Last night California pastor Xavier Thompson kicked out a bunch of gays and lesbians who attended a meeting at his church against SB 48, the FAIR Education Act which would include the disabled, people-of-color, and LGBTs into public school social studies lessons. But he says, “this is not about us hating anyone or being homophobic or guilty of bigotry.”

Right, just like it wouldn’t be bigotry if gays wanted all religious people removed from history books either.

When watching the above newscasts, Joe. My. God.‘s commenters made two very savvy observations:

1) SB 48 opponents keep talking about how the bill “sexualizes” history. Apparently the mere mention of homos conjures images in their minds of hot man-on-man action, the same way that mentioning heterosexuals makes us all think of Debbie Does Dallas.

2) The newscast of the ouster included shirtless men at a gay pride parade when they mentioned criticisms of SB 48 pushing “the homosexual agenda.” That’s a bit like showing clips of topless women at Mardi Gras to portray the straight population, showing a Mariachi Band at a Taco Bell to represent Hispanics, or showing a ganster rap video to represent African-Americans.

Prop 8 didn’t get back on the 2012 ballot, but that doesn’t mean California’s not gonna have a big gay showdown on Election Day.

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