Bruno Cuts LaToya Jackson Scene

Universal Pictures hastily cut a scene involving Michael Jackson and his family from its much-anticipated upcoming release, Bruno, to avoid appearing in poor taste in the wake of the performer’s shocking death on Thursday. The scene also included Hispanics bent over as furniture in the home and at one point LaToya is served sushi off a naked man. The scene ends, as does another with former Presidential candidate Ron Paul does also in the film, with LaToya offended and abruptly ending the interview.” Sacha Baron Cohen pulled the same stunt on Paula Abdul; it’s expected that scene will remain in the film.

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  • bobito

    Refreshing to know that even Sascha Baron Cohen has a line of poor taste which he will not cross in order to get a laugh. I can respect that, sorta…

  • dgz

    since when was Cohen concerned with taste? (or humor, for that matter… but that’s beside the point.)

  • bobito

    @dgz: I assumed that was never a concern of his, but as I said, apparently even he has limits as to how low he’ll go. Who knew? As far as ‘humor’ goes, I was writing about how far he’d go for a laugh – lotta people who aren’t funny getting laughs in the movie biz.

  • dgz

    @bobito: oh, i wasn’t commenting on your comment, just responding to the story.

    and though cohen has yet to make me chuckle, i don’t judge what other people think is funny, especially when i’m in the minority. to each his/her own.

  • Jersey

    Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed. How refreshing the guy has a heart.

  • NewYorkness

    So does anybody know if BRUNO landed in NYC yet? He’s bound to make an appearance this weekend, likely the parade. What better location and timing to advertise his wares!?!

  • Pedigru

    You guys don’t understand. Cohen isn’t responsible for having the scene cut from the film. It’s the studio.

    Please don’t credit Cohen for this. My bet is, he’d prefer the scene remained in the film as it would have far more impact now.

  • galefan2004

    @Pedigru: My bet is that by the time it gets around to the dvd release director’s cut the scene will be back in to sell more DVDs.

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