Joe Blue's Feared Fagala Invasion!

Bar Owner Bans “Gay” Art

Everyone’s a critic! A San Antonio barman banned an artist’s work for being “gay”. Joe Blue’s opens its walls to artists once a month and Marc Arevalo hoped his would hang, too.

Thus, he brought some prints in for the owner but was told to keep walking. Now’s he’s got the anti-gay blues:

He just said they looked too much like drag queens, and he didn’t want to attract that type of clientele to the establishment. Of course, right then and there, I felt really offended.

Marketing manager Alicia Alvarez concedes the owner had his doubts because the images were “a little on the gay side”, but claims the bar welcomes the queers:

I would not say that he doesn’t want them [gays] in this bar. That unfortunately did get misrepresented. And he does feel really badly the way the words came out.

Alvarez also points out that Arevalo didn’t have a contract with the bar. Not that it matters, this is the best publicity in the world.

Check out Arevalo’s amazing prints here!

[Note: You’ll notice we changed the accompanying image. We erroneously posted a picture by Erwin Olaf. Arevalo’s can be seen above. If you liked Olaf’s, check out his website!]