Bob the Drag Queen is going OFF on certain ‘Drag Race’ fans on Twitter

Yesterday we shared RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen’s reaction to the rush to attack RuPaul over some insensitive comments about gender. Today, Bob has sparked a whole new debate over how Drag Race fans interact when they meet a famous queen.

While we’re assuming this first tweet relates to the RuPaul/gender debacle, it could really be applied to either situation:

Things got heated (again) when Bob wrote this soon after:

Seems fairly reasonable to us, but it didn’t sit quite as well with some fans.

And those fans went in, and Bob went in deeper.

Here are some examples of the back-and-forth:

Another thread was much more positive, but even still, someone found a way to be upset about it:

And it didn’t end there:

The thread goes on for longer than we care to embed, but here are two quick interactions that distill it all down.

1. Nice isn’t listed on Bob’s resume:

2. If dropping the fake smiles means fewer fans, he’s perfectly OK with that:

We’re much more interested in the talents Bob brings to his career than we are in holding him to the unreasonable expectation that success requires living life with a constant demand for selfies.

He’s set to appear in Tony Kushner’s Angels In America at the Berkeley Rep this year:

The full cast of Angels In America at the @berkeleyrep.

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He later shared two final thoughts:

What’s your take?