Awesome College Swimmers Support Gay Teammates

we are uvaWe are kind of getting emotional at how awesome the University of Virginia is being right now. Campaigns that “celebrate diversity” are usually deadly-dull, but students have found a way to make a genuinely lovely display of their differences, including a fantastic message of support for gay swimmers.

“2 of us are gay. The other 3 don’t care,” says the sign held by the school’s swim team. Of course, that invites plenty of speculation: which ones are which? It’s easy to get bogged down in trying to identify the guys in the photo, and also to imagine slippery locker room pairings, but try to keep your libido in check for now.

This is part of a larger campaign called “We are all UVa,” in which college kids post pictures representing their diverse backgrounds. Photos cover the gamut of races, genders, sexual orientations, hair color, hobbies, homelands and disabilities. One photo is from an anonymous sex worker.

On one hand, this project certainly does feed into the narrative that kids today are narcissists who assume that they are as fascinating to the world as they are to themselves. Maybe. We’re trying not to get negative about this project, though — anything that galvanizes people to think about their identities and accept people who they might otherwise consider “other” can’t be a bad thing.