Brian Sims Sworn In As Pennsylvania’s First Out Elected Legislator

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 4.22.35 PMOn Tuesday, state Rep. Brian Sims was sworn into office as Pennsylvania’s first  openly gay elected official.
He joins Rep. Mike Fleck, a incumbent Republican from Huntingdon County who revealed he was gay after winning reelection in 2012.
Sims, 34, beat incumbent Rep. Babette Josephs in the Democratic primary, but ran unopposed in the general election.  “The tide has changed. 2012 will go down in history as when being anti-gay puts you in the minority,”  he said at his swearing-in ceremony.
Prieviously, Sims, 34, was an attorney and board president of Equality Pennsylvania.

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  • alterego1980

    Congrats to him. I send him my best. Though not in my district, we are both from Philadelphia and things are def getting better here. It will be nice to have a direct voice in the state house.

  • kayakriver

    no one will be able to deny him with his good looks.

  • dvlaries

    Remember when “Morning Goods” had a comment count that outstripped every other article, every day, even before noon? Today’s, as I type this at 9:50 at night, has one.
    Maybe if you found more guys that look like Sims that would change. Whoa!

  • FB_100003753981248

    Congratulation to him. Things are starting to look better for the gay equality rights!

  • FStratford

    Id give him my vote if he asks me nicely :-)

  • hudson

    @FStratford: frankly, he could ask any which way he wanted. ;-)

  • randalaw

    I was very fortunate to hear this young man speak a couple years ago at the college where I teach in south central PA. He is, in fact, very nice looking and quite charming. On hearing him speak, his looks and charm soon receded into the background behind his logic, clarity, considerable intellect, and obvious concern for those to whom he might be of assistance in some way. He is so very impressive that I cannot begin to imagine that he does not have a wonderful career ahead of him not as just a politician, but as a true statesman and public servant–a genuine rarity today.

  • avesraggiana

    He can sit on my face forever Not that I’m being superficial or anything.

  • darkorient

    What a man. Congratulations, America!

  • balehead

    As I said before…Morning goods gets people to check out this site….so we can read these amazing happenings! God bless Morning Goods!!

  • balehead

    Vanity Fair does this with celebrity covers you know….

  • balehead

    The guy with two gay mons should get into politics too!! he is masculine grace and class too!

  • hudson

    @balehead: actually, don’t you think Zach Wahls and Brian Sims look a teensy tiny bit alike? And yes, Mr Wahls should be in public service. He’s wonderful to listen to for such a young man.

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