Baptists Show Compassion For Sinful Gays By Punishing Church For PFLAG Meetings

Journey Fellowship allows the Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays (PFLAG) to meet in their church, so that members of the Owensboro, Kentucky community can help their neighbors meet the challenges of gay life. But the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association said, ‘No ma’am, not in Jesus’ house,’ and promptly voted Journey Fellowship out of their organization for their PFLAG-lovin’ ways.

Silly Baptist organization. Don’t you know that having heathen homos in your church is the best way to minister to them? If you can’t get the sinners to reject their wicked ways, you could at least encourage them to pay offering. Jesus loves the Benjamins.

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  • imarko

    God Hates Baptists.

  • inoits2

    Living in Georgia I can tell you that the Baptists down here have no interest in anything gay. The whole purpose of the Baptist church is about keeping the gays down. I can tell you having been raised in the church that they have absolutely no interest in helping the poor or anything useful. The only thing the Baptists do is prosthelytize. Their goal is to convert as many peeps as possible.

    The Baptist church will never ever accept gays. While other religions may take a softer stance with gays, the baptist will always be hardline. We are the subject of sermons probably every Sunday in most churches. They basically preach about how evil we are. On a positive note, my parents, while not pro-gay at all got tired of the negativity and left the church. They just couldn’t stand the lies anymore.

  • chrissie riot

    This would have been a much cooler story if the church had been like “You can’t fire us, we quit.” But still, way to keep it classy and full of that Christian loving spirit Daviess-McLean Baptist Association.

  • t.l.

    I’ve grown up in a family that, though going to a nondenominational church, has been pretty much Baptist. So this breaks my heart.

  • the crustybastard

    At least they’re not incinerating us anymore.

  • ewe

    The lives of Baptists are nothing but a bunch of lies.

  • ewe

    Baptists sit in judgement and convince themselves they are being humble. They are some of the mosted twisted fucks i have ever met.

  • ewe

    If they cannot spew their hatred then they sit in a silent stew until a few of them gather giving themselves the strength to refresh their hatred anew. Baptists are some of the most cowardly backward knuckleheads around.

  • ewe

    At least the catholics know that they are being evil. The Baptists have convinced themselves they are good people doing gODDs will by shunning everything and anything and anyone that do not comply. They are a small petty people.

  • ewe

    i take back the “small” part. Many of them are grotesquely overweight.

  • Abel

    Jesus would weep. And to most Baptists, he would say, “Depart from me, I never knew ye.” They’re interested in nothing but the dollars.

  • ewe

    @Abel: You are so right and that is because Baptists refuse to acknowledge that Jesus was an openly gay man who was crucified for being so by people like Baptists.

  • Wes B

    The almighty thinking Baptists…the outspoken sheep in the religious community. They love to vote on everything…including one’s place in the family of God. I was one they voted out in 2001 because I am gay. Lead by the pastor I looked up to as a father figure, the people chose a Sunday when members of my family were running late and proceeded to vote me out, even though I had moved almost 400 miles away. I had to hear it from my mother who was told by the family member arriving late for church. Backstabbing, uncaring, unloving, hatefilled…just a few words I can think of at the moment, other than dumbasses.

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