Aydian Dowling’s shower, Russell Tovey’s peach, & Andy Cohen’s manspread

This week Michelle Visage named the only “mistake” that’s been made in Drag Race history, ABC cancelled Roseanne’s racist ass, and Gus Kenworthy lost his brand new puppy Beemo. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Charlie Carver experimented with patterns.

Tommy Dorfman left the house in a sheet.

Sunday mantra: be your fucking self

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Ross Butler had his appendix removed.

Aydian Dowling took a shower.

Russell Tovey tested pillows.

pillow testing @johnlewisretail

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Andy Cohen rubbed his best friend.

Oh hey! (Photo: #MarciKlein)

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Charlie King pulled out his summer jorts.

Sunday. Park. Sun ?? = Abs-olutely perfect ?

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Nick Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama and Glen Powell shared a yacht.

Nyle DiMarco teased his fans.

Come train with me!! Hell yes or nah?? ???

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Brant Daugherty basked in Barcelona.

Barcelona. More like Barchillona, amirite? …Hello? Anybody?

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PJ and Thomas McKay shared skin products.

Lately we’ve really been focusing on our health and taking care of ourselves and there’s a couple of reasons for that. 1. PJ turned 32 last week (getting older, yay!) and 2. Thomas found out some not so great health news (nothing super scary and definitely preventable). It’s sad to admit, but we always put off going to the doctor because it can be awkward and there’s usually a long wait. Luckily there’s Hims, a new wellness brand that helps men be the best versions of themselves. It’s really easy to use, too. You just fill out a medical evaluation online, chat with a doctor, and get products shipped right to your front door! All of the products are science based and affordable which is a huge plus. Speaking of pluses, go to to get your $5 hims hair kit, or click the link in our bio! Check out our newest YouTube video to see more about Thomas’ health and to learn more about @hims! (This post is sponsored by @hims. Thank you for supporting the brands that we endorse)

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Chris Colfer had champagne on the sea.

David Ratcliffe did a handstand.

Ronnie Woo walked to the pool.

What I lack in physical appearance, I make up in sarcasm and a garbage personality.

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Y’lan Noel got new sunglasses.

Terry Miller showed off his veins.

Jaymes Vaughan honored America.

#MDW That’s A Wrap ?? ———————— Hair: @reebsicle

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Ricky Whittle experienced “peak week.”

Shadow Moon is ready for his close up #AmericanGods #season2 An intense ‘peak week’ training for an intense episode. Can’t wait for you guys to see it as Shadow continues his journey amongst the world created by @neilhimself Ps I don’t wake up like this so,it’s post workout and dry,don’t think this is Ricky on the reg??intense diet,training and crazy dehydration for a ripped, vascular dry look that lasts a few days. Pain is temporary, film is forever so took the beating to do shadow justice during this ep. You don’t have to be jacked, just be healthy, look after yourself, everything in moderation,trust that come Saturday I’m stuffing my face again with pizza and ice cream watching friends & movies as a reward before resuming normal training & diet for shadow???? Thanks to @wholesomemealsto @erenlegendifbbpro @annaliese_levy @fmnatv and all at #americangods for helping me with the grind behind the scenes #wariscoming #season2iscoming #shadowiscoming #believe #mensfitness #menshealth #workhardplayharder #actorslife #commitment #noexcuses #idontwakeuplikethis #someonegivethisdudeaglassofwater #thirstisreal #lickingmylipsevery10secondsllcooljstyle #anyoneelsedreamaboutbeingunderajuicewaterfall #justme #ok #youstillreadingthesehashtags #thatsdedication #orboredom #okbye #sothirsty ?

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Telly Leung tried a new supplement.

And Frankie Grande stuffed his speedo.

#memorialday ??????

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