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This calendar got the ‘Naked Rugby Players’ banned from Facebook

More groan-inducing news from Facebook: new reports suggest the social media megacorp banned a charity calendar for violating its prohibitions against sexual activity. The catch? The calendar actually didn’t violate said standards.

The Naked Rugby Players posed for a calendar to sell for charity. The UK-based sports group intends the proceeds to go to Balls to Cancer, a charity dedicated to treatment and prevention of testicular cancer. Additional proceeds would go toward making rugby more LGBTQ inclusive. Facebook, however, banned mention of the calendar, claiming it violated its prohibitions against images containing nudity or sexual activity. The Naked Rugby Players Facebook page underwent a 24 hour ban in accordance with the policies.

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Oddly though, the calendar does not contain images of nudity. Rather, it depicts members of several rugby teams wearing socks to conceal their genitals. “We take a huge amount of time on photo shoot days to ensure that everybody is comfortable and making absolutely 100 percent sure that nobody’s genitals are on show,” said Jake Hook, the creative mind behind the calendar. “In fact, it is in our agreement with the clubs that take part that we make sure that no one’s genitals will be visible.”

The Naked Rugby Players ban comes as just the latest in a series of LGBTQ bans on Facebook. Beginning in October, a number of LGBTQ-themed posts and advertisements have been blocked on the social media giant. That includes political posts promoting causes like transgender rights. Facebook, for its part, claims all such bans are simply accidental.

Despite the issues with Facebook, the Naked Rugby Player calendar remains available for sale on the group’s website.