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Brian Sims shares screenshot and accuses colleague of “trying to get me killed”

Rep. Brian Sims is accusing a fellow Pennsylvania lawmaker of endangering his life on social media.

Doug Mastriano is a retired U.S. Army colonel and a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Last week, he helped organize buses to Washington, D.C. for what would become a deadly insurrection on the U.S. Capitol.

Days earlier, Mastriano, an avid anti-masker, spoke openly about his plans to help overturn November’s election, telling ring-wing radio host Eric Metaxas that Republicans are “basically … in this death match with the Democrat Party.”

“This is an essential fight here,” Mastriano said, adding later, “I do believe that enough of us have been stirred to action–at least 75 million, maybe 80 million of us–have been stirred to action.”

Sims was quick to condemn Mastriano’s rhetoric and behavior, telling local media last week, “I believe Doug Mastriano’s actions meet the elements required for seditious conspiracy. He should be indicted, tried, and convicted.”

After calling on him to resign, Sims is now accusing Mastriano of endangering his life. This morning, he shared a screenshot of a comment made by one of Mastriano’s top fans on Facebook, who threatened to “pay [Sims] a visit” for speaking out against the Republican lawmaker.

“MY LIFE: Trying to get me killed, @SenMastriano?!?” Sims tweeted. “You’re a retired @USArmy colonel who already got people killed on the 6th. This is criminal and you should be court marshaled and prosecuted.”

In a followup tweet, Sims added, “Hey @Facebook, Senator & retired Colonel, @DougMastriano helped to promote & coordinate the attack on the Capitol & is STILL USING YOUR PLATFORM to put lives in direct danger! PLEASE shut this account down & save the next life that this monster and his followers will try to take.”

Following last week’s failed coup, Mastriano issued a statement condemning violence, adding that he “went to Washington, DC, today to support President Trump” but that he didn’t “enter the Capitol building, walk on the Capitol steps or go beyond police lines.”

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