Aussie Activist Gary Burns Doesn’t Want Taxpayer Cash Going To Heroin Instruction Manuals

Gary Burns, Australia’s most-loved and most-hated activist, has filed a complaint with New South Wales because the state government is sending taxpayer dollars to the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON), which is producing a free booklet called Routes of Administration that advises visitors on how to consume illegal drugs. Tips include “rinse the nostrils out after snorting,” “rotate injecting sites from arm to arm and up and down the same arm,” and “increase the size of the veins to make injecting easier.” On the other hand, it could be argued ACON, which received about $9 million per year from NSW’s health department, is just trying to protect the health of pre-existing drug users by making sure they aren’t getting high any more recklessly than they need to. Like free needle exchanges!