CA Schools Not Sure How To Implement LGBT Syllabus

After the New Year, schools in California will be expected to implement LGBT-inclusive lesson plans into their curricula as part of the state’s new FAIR education act. But even LGBT education groups aren’t sure how that will pan out. “I’m not sure how we plug it into the curriculum at the grade-school level, if at all,” said GLBT Historical Society director Paul Boneberg reveals to the  L.A. Times.

Compounding the problem is that, due to budget woes, the California Legislature put a hold on new textbooks until 2015.  So there’s no supplemental material to give teachers direction in covering gay issues. (God help us if astronomers discover another planet.)

The L.A. Unified school district has already told teachers they must:

  • Promote positive images of LGBT individuals.
  • Make available age-appropriate LGBT inclusive curriculum for elementary and secondary schools.
  • Require that newly adopted social studies materials include positive representations of LGBT and persons with disabilities.
  • Include LGBT sensitivity in outreach, education, and training for students, parents, and staff.
  • Remind staff of their duty to ensure that all students are safe and affirmed on campus, and to proactively intervene with acts of bias, harassment or bullying that they see, including, but not limited to LGBT-biased language and bullying.
  • Implement for all staff a training specifying legal responsibilities, effective practices, and concerns unique to LGBT individuals, similar to the district’s child abuse module.

Without specific guidelines to provide teachers with, that sounds like a pretty tall order.


Image via Rosipaw