool.

    IMO, the real victims here aren’t the two individuals who got arrested. The victims were the locals who were disrespected, the Atlantis Events group who’s reputation gets tarnished by a bunch of assholes like those in the comments above who clearly don’t know what they’re talking about, the vast majority of Atlantis cruisers who’s days were negatively affected, and the entire gay community because we’re tarnished by events like this.

  • Schlukitz

    @Blah, bla..huh?:

    I could give Tony Soprano in Montclair, New Joisey a call if you’d like? ;P

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    Schluuuuki! You’re a shweethaaart, get the f outta here! I don’t want to corrupt anyone, you understand, but my CAPM budget forecast is shrinking quite nicely, it seems.

  • i was on the cruise

    @Atlantis is a scam:

    “lots and lots of hot gay action”? and “overpriced cruise tickets bought by gays who don’t know better”?

    Atlantis DOES NOT advertise itself that way. In fact, there is very little “hot gay action” on the cruise. If there was, I must have missed it. In fact, on this cruise there was even a guy who brought his mother and grandmother.

    And, Atlantis cruises are indeed more expensive, approximately 30% more than the same straight cruise. And, everyone that goes is fully aware of that because its a chartered cruise with a unique itinerary, its own lineup of entertainment, which, if you saw, you would realize costs a pretty penny. Get your facts straight before you spew your garbage.

  • Schlukitz

    @i was on the cruise:

    Own stock in Atlantis, do you?

    Or, perhaps you are a principal in the organization? You seem very invested in them.

    “a unique itinerary, its own lineup of entertainment, which, if you saw, you would realize costs a pretty penny.”

    Yeah. Right. Probably a bunch of tired drag queens no one ever heard of, charging Atlantis 30% more than a review done by well-known theatrical names on straight cruises.

    Give it a rest. Atlantis is not our savior or our guardian. No need to treat it as such.

    It’s a ship, just like any other cruise ship and the fat that it just so happens to be all Gay, does not mean that we should have to be penalized for it.

  • Schlukitz


    Typo: Fat should be fact.

  • i was on the cruise


    Stop propping up the straw men. The only thing I’m invested in is the truth. And, your comments, as well as several others belie a complete lack of the truth. I, my partner, and many others were also on our balconies that morning overlooking the pier. None of us were arrested, much less questioned or challenged. Maybe you can explain why that was the case?

    With respect to Atlantis, here’s the facts:

    1) At the beginning of the cruise, they said “keep it in your rooms”.
    2) In their daily handouts, they made it clear public nudity is only acceptable on the very top sun deck, and only while at sea.
    3) The night before landing in Dominica, they strongly urged people to take the excursions verses walking around town.

    Because the facts don’t fit your preferred narrative, doesn’t make me an Atlantis owner. It just makes me someone who stands up for the truth in the face of ridiculous spew.

  • Schlukitz

    @i was on the cruise:

    “The only thing I’m invested in is the truth.”

    There’s your side of the story.

    There’s my side of the story.

    And there is what actually happened.

    If you don’t mind being ripped-off, then it’s of no concern to me.

    It’s your gay money. Spend it as you like. ;P

    Happy sailing.

  • i was on the cruise


    LOL, “your side of the story” from how many thousand miles away? Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, just some are more informed than others. Have a great weekend :)

  • Shannon1981

    @i was on the cruise: The bottom line is that a gay cruise should not be going to places with those kinds of laws against homosexuals. Why are you defending it?

  • Shannon1981

    And are the two men still in that homophobic shithole, or were they allowed to return to the ship?

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    @Eddie: Are you sure I shouldn’t make yours? you seem rather uncomfortable, perhaps a few deep breaths and a summers eve?

  • Schlukitz


    If I were not a gentleman, I would be sorely tempted to tell you where to to go and what to do as well.

    Last I heard, freedom of speech is still alive and well in America.

    Get used to it.

  • ChknBisct


    “If I were not a gentleman, I would be sorely tempted to tell you where to to go and what to do as well.”

    How passive-aggressive of you? You basically just did without using the actual verbiage, which makes you more of a coward than a gentleman.

    ..And stop with the constant corrections of others (and your own) grammar and spelling. It’s a comment section of some paltry blog. It’s not that serious honey.

  • Schlukitz


    There. There.

    Are you feeling better now that you’ve gotten that off your chest?

  • Siddney1

    It is not very pleasant that Americans travel to countries and totally disrespect the law. I am not sure if public sex is acceptable in the United States Of America, but it is not acceptable in Dominica and the Caribbean, so don’t bring that here. Gay ships and tours have been coming to Dominica for may years and are very welcome, these reports are very bias and inaccurate, theses men were having sex on the balcony of the ship, facing inland. No one has even taken the time to apologize to the students, children, and people who were just working to feed their families, who had to see this sick exhibition. This is very personal to me, I worked in Dominica for three years, it is a very pleasant country, with beautiful rivers, and mountains. People in this country do not deserve to be called homophobic because of these two men, the public sex display was very distasteful. Regardless of being American and Gay, should not make people exempt from the Law.

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    @Siddney1: I’ll send you a flashlight, safety vest, and rape whistle and you can go enforce your finely honed sense of ethics on the straight people fucking in the wholesome streets of Dominica then. Deal? Then you won’t have to worry about any cruise ships, and can spend your spare time in paradise hiding from the gangs whos vice business you drove away.

  • Schlukitz


    “This is very personal to me”

    Yes. That certainly would appear to be the case. You are very heavily invested in this, even though it was not your tender, sensitive eyes that were exposed to such a disgusting display of debauchery. Such righteous concern for your countrymen is truly exemplary. Apologies to every single person living on that island were definitely in order.

    “People in this country do not deserve to be called homophobic”

    Of course not. How terribly rude of us Americans who bring money to your country to help feed your poverty-stricken people.

    “Regardless of being American and Gay, should not make people exempt from the Law”

    Absolutely. Every decent, wholesome, “family oriented” country in the world should have similar Draconian laws on the books that imprison homosexuals for ten years, maybe more, just for being gay.

    And if that doesn’t stop the queers from such flagrant displays of their sexuality in public, hang ’em high, like they do in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

    That’ll show ’em!

  • Schlukitz

    @Blah, bla..huh?:

    Morally offended and outraged Sidney1 who has nothing but praise for “his” country, should read the following links before exporting his finely honed sense of ethics on us.

    “No one has even taken the time to apologize to the students, children, and people who were just working”, at the aforementioned pursuits, “to feed their families, who had to see this sick exhibition.”

    Outraged, I tells ya. Totally outraged!

    Sexual exploitation and forced labor, drug-trafficking and corruption, no problem.

  • z

    kangaroo court? no presumption of innocence? no assigned attorney? what are you smoking? Those men would have had it worse in their own country. They committed a crime (public sex) for all to see. they had an attorney–did u not read the above article? and had a standard hearing. they got a slap on the wrist considering the offense. don’t talk about my country like that. That cruise ship was welcomed and nobody cared it was a gay ship. this was not an anti gay charge, this was an anti bullshit behaviour charge.

  • z

    am that law was instituted looonnnnnng before the 1990’s, try from the beginning of laws in Dominica—same as America actually. no one has been prosecuted under that law for years. recently Dominica had an openly gay political representative—voted in by the people. we aren’t homophobic, just asshole-phobic. why do you speak about which you know not of? your friends were fucking in public. i saw it—-everyone who was there saw it. they even stopped to grease up then go at it again. who does that? WHO DOES THAT??

  • z

    from comments about “poverty stricken” and “we bring money to your country” i can see that some of you are just awful, prejudice uneducated jerks who stereotype about the Caribbean. bringing American dollars from a half a day cruise liner does not give you a passport to break laws. deciding, because we are Caribbean that we are poverty stricken shows how uneducated YOU are AND how prejudiced. the same law you criticize is also a law in your country. sodomy and indecent exposure are on YOUR law books. JERKS!

  • z

    in American a man was arrested 2 years ago for being naked in his home while going into his fridge for milk. you fucking hypocrites

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    @z: Fire pon dem batty man, huh? Talking about hypocrisy in public should be banned anywhere a Carribean national might be present. These are concepts too complex for you to master, while you sell your ass on the lido deck for fat tourists to get close enough to hook up with for some cocaine later.

    How many straight people get the itch in public when on vacation in the Carribean?

    Answers please, I’ve been in these threads asking for days, and none of you self righteous “people of god” have replied yet. Coupla Southern state ditz queens were on the ship and have shit to talk too? Shit for brains, falling for the most monkey-like shaming asshattery. Speak up, where is the mention of straight Dominican sex trade in all the huffing and puffing? Child trafficking? I’m waiting with baited breath, savages.

  • Siddney1

    Funny thing is I am very familiar with the laws of the United States of America, and apparently if a man is naked in public he will be arrested. Including if two mean are in public having sex, in America they will be arrested. Are you guys aware of this? And how does that make Dominica backwards, and Anti Gay? Majority of the world, that kind of behavior is unacceptable, so it is going to be really hard that gay people find somewhere, that behavior is acceptable.

    Another interesting fact is America has a very high rate of, bias, bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes on gay people, in your own country. They are only now drafting laws against these thing. So before insulting Dominica, take a good look at yourself, and your parents, and grandparents, and insult them. Go for it. Peace!

  • Siddney1

    @i was on the cruise:

    What was wrong with their room? They could do it in the same position in their room.
    What make these men different from the rest of the humans, and anyone who agree with them, is that they are disrespectful, and obviously don’t think.

  • Siddney1


    Thank You. It is so sad, that these cowards want countries like Dominica to sign with them when they want to take down countries who clearly are not going to think to destroy tiny Dominica, they don’t give any Aid to their governments, and American’s still visit these countries and want to break the law.

    Dominica is good enough to help you defend your nation, but not good enough to respect their laws, I don’t get it. Get it right American’s, NEVER forget is in the little islands your government come to on every world issue to get nations to sign all major Bills.

  • Siddney1


    Are you talking to me, You probable don’t Know where Siddney1 is right now, babes. But am so sorry that the high school system is clearly lacking something, do yourself a ‘lil’ Geography lesson, travel, read and find out where Dominica and Dominica Republic is, and stop embarrassing yourself.

    Because I do not support behavior which is clearly illegal in most of the world, including America, only means I DON’T SUPPORT IT. If you want to get naked and have sex in public, in Dominica, or America, be my guest, then complain and say you where humiliated, and look for all the sympathy you can get.

  • Siddney1

    @Atlantis is a scam: @Blah, bla..huh?:

    LOL You hella funny, and a lil ignorant, and really quick to thing I am in Dominica, why don’t you join me in the US, lets start here, and we will use the flashlight you have for us to get rid off all the teenagers, who are having sex in the street in America. We have a lot going on here, I mean we will also deal with the problems of bullying in which is so common here. All the great stuff you have planned for Dominica and me, since I already reside in the US LEGALLY, LETS CLEAN UP OUR BACKYARD, THEN WORRY ABOUT THE CARIBBEAN.

    If you are serious, LETS DO THIS!!! Am down.

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