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BREAKING: Gay Hollywood agent Tyler Grasham fired amid teen sex assault allegations

Amid a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations, and after losing two high-profile clients because of the charges, Hollywood agent Tyler Grasham has been fired from the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA).

“Tyler Grasham’s employment with APA has been terminated effective immediately,” APA spokesperson Manfred Westphal told The Wrap.

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Grasham was placed on a “leave of absence” earlier Friday, and at the time, APA said it planned to privately investigate the sexual harassment allegations of two men, Blaise Godbe Lipman and Lucas Ozarowski.

According to Deadline, a third accuser came forward with sexual assault allegations of his own. The third man has not been identified.

On Friday afternoon, Godbe posted an update to Facebook, expressing “immense gratitude for everyone who has reached out in support and solidarity over the past few days.”

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“I applaud your courage,” he added. “Your voices are important and your stories need to be told.”

Read his full statement below:

Immense gratitude for everyone who has reached out in support and solidarity over the past few days. Also, to the dozens…

Posted by Blaise Godbe on Friday, October 20, 2017

“Immense gratitude for everyone who has reached out in support and solidarity over the past few days. Also, to the dozens of other victims who’ve reached out personally, to the press, or in open letter, to share your similar stories of abuse at the hand of Tyler Grasham and others, thank you. I applaud your courage. Your voices are important and your stories need to be told.

Despite the floodgates of multiple allegations now open, and his subsequent professional fall out now in process, I am reminded why victims stay silent. Victim blaming and shaming is alive and well. Even men are not immune to the “What was she wearing?” morality clause of sexual abuse. Dragging a victim for his or her sexual identity or looking for character flaws to discredit a claim is a tactic of abusive silencing that has been used effectively for decades. It ends now.

I love my queerness, and I love body. I love my femininity and I love my masculinity. I make no apologies for provocative humor or naked instagram posts. Let me reiterate, having been sexually assaulted or being a victim to a sexually oppressive environment and having agency over your sexuality are not mutually exclusive.”

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  • BriBri

    A pillow biter bites the dust, bye Felicia!

    • woodroad34

      No, you’re still around.

    • Josh447


    • Curtispsf

      Aww. Announcing YOUR retirement, are you?

  • leobaga

    When you realize the whole reason Hollywood was set up was to create a carrot so good, people would do anything for it. Fame, riches – the movies are just byproducts of an industry whose main objectives are rape, sex, pedophilia and trafficking.

    • tham

      Again, that’s literally straight out of the Putin Dogma…literally.

      And then you wonder why we call you Russians…lol

    • Navalator

      Hey! Anyone who does not know how to wear a baseball cap properly should be fired.

  • DCguy

    How interesting. One trolk account comes in with an anti-gay slur and the other seems to want to pretend that Hollywood is something like, say for instance the beauty pageants that Trump owned

    • Donston

      Those few idiots are loving it. After years of Conservative politicians being accused of and outed for assault, harassment, indulging prostitution, sex with underage people, etc. (never mind churches) we finally get to “the land of rich Liberals”. It’s so transparent that I won’t engage.

      It’s kinda weird that I was just looking up Blaise last month for whatever reason.

      Hopefully, it won’t end here. And hopefully, some people with solid careers will have the balls to take the first crack next time.

  • isiah22

    But he post naked pictures on Instagram tho. this Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment started a whole domino effect in Hollywood Nickelodeon fire the creator of the loud house because women accused him for sexual-harassment and the gay Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resign from mayor because of the allegations of him molesting boys and now himthey only fired him because one of the accuser was going to file a lawsuit against him and them and now these anti-gay straight people going to use this as ammunition against the gay community thing that gays rape kids. gay people want to take down their own people.

    • irbaboon

      I agree, this sounds like a homophobia fueled witchhunt

  • isiah22

    Funny this accusations came out a week before the season premiere of stranger things season 2 premier on Netflix this dude to say he’s not apologize for his naked pictures on Instagram this dude is a Instagram ho I hope this dude sues them

  • isiah22

    These accusers are not underage they are grown men

    • DistingueTraces

      This may come as a surprise to you, but sexually assaulting adults is also illegal.

    • leobaga

      Stupid libtard logic. Unbelievable.

    • Donston

      How do you know this person’s politics? And I’ve read/heard many similar things from conservatives. Your trolling is way too on the nose to be effective. Wouldn’t even be surprised if isiah22 is another one of your troll identities.

    • tham

      That’s how Russian trolls work. In one account, they post one extreme opinion, then in another account, post attacking that opinion with gusto…mixed with another account posting something backing up the post they want to hit home.

      And hope they get everyone in a frenzy….

      What Russians don’t understand is, Gays have been hooking up on the internet for about 20 years now…we know when we are being Catfished.

    • geb1966

      They WERE under age when the alleged incidents happened, douchbag.

  • RobtheElder

    Immediate termination should be the reward for inappropriate actions with a client. The power in such a scenario should be in the hands of the potential client. IF the agent retains his position of authority, there’s too much temptation to exercise that authority over the client to procure actions that aren’t his wishes… RobtheElder

    • isiah22

      They were going to investigate him to see if those claims of those men are true but they fired him because one of the accusers was filing a lawsuit against him and the company he works for

  • Jaxton

    I don’t believe that most of these “assault” incidents are as bad as they appear. If they were, they would have been reported to the police, not the media.

    • DCguy

      You seem to have missed the part where some of Weinsteins assaults WERE reported to police, and then in NYC, after a donation the DA dropped the case.

      As for this guy, the former clients are saying it was harassment.

    • geb1966

      More ignorance from someone who has not suffered at the hands of someone in power over them. There are many reasons people don;t report sexual assault. It happens all the time in the every day world.

  • crowebobby

    I don’t doubt for one second that there are people in power who are (or become) predatory just because they “can,” but let’s not assume every accusation is automatically gospel truth . . . even when the accuser believes it him or her self. I played “you show me yours…” with the girl across the street when we were 10 or 11. (I had to guess the number she was thinking of between 1 and 10 to get her consent and I always guessed right.) Years later, she somehow convinced herself she had been abused by me. Then, as an adult in Rome one of the neighborhood boys (younger than I but above the age of consent) used to call me around 11:00/11:30 at night on a regular basis and come over to sit on my bed until we worked our way into a wrestling match where I always managed to wrestle him into “submission” with as much effort as it would have taken to open a candy bar. I made the mistake once of asking him if he considered himself gay or bi and he was absolutely unequivocally mortified. He couldn’t understand how I could even ask him such a question. It was okay for me because I admitted I was, but how could I think he was. There are definitely such things as buyer’s remorse and wanting the game but not the name.

  • BriBri

    Poor DC gurl, hates sarcasm. Are your feewings hurt? You forget, I’m a pillow biter! Bye Felicia/DCGURL.

  • isiah22

    Come now The age of consent in different states of the United States and different counties are 16,17 and 18 16-year-olds married older adults in the south.

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