Never one to hide his feelings about gay rights activists, Rep. Barney Frank isn’t mincing words over Get Equal members storming the House Education and Labor Committee. “What a stupid thing to do,” he says. Oh, Barns! You’re killing us!

By now you should be used to Frank dumping on anything you radical homos do. He called the National Equality March “useless” and encouraged you to stay home.

Always one to advocate Americans call, write, email, text, and tweet their lawmakers instead of trying to drum up headlines and YouTube views, Frank’s attitude toward civil disobedience isn’t terribly surprising. And from his position, we can see why he’s upset, as he believes ENDA will begin making its way through the House in the next two weeks, and playing Interrupting Cow with what might be sympathetic lawmakers is only going to piss them off.

Maybe. But these events are also generating more mass media attention to Obama and Congress’ failing of the LGBT community than anything Gay Inc.’s platitudes have to offer.

Yesterday, NGLTF, NCLR, and the National Center for Transgender Equality, were among some 200 groups that signed a one-sentence letter to lawmakers: “Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act NOW.” And exactly zero of them actually read it. Without demands that are backed up by little more than guarantees of more press releases, these messages carry almost no influence.

Even Frank knows that.

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