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Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons Is Engaged! To Boyfriend Todd Spiewak!

Emmy-winner Jim Parsons plays asexual (non-sexual?) nerd Sheldon on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, but in real life he’s … a newly outed homosexual. Thanks, National Enquirer!

The tabloid rag breaks the not-so-secret news of Parsons’ sexuality by saying he proposed to partner Todd Spiewak after the big night — and that they’re heading to Massachusetts for a Christmas wedding. If you listened closely, Spiewak’s name was among the many Parsons thanked during his acceptance speech, right after his mama. And it’s not like their relationship is a secret: If it’s on, it’s public, yo.

It’s also public when Neil Patrick Harris — defacto president of Hollywood’s gay mafia — has your back.

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  • 7

    Wait, wait, WHAT? I didn’t know this!

    I’m…speechless. The funniest people on TV are all gay!

  • Dollie

    Double congrats to Mr. Parsons!

    Sheldon Cooper for the win!! ;)

  • Queer Supremacist

    My gaydar was right for a change!


    Honest to gawd question after Parson’s win at the Emmy Awards:

    My Grandmother: That actor is quite funny, do you suspect he is a Gay like you also?

  • wonderette

    I knew he was going to get outed sooner or later. I suppose it’s fortunate that it was in the sweetest way possible.

  • craig

    This makes me so happy. My GAYDAR is still right on after 40 years. I love Jim Parsons he is SO talented. Congrats Jim from Houston!

  • ChiGuy76

    Okay guys, let’s not throw the rainbow confetti just yet. Mr. Parsons has never actually acknowledged that his gay on any respectable media source. Remember, this is the National Enquirer we’re talking about here which is a less than reliable source. This means we should take everything said about Jim Parsons with a grain of salt. Actually, maybe more than a grain. Perhaps, the same amount of salt if we learned about this on Perez Hilton.


    If it is true, then congrats to the happy couple!

  • Zach


    He hasn’t really acknowledged it publicly, but he’s been photographed with the other guy on multiple occasions, and he’s brought him to other events in the past.

  • Steve

    @ChiGuy76: True, however if you’ve ever seen pictures of Spiewak, it appears to be him sitting next to Parsons. It doesn’t really prove anything, but it certainly does not cause friction with the speculation/theory/news.

  • myrios123

    I guess you no longer need to be a lesbian to be funny and be on tv.

  • wonderette

    @Steve: He’s been photographed next to him at multiple awards shows, in public, at parties, and even on a trip to Rome with the rest of the BBT cast. There’s even evidence of them make a joint donation to a charity. He thanked him in his acceptance speech. He’s also in Jim’s family portrait. I believe it’s safe to say they are together, now as to whether they’re actually engaged that’s another matter entirely.

  • Tim

    @Dollie: Bazinga!

  • Chuck

    Gongrats to them!

  • 7

    Just watched the acceptance speech. At the end, in the middle of his rapid fire, he definitely says “Todd Spiewak.” So yeah. Seems like an open and shut deal here.

  • EdWoody

    He’s 37 ??? !!! Jeez, he doesn’t look it.

    Congrats to him on all counts.

  • TheWorld

    Who is that guy NPH hugs? I want to be him.

  • McMike

    Did anybody notice this year’s Emmy’s was the gayest award show ever? At the very start a straight guy won for being gay and then the next 3 or 4 winners were all homosexuals. I stopped watching after that but it was unreal how gay it was.

    But, alas, we all already know gay people rock and definitely make the world go ’round.

  • bluenosedive

    @McMike: I agree with you…I noticed the same thing too. I have to mention it was kinda cool. ^_^

  • Adam

    I got such a gay vibe from him at the Emmy’s. It seemed like he was trying too hard when he tried to make it seem like he was attracted to Sofia Vergara.

  • Lane

    I watched the Emmy’s with my Aunt who is learning to be tolerant and she had this really confused look on her face when Jane Lynch won and thanked her wife. My Aunt could not believe that she was gay because she was wearing such a pretty dress. After that she kept asking is this person gay after each award was announced. I told it would be just easier for me to say who was not gay. I am slowly making progress with the zealots in the family. I have 2 young teen cousins who might be gay and I want to make their coming out easier.

  • Cam

    Congrats to the couple, I knew that he must be gay. Whenever TV makes a character uninterested in sex, it is usually because the neanderthal producers figure that they can’t have a gay actor actually playing somebody with a social life.

  • Jen

    @Lane: I love hearing stories like that. Congrats.

  • Hank

    Cool. now we have a new patron saint of gays for those that need such – NPH was likely getting tired of title.

  • david kaufman

    This man is not out.
    He’s suspected/alluded/insinuated
    but the closet is the closet
    let’s hope he leaves it soon

  • alan brickman

    Nph has five hand forehead!!!

  • Ivonne Cuadros Evangelista

    That paper is dated September 20, 2010, today is September 09, 2010; so, this is a headline with only one goal: to send as many as they can. Whatever Jim Parsons´s choice, he is always going to be the same person, before and after this news, he is the nice, charming and lovely man we know, that´s never change. Ilove Jim Parsons by the way

  • B

    No. 27 · david kaufman wrote, “This man is not out.”

    …. Look at the video closely (you have to stop it at just the right point to tell). Jim Parsons seems to have been sitting next to his alleged boyfriend.

    If someone goes to the Emmy’s,takes his boyfriend along, and sits next to his boyfriend, he’s out. He doesn’t need to make a public announcement anymore than the straight actors he works with do.

  • MakinitinUD

    Congrats! and may it motivate all LGBT youth across our country to see that being gay can equate to a life of happiness, success and love! I honor them and their love. The world needs more of it!

    Good luck to the newly engaged couple!

    P.S~ His show ROCKS. Beyond hilarity from every cast member on it.

  • EdWoody

    @Cam: Except that in this case it’s perfectly appropriate to the character. Not everything is down to the evil motives you ascribe.

  • InscrutableTed

    Jim Parsons once said that the best thing about being nominated for a Golden Globe was being in the same room as Meryl Streep.

    If that’s not being an out gay man, what is?

  • JadeLycra

    In all of this commotion, did anyone else note that the date at the bottom of the article is “September 20, 2010”? I think it a little strange. Just a little…

  • pradul

    @JadeLycra: Yes, I had noticed.
    The NE wanted to leave the news as soon as possible (as Jim was recently winner) that news was already written “before” the Emmy, NE decided to publish it after Jim won his Emmy, to avoid prejudicing his time. Just saying…

  • thomas

    i love jim he’s sexxy
    and hello it was kinda obvious

  • Klarth

    @EdWoody: THIS. I was reading an article in EW today about him that said his age, and I was shocked.
    Where is this fountain of youth so I can get some. I’m getting dimples….

  • franko

    HEHE, right on jim!! love the show!

  • bobbie collins

    We will never be truly evolved human beings until we are no longer shocked, outraged, excited and otherwise invested in other folks sexuality. What does it matter? He’s a great actor and I enjoy his work. If he doesn’t mind that (as a huge fan) I am ‘straight’, I don’t mind that he may not be.

  • Fer.

    Oh God No!! Gay no please!!
    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have a problem with gay people but I have like this huge crush on him, and even knowing that I will never get to know him it’s very persistent in my mind, right now I’m like “Oh God, my crush *burns*”

    When I get over this I’m going to be like “Awww, congrats to them x3” But now -_- I think he looks like the kind of person that wouldn’t limit himself to one gender, he looks as if he appreciates the person instead of the sex, and he has shown true interest in other women. Enough to appreciate their beauty beyond just aesthetics.

    If this results in being truth (which I’m kind of skeptical because the most reliable sources or information don’t even address this) well, good luck to the future couple.

  • Dana

    Well, he said in his speach: “…and most of all, I love you: mom,Julie…Todd Spiewak…”. Now, I don’t know how common is to say “I love you” in USA, but where I am from you don’t say it if you do not mean it. He clearly included Todd on the list of loved persons and I also saw a Parsons familly picture in which Todd appeared too. So I tend to believe that they are a couple. I am really happy for him, I really hoped he will win this prize because he is so talented and deserves it. Also, in case they marry or allready married, I wish them all the best.
    What I do not understand is why should every gay person out there make a statement about its sexual preferences. Are heterosexuals doing it? Are you going to your parties and gather everyone and make a half an hour speach about your sexual preferences and what your friends/ parents think about it? Why does it have to be such a big deal the fact that he is or not gay or why do they have to explain themselves? It is his choice, it is something that doesn’t affect any of us and it does not change his talent as an actor or the fact that he is a polite, warm, sweet guy.
    Fer. and other girls like you, as you said, you had no chance ever to meet him or have a relation with him so why do you care if he is gay or not? You can still have a crush on him, nothing changed. I had a crush on a gay friend and it is nothing different that having a crush on a guy that doesn’t feel the same for you. As Penny said: “The hear wants what the heart wants.”
    So let’s be mature and learn to love the people around us for what they are, not judge so easily and most important not hate without a very good reason (I really do not understand this one).

  • kb

    I do not understand how Neil Patrick Harris liking the fact that Jim Parsons won, makes Jim Parsons gay. I mean.. I think he probably is, and I love him, do not care one way or another.. but just because a gay guy likes the fact that someone won, does not make that someone gay.

  • Billy

    I’m a straight guy and Jim Parsons set off MY (often-wrong) gaydar with his mannerisms. Great actor, he deserves the Emmy. Hope he lives in a state where the government isn’t as it’s obviously a basic human right.

  • Billy

    I’m a straight guy and Jim Parsons set off MY (often-wrong) gaydar with his mannerisms. Great actor, he deserves the Emmy. Hope he lives in a state where the government isn’t so narrowminded it won’t allow them to get married as it’s obviously a basic human right.

  • george

    Well i still dont want to believe he is gay…until he says it himself i want believe it…..but I guess it is quite possible … :( thats a shame….he’d look great with a girl…well I am just a fan….well not just a fan….
    I dont like homosexuality, marriage between man or adopting children in this case…i think its not fair for the kid…but that way or another….Jim is a great actor….and I love him….probably in a different way :) …live long and prosper….btw i havent seen star trek as well :) …but only because sheldnon and the others i am changing my point of view on ore matters than just star trek….you really changed my life Jim… With great power comes great resposibility ….dont you forget that Jimmy ! ! ! …we love you …I love you the most….so dont screw it up…if all this hocom is true….that is enough for me…..I hope u die sometime after 2100…so u can input your mind in to some sort of cyborg :) take care Jim, Kaley, Johnny, Simon, Kunal love u all

  • Michelle

    OMG Hes Gay!!!! my Life’s over

  • Jenny

    awww! damn… hes gay. T.T

    Well theres nothing i can do about it. a part of me wished he was at least bisexual :(
    He’s still adorable ^^

  • todd

    your all a bunch of weirdo faggots

  • andeh

    I’m beginning to think that only homosexuals can be incredible funny… I love jim parsons and neil patrick harris SO much, they’re the only reason I watch the big bang theory and how I met your mother :)

    I’m glad they both have such a fullfilling and happy life :) congratulation to them both :D

  • tayyla:3

    D’: so sad i LOVE jim parson!!! but if that is all true gongrats to the max and also i hope he has a good life/marrige but still ya know just rip my heart out why dont ya…. :3

  • Peter

    @Lane: I have so much respect for you!

  • donna

    we are so sad that Sheldon is GAY!!! Big disapointment…



  • Ogre Magi

    I find the character he plays rather creepy,he is the only male member of the regular cast I wouldn’t fuck!

  • Atom Manhattan

    As both a huge fan of Jim’s and a straight man, I’ve no problem with this and I’m happy if he’s happy. Nothing more important than that. ^^b

  • Ella

    I’m a bit late in saying this, but congratulations to these two! Exiting:)

  • Tiffani

    Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) on How I Met Your Mother is the absolute antithesis of this.

  • Treepy

    Good Lord plz let it be a lie….I love dis guy!!! Noooooo!!!!

  • superWHAT

    Awh! Please, someone tell me youre kidding me! He can’t be gay, how is he gay? Come on, aarghh!

  • Ilovefall

    ~CONGRATULATION’S~ Jim Parson’s. You’re awesome! “I love you in The Big Bang Theory!” :)~Best Of Wishes~ <3

  • someone

    I think people like “No. 61, James Hawking” should stop being ignorant f*cking cunts.

  • ItisiKEVIN

    We were placed upon this Earth to love one another. Be your love be male or female, you are here to love. But THAT isn’t the issue, here. YOU came here because YOU enjoy Mr. Jim Parsons. Be it his work as an actor, or what have you. You came here for Jim Parsons. Who he loves, isn’t your concern. It is his character on a television show, that you really enjoy. I know that I recently discovered Big Bang Theory, and generally don’t watch much commercial TV. But my point is YOU, you sit and condemn this man, for his love of another. People..wake up. Enjoy your life. Make friends. Hold hands. Cry at weddings. Allow yourself someone to love, to laugh with, to enjoy time together. Our human existence is short. What, 70 years or so? Be a good human.

  • MikaelSwe

    @ItisiKEVIN: I completely agree.

  • MikeE

    @James Hawking: how about you lead by example and follow your own advice?

  • simon

    wooooow.what a good lyf ahead.thanx to you sheldon,i now know myself better.i wish the two of you a happy marriage and fulfilling life ahead

  • MikeE

    It’s pretty funny seeing “hank” talking to himself (“chris”).

    He’s obviously the same person, making the same illiterate typos.

    Why is it that rabid homophobes are almost ALWAYS this type of inbred, braindead, illiterate, societal reject?

  • Jay

    Wow.. I wasn’t expecting this, congrats to the happy couple

  • Jana

    Congrats to them both! I am very happy for them, even though I had a huge crush on him. Oh well.. I can’t believe he is 37! he doesn’t look it. I think it’s great that he didn’t feel the need to get up and make some speech about him being gay, heterosexuals don’t, so why should he? Congrats!

  • Lucy

    Wow, this blew my mind. Clearly, I have terrible gaydar.

  • MotoMouth

    Well my gaydar was off.

    Oh and to people saying that since he thanked the Todd guy and there have been photographs of them, then they’re obviously a couple…I don’t think that’s a very viable argument. Someone could so easily flip that around and say that they’re just very good friends. I know if it were me up there on that stage, I would be thanking all of my best friends.

    I don’t care whether he is or isn’t gay, but I think speculation by the public on matters this personal can be kind of rude.

  • arbiter

    Love the BBT and him! Was honestly a little surprised, but this makes perfect sense, in retrospect. So… he’s tall… and very funny… and plays an ultra-smart nerd in a GOOD sitcom. Yeah, everyone, say hello to my new celebrity crush! :-D

  • Privyet677

    @7: I know right! I’ve got nothing against them, it’s just kind of odd!

  • annette

    @Fer.: no offense sweetie but is your gaydar broken??? sometimes its hard to tell but in his case it is painfully obvious…
    neway, luv this guy! :-D

  • Dan Kodai

    Is it to say gaydar? Im not gay but jim parsons is adorable. I can relate to the sheldon character because im often confused by peoples interactions and i have no gaydar i just see people.

  • Vincent

    well he is gay, he makes us laugh and that’s not a problem.

  • Pauline Nixon

    @ItisiKEVIN: At last an intelligent comment. like you, I think Jim Parsons is an incredible actor and immensly talented.. and SO WHAT he’s gay. life is way to short to condemn anyone for being true to themselves and loving someone who loves them back.. male or female.. Best of luck and congratulations to both Jim and his fiance. I wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness.



  • Lisa

    Who cares if he’s gay or straight. He is an awesome actor and deserves the award. I wish him nothing but happiness.

  • Denise

    Who care what his sexuality is? He is funny as hell and he’s cute! I love the show and will still watch. If all of this is true congrats! I’m happy for anyone who can find a loving mate.

  • ariel

    my heart iss broken
    he cant be GAY!
    i love him so much….
    anyway im happy for you,

  • Toodles

    I’m so upset!!! My heart is broken! I wanted him to be my future hubby!! Did they officially tie the knot yet? I still love him tho! Hey Sheldon, if it doesn’t work out and you change your mind come see me ;)

  • c2it2011

    Congratulations’ Jim seems like such a cool guy. I wish Todd and him the best. Also, (Sheldon) Keep the BBT going, you have a great cast and crew.

  • karigianas

    He might be gay, but at least Jim Parsons is a registered republican!!

  • amber

    Well either way I just hope he is happy. It doesn’t matter if a person is happy with the opposite sex,same sex,or even other races, just as long as they are happy. I will admit I find Mr. Jim Parsons to be absolutely adorable. I am also grateful he was put on this earth to make people laugh, cause this world sure needs more laughter.

  • Ella

    Yay, how exiting for them. Wish Jim every happiness xx

  • Anne Swarts

    My must-see T.V. is “Big Bang Theory” every Thursday evening. Jim Parsons as Sheldon had me at the white board in the living area, first seen in commercials for the premier episode. Tonight, we are at the 100th, and every one has been funny ha-ha or funny hilarious! I think that Jim is a superb actor, and he deserves every nomination and win at the various award shows. I hope that he is very happy in his personal life. His work has brought much joy to me. I am in the older demographic (almost 60), and I like the show as much as, if not more than, my college-aged daughter. I hope that “Big Bang” will continue on-air for several more years (at least!), and I am enjoying it via reruns on other stations and by watching my DVD set. On a different note, is it possible that it will be revealed that Sheldon is (extremely) high-functioning in the autism spectrum? I am curious, as his social interactions (or lack thereof) and facial expressions remind me of some former students, who also were very bright.

  • Kristen



    You are so right.. :)

  • Samantha

    I am so tired of seeing gay people that I am about to give up TV! It seems the whole world
    is becoming gay. And those who aren’t gay applaud those who are! What a trashed world when wrong is considered right. *sigh*

  • Mike UK

    @Samantha: if it wasn’t for “gay people” you wouldn’t have any television to watch!

  • Danielle

    What?!?!?! I had no clue he was gay!! Dang. Whatever. I’m happy for him. Congrats to them!

  • Meg


  • Dean

    No shocker.He seems to be very gay to start with.

  • karigianas

    Yes, he might be gay, but at least Jim Parsons is a registered republican.
    Talk about ironic!!

  • Joshuashihse

    @7: all? oh my god. nooooooo. I would think this about everybody else but not about him. I’m shocked.

  • NativeSonKY

    Oh My God!! H’s a REPUBLICAN!!!??? LOL – thought that might be worse to a lot of people than him being gay! I’m an older guy, 52, straight, and live in a backward-ass state (KY) and was a hippie, well, still have that hippie attitude. But all my life I’ve been accepting of others no matter their sexual bent or race or religion, or even if they are Republicans! I was taught, like one of the other posters here, that you Loved One Another, and to follow the Golden Rule. Those 2 principles taught to me by my Mother and Father have carried me well through life so far. All I can say is this man makes me laugh SO hard, as well as the rest of the cast, and they still would, even if one of them was involved in inter-species-sexuality LOL! Good work Jim and the rest of the cast and crew of BBT! And congrats on finding a good man!

  • Dotty Kurtz

    I have no problem with an actor’s sexual preferences. I was a big fan of the late John Inman who played Mr. Humphries in the BBC comedy TV show Are You Being Served? Nowadays, I watch Jim Parsons as Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. In either case, all I cared about was that both actors kept me laughing!

  • marie

    Congrats jim, I have a big fat crush on you! BAZINGA!

  • Jill

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not, he’s got so much talent and is adorable. I’m sure he’ll go far in his career. He’s the most talented actor I’ve seen in a long time.

  • MC

    What!!!!!????!! I don’t believe this!! He’s like my favorite character in The Big Bang Theory…This is unbelievable!!!!

  • Big Bang Theory Fans

    Congrats to jim parsons! LOVE YA SHELDON!

  • Des

    @Marsh: Who the FUCK do you think you are?? Wtf is wrong with you?? How could you just not like The Big Bang theory because Sheldons gay?? That doesnt matter because without Sheldon Im almost 100% You wouldnt watch the damn thing. Hes the guy that shapes the damn thing.. Gays should have all the rights as everyone else does. You fucking mental tard. Sheldon Cooper/Jim Parsons will be in every fans memory forever YOU gaywad :@ Go fuck a donkey in the ass you fucking shit head.

  • ....fuck you percy sledge

    i agree what the fuck is wrong with you you fucking homophobic asshole why dont you do fucking die you fucking bigot. if you think your fucking “god” is so fucking great why dont you go join your imaginary “god” and fucking die asshole.

  • Viviana

    No están comprometidos , Jim no quería tener hijos y cancelaron la boda, pero siguen :)

  • SarahLund

    Congrats, Jim :) A wonderful guy. Btw, BAZINGA! ;)

  • Sad

    If that’s true, I will not like the show as much, and it’s been my favorite. It will be hard to watch him without thinking about his sexual behavior every scene, and will add one more degree of ‘acting’ separation between the actor and the part. Just saying.

  • Donald Suiter

    Call me old. What right does the “public” have in knowing who is “BANGING”who? Are you lame enough to label someone as gay or straight? Does their talent mean they have to live up to your standards? Movies, Music, Comedians, Actors-Actresses need your approval for performing? Just lay back, enjoy the talents EVERYBODY brings to the table or not watch or listen. Easy as that. Rock Hudson, Paul Lynde, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Meredith Baxter-Birney only to name a few brave souls that have to fight not only for jobs but RESPECT from the high society of “FANS.” Get off it, or as they said yesterday,CHILL.

  • Lisa G.


  • Neil

    yea….let’s all go gay and no one have kids ever again…sure, let’s all encourage that.

  • bob

    Jim parsons is an amazing actor who cares if he is gay!

  • Nena

    Awww shucks! Why are all the adorable ones gay? Well, I’m happy for them and wish the very best. =)

    I always seem to fall for guys who end up being gay! But I love and care for them and always hope that they find someone who treats them well.

  • insert fake name here

    Who cares what sexuality he is? Homophobes!

  • Aditi

    I am happy for the couple but at the same time, making Jim parsons sexuality known is a bit like breaking the fourth wall of television! To paraphrase Penny, its fun to not know. :) N let’s face it, with more n more women describing themselves as sapiosexuals (myself included!), we do feel we have missed out a little bit..!

  • Aditi


  • really?

    @Ogre Magi: Would you really want to admit you’d sleep with three guys on the same tv show?

  • cynthia chitwood

    I am a high fan of the big bang theory. I strongly believe it should’nt matter if he is gay or not. I am bi-polar and a manic depressant, and i cry all the time sheldon cooper puts a smile on my ace just by looking at him. What he does in his private life is not anyone’s business. I love Sheldon Cooper, and will continue to watch faithfully every thursday night. I also have the first 4 seasons on dvd. Sheldon cooper makes me smile everyday, you go sheldon. You are a comedic champ. Don’t leta anyone put you down for your lifestyle You bring happiness to a world of people sho love sheldon. As I said I am bi-polar and very depressed most of the time, and all I have to do is look at you and my day gets brighter. Thank you Jim Parsons You are what spock is to startrek you are to the big bang theory. We love you

  • cynthia chitwood

    It shouldn’t mattter if Jim is gay or not. He is a comedic genius. I am bi-polar and I have very depareeing days. Watching big bang theory always makes me smile. His sexual preerence should matter at all. Jim reaches out to a lot of people who need a good laugh and Jim and the rest of the cast cheers me up immediately. All I have to do is look at Sheldon cooper and my sadness melts away. I own seasons1-4 and I watch faithfully on thursday and i have 4seasons that areout, I am anxiously waiting for the fifth season.
    You are a comedic genius. Keep up the great work you are doing. Hopefully someday I will get the highest honor to meet you. Everyone in my family loves you. You are neck and neck with Lucy Ball

  • cynthia chitwood

    everyone in ourhouse loves the show. My daughter is 18 now, and usually 18yearolds don’t want to spend any time with their mom. Thursday night is big bang theory night and we never miss it.I will continue to watch and collect the seasons as they become available.Keep up the excellent work Mr. Parsons. You also bring me and my 18 year old daughter closer together to laugh and have fun. I hope your show runs for a very long time.I sure would love to meet you and shake your hand you brought me out of my depresion and you brought me and my 18 year old daughter mary very much closer together.

  • Kendra

    DAMN IT.

  • Ashton

    Oh darn it!!! I wish I was a boy because I’d totally be gay for him… :( But I’m a friggin girl. I hate life now. Lol.

  • Jackie

    OH MY GOODNESS. Will everyone stop whining? I understand that he may be homosexual, but that really doesn’t change anything. Also, you can’t even tell from a couple of pictures and newspaper articles if he is straight or not. If he is homosexual, then I am happy for him that he is getting married just as I would be if he was straight. So congratulations on the Emmy award! And let’s all talk about what he worked hard for and what we like about him: his acting. Exactly: his sexual preference shouldn’t matter at all, only if that affects his acting in a bad way.

  • Jes

    This liberating gays from the closet thing is ridiculous. If he chooses not to share his personal life with the world that is his choice – it doesn’t mean he’s in the closet. It just means that he is a private person and we should respect that privacy. I hate it that people feel the need to parade their sexuality around as if it makes them a better person. I don’t care if your gay, straight, bi etc. save it for your intimate and private life.

    Just for the record, I love the Big Bang Theory, but the character of Penny is disgusting. Hypersexuality is disgusting. When will we ever have better things to talk about than how many men Penny has been with or whether these characters are gay or straight.

  • svt

    it just breaks my heart. i love him… :'(

  • Larah coste


  • michele paydon

    @NativeSonKY: @7: @Dotty Kurtz:”BAZINGA” Thanks KUSI for my new IPad…

  • Rocky


  • A Man Zed

    @Sad: If you find yourself obsessing about the personal life of TV actors on your favorite comedies… if this makes you enjoy the show less… then YOU are the one with a problem.

  • Nim

    huh? WHAT?? how come i get the news only two years later? god, i live under a rock…. congrats… i think, if i’m not too late:/


  • Called It.

    Well on big bang theory i assumed he spoke weirdly cause he was a great actor playing his character well. then i see him on Jon Stewart he spoke just as weirdly, and im going ok either he is still in character or he is gay. Called it. “Oh, I thought you were just making a generalization, you know, I’m worried about Sheldon someday setting off a low-yield nuclear device because the cafeteria ran out of lime Jell-O.” lol gotta love sheldon.

  • Keneda

    Congrats Jim! I wish you a happy life :)

  • Skye Marijke

    @Cam: @Cam: Fail. Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother.

  • MEme

    @Samantha: Exactly…Read your bible, and you had better do it now, because after this life you definatley won’t have time. Homosexuality is an abomination. I’m no fanatic, but it just make me sick everytime I turn on the TV there’s a queer on almost every TV show, Homo’s getting married on the cover of every magazine…it just makes me sick, I am not judging them, just saying that I feel sorry for them if they think they’re life style is “normal”, because it isn’t normal, nor natural.

  • Axel


    How is two people in love sick?

    I’m a gay guy and my love is definitely not sick or ‘unnatural.’
    And I do deserve to get married to the man I love, and so does Jim.

    And don’t feel sorry for us…we are happy and normal.
    Besides, it’s really none of your business who anyone decides to sleep with.

    And to the comment that called Jim a faggot, screw you.

    Anyway, I wish Jim and Todd all the best. :)

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