California Will Lose Its LGBT History Classes Because Queers Wanna Mind-Rape Kids

Last week Equality California Executive Director Roland Palencia told reporters on a conference call that if the “referendum to overturn Senate Bill 48, the FAIR Education Act, make[s] it to the ballot, we will lose.” Damn. Why the cheery outlook, Roland?

In short, even two years after Prop 8, we have no way to convince parents that we don’t want to teach their kids sodomy:

…there’s no robust unified strategy to keep the referendum from qualifying or what to do if it does. There needs to be one message to meet the opposition. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Prop 8 fiasco, it’s that our side was disorganized, afraid, and timid… the coalition has yet to find the “silver bullet” on overcoming the fear factor that the homophobes are quite adept at instilling in straight parents, especially mothers.

And calling Tony Perkins a liar certainly won’t keep the referendum from passing. So how do we convince parents we don’t want to convert their kids? We’re open to suggestions.

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  • Little Kiwi

    It all begins at home. YOU people out there need to Come Out to your family, your friends, your extended family, your coworkers. For real. The reason this is taking so long is because cowardly grown-ass ADULTS are making excuses to make the self-serving, cowardly choice to not be Out.

    If you’re over 25 there’s no fucking excuse anymore. Help Out, Come Out. You’re either a part of the solution or a part of the problem.

  • Sean Chapin

    If we come out and stand up with the courage and conviction that signifies that being LGBT is beautiful, and we put a human face to this matter to connect the LGBT community to the rest of California as human beings, then I think that we will further conversations about what it means to be LGBT and help move the movable middle toward the right side of history. Also, I think it’s important to know regardless of the outcome of the battle over repealing SB 48 via ballot initiative that we are going to will the overall war for LGBT freedom and equality, so maybe we need to take a more long-term view and fight this possible ballot referendum on our terms, seizing the opportunity to make our own in-roads toward changing hearts and minds toward equality in our school classrooms, as opposed to solely playing a timid defense to the extreme agenda on the other side. I am convinced that the more that the LGBT community realizes that we win with coming out and telling the world with confidence that we are beautiful and will not settle for anything less, the more that we will accelerate the country’s movement toward equality.

  • Michael

    These people are insane I mean the ones who think we are indoctrinating their children .

    The saddest thing is the PARENTS are the ones indoctrinating THEIR children to HATE and persecute other human beings based on the way their parents teach them and the values (laughs at that) they instill into their children.It all begins at home indeed as Kiwi has written its the parents responsibility to raise their children the right way and if they teach hate then they make their kids think that hate is okay and acceptable in society.In a civilized society it is NOT and should never be acceptable.In a SANE society this kind of behavior would not be tolerated nor accepted to begin with.Ultimately in the end the parents are the ones at fault just as much as the child they raised that became the same way their parents were.

  • Mark

    This all boils down to one phrase- people are fucking idiots. A harmless law like allowing schools to teach kids about gay civil rights can be twisted in the minds of parents into a law that teaches kids how to have unprotected anal sex via video. Once the anti-gay groups make commercials with concerned, white, middle-class parents discussing how they don’t want their kids to learn about sex, it’s all over.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Maybe Queerty and Daniel Villarreal are getting the message: another good post! And yes, a great question asking for ideas about how to counteract the know anti-gay tactic “what about the children?”

    Had the No on 8 campaign tackled this tacit head-on in 2008, perhaps it would be weakened today. Alas, that did not happen. I do not pretend to be knowledgeable about political PR campaigns, but I do know pretending that what the bigots say is not partially true does not work.

    The whole point of the new law is to educate kids about us gays; now sell that to parents. Gay parents, ideas?

  • JayKay

    Let’s just start making up lies. I mean the other guys do it all the time and it seems to work, let’s get in on the action.

    Did you hear about that underage prostitute Tony Perkins raped, mutilated, and strangled before leaving her body in a shallow grave outside Colorado Springs? I don’t know if it’s true, I just know what I heard. And don’t get me started on the time Maggie Gallagher funneled money to an Islamic terrorist network in Jordan. Again, I can’t say for sure if it’s true…But she hasn’t denied it, so it probably is.

  • randy

    Run ads on tv like those “Bicentennial Minutes” of yore — A Minute on Famous Gays in History. Each spot can be devoted to a famous gay or lesbian, such as Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great and so on.

    Then explain that this is all we want to teach the kids. If we fail, then we have at least educated everyone in the state!

  • Steve

    There’s actually a very simple way to fight back against the anti-gay “What about the children?” fear plea: We need to make people aware that kids can be gay too.

    People would literally do anything for chidlren – clearly we see that from every single anti-gay measure passed since those idiots think they’re helping kids.

    But do you know how much of an emotional punch in the gut it would have been to show openly gay teenagers talk about how they feel about Prop 8, the ruling in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, about any kind of gay bashing, about what they think about this educational law? It broadens the LGBT image to an age group that idiots are so quick to forget exists. It more importantly gives the LGBT community a more vulnerable image, not to mention a truthful image.

    No homophobe would be in public office with their anti-gay attitudes if we called them out on their hypocritical “Protect the children” belief.

    Start there. Include every kind of person you can: black, white, Asian, young and old, male and female, gay and straight and bi and trans, etc. The more diversity the LGBT community vocally presents, the harder it will become for homophobes to rationalize their beliefs and manipulate masses of people.

  • QJ201

    “that our side was disorganized, afraid, and timid…” and too busy fighting amongst ourselves as to who should lead the effort

  • WillBFair

    A smarter strategy would be to get Hollywood to produce historical docu-dramas starring our great figures. To finance serious PR, cash should be diverted that has been used for Solomnese’s cocktail parties. When the public sees our heroes, and the massive contributions we have made to history, they’ll be happy to grant us out rights.
    This could be started tomorrow. But of course, smart strategy never makes it past the self hating crowd. They’ve been sabotaging our movement for thirty years, telling us in the 80s to ignore the spread of hiv, spitting insults and profanity on anyone who tried to help, and now spitting hatred at our allies in the liberal church while still doing nothing to stop hiv.
    Even now, when republicans in the house will derail all of our issues, much could be done to move us forward in the private sector. But nothing has changed in these thirty years. The community are still obsessed with looks, and there’s no chance that anyone with brains and vision will make it past the hot abs currently holding gay power.

  • Jollysocks

    Let’s not forget that handicapped people are also included in this law, among others. We need to get the other groups on board with a united front if we are to even make it remotely competitive.

    The real frustrating thing is that, at a time when we should be working to overturn Prop 8, we are now being drawn into an electoral battle over this new law. I understand the good behind the law, but at the same time someone should have slapped Mark Leno across the head for passing this huge distraction of a law. I can wait til 2016 or later for Harvey Milk to be mentioned in Social Studies class, but I want my marriage rights now.

  • B

    No. 5 · Mike in Asheville wrote, ‘And yes, a great question asking for ideas about how to counteract the know anti-gay tactic “what about the children?”’

    A way to counteract that tactic is to ask “what about the children,” which you do by showing interviews of the heart-broken parents of people who are in jail for hate crimes and who might not have committed those crimes if better educated.

  • Joe

    Really? Do people think that this law is on the top of minds of most people, especially the ones who are jobless, about to lose their homes, and worrying how to feed themselves and their families?

    As for Hollywood making films on gay heroes, what’s the market for it? Hollywood barely makes movies that accurately reflect the history of African-Americans. When they are done, those films are written to be told from the perspective of white heterosexuals. How many movies about the histories of heroic Native Americans, Latinos, or Asian Americans appear regularly?

  • Michael in San Jose

    If we are going to lose anyway then we need to go all in and admit the truth that this law will teach children about gay people. It will not teach them how to perform gay sex or any sex for that matter. Based on how I grew up in Tennessee it is child abuse not to teach children about gay people in history. What true loving parent or grandparent would want their child to grow up in an environment where they are constantly afraid, isolated and denied the encouragement to become whatever their potential and dreams lead them. I have to wonder how many possible presidents, senators, scientists, doctors and other good leaders who rather than achieve their full potential becoming stagnated in fear and self-hate. One has to wonder if this is how we get the Bachman’s, Perry’s and Santorum’s of this world instead of leaders like Lincoln, Roosevelt or Kennedy . The way to win is to convince the majority of parent s that by rolling back this law they are doing harm to their own children’s wellbeing, future happiness and potential contribution to society… Even the most bigoted anti-gay Christian leader will have trouble fighting this truth with their canned lies and hate. We also need to remember that most rank and file Christians are not like their rabid antigay leaders but allow themselves to get swept up in the lies and the fear these leaders create. Anyone remember the Prop 8 campaign!!! The message is simple “If you love your children and grandchildren vote against repealing SB 48!”

  • ewe

    Any ballot question deciding LGBT history must include african american and european history on it. That could be done as well.

  • Riker

    How about an ad that shows how the Religious Right wants to “indoctrinate” our children into hating their GLBT peers and believing they deserve to die, sick and alone? Use all the quotes from the extreme fringe of the extreme fringe. Take the message of indoctrination and throw it right back in their faces.

  • WillBFair

    @Joe: There is always a market for well written and acted films with high production values. Look at The Kids Are Alright. And such video could be shoehorned into a thosand venues, from the history channel to the learning chanel to Bravo and Logo. The point is to start producing serious gay PR, and stop wasting money on incompetent leadership and cocktail parties.

  • Chad

    Maybe u could show more historical facts of how religious lies equate homosexuality with ” sodomy” and how scripture never draws that conclusion in any way. Use their own religion against them.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Start with talking about how King James I of England, compiler of the King James Bible, was a gay man with a gay father — Make TV ads that show Michaelangelo, DaVinci, and James Buchanan are the historic figures which will be taught about — and not their sex lives — that is, make ads that talk about the famous gay people who actually fill history — instead of trying to answer their ridiculous charge that it’s all about Sex.

  • Henry

    @ewe: Especially European history for you, you white supremacist son of a bitch.

  • B has the full text of the bill.
    If you read it, you’ll wonder what the fuss is about.

    The Legislative Counsel’s Digest of the bill states:

    Existing law requires instruction in social sciences to include a
    study of the role and contributions of both men and women and
    specified categories of persons to the development of California and
    the United States.

    This bill would update references to certain categories of persons
    and additionally would require instruction in social sciences to
    include a study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay,
    bisexual, and transgender Americans, persons with disabilities, and
    members of other cultural groups, to the development of California
    and the United States.

    Existing law prohibits instruction or school sponsored activities
    that promote a discriminatory bias because of race, sex, color,
    creed, handicap, national origin, or ancestry. Existing law prohibits
    the State Board of Education and the governing board of any school
    district from adopting textbooks or other instructional materials
    that contain any matter that reflects adversely upon persons because
    of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap, national origin, or

    This bill would revise the list of characteristics included in
    these provisions by referring to race or ethnicity, gender, religion,
    disability, nationality, and sexual orientation, or other
    characteristic listed as specified.

    Existing law prohibits a governing board of a school district from
    adopting instructional materials that contain any matter reflecting
    adversely upon persons because of their race, color, creed, national
    origin, ancestry, sex, handicap, or occupation, or that contain any
    sectarian or denominational doctrine or propaganda contrary to law.

    This bill would revise the list of characteristics included in
    this provision to include race or ethnicity, gender, religion,
    disability, nationality, sexual orientation, and occupation, or other
    characteristic listed as specified.

    Existing law requires that when adopting instructional materials
    for use in the schools, governing boards of school districts shall
    include materials that accurately portray the role and contributions
    of culturally and racially diverse groups including Native Americans,
    African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, European
    Americans, and members of other ethnic and cultural groups to the
    total development of California and the United States.

    This bill would revise the list of culturally and racially diverse
    groups to also include Pacific Islanders, lesbian, gay, bisexual,
    and transgender Americans, and persons with disabilities.

    Existing law provides that there shall be no discrimination on the
    basis of specified characteristics in any operation of alternative
    schools or charter schools.

    This bill would state the intent of the Legislature that
    alternative and charter schools take notice of the provisions of this
    bill in light of provisions of existing law that prohibit
    discrimination in any aspect of their operation.

  • Xander

    We could do some fear mongering of our own. Example: Who would you rather have teach your children about the gays? This fine upstanding teacher who has been educated on how to teach children, and whom you can talk to directly? Or some nefarious homo on the street corner?

  • WillBFair

    @Joe: Have you seen The Help? You should because it’s great, and told from the black maids’ perspective.

  • Jacob Woods

    People underestimate the innocence and the intelligence of middle school children. Humans are driven to sex, some like same sex others like opposite sex. some don’t like sex at all. Denying the fact that we are sexual beings after age twelve is just going to remain more damaging to society than it will be helpful. Fear and guilt make problems worse. Education makes problems better. Don’t hate, educate!

  • ewe

    @Henry: oh daddy adolph? Did you want the rocks moved north to south or east to west today?

  • ewe

    @Henry: keep saying it Sean Hannity. Maybe others will believe your delusional lies too. Feeling powerful yet?

  • ggggb

    Well, thank God we have New York! I mean, what? Is California just planning to gay bash the gays at the electorate like every two years for the rest of our lives? that’s crazy!

  • Mike in Asheville

    @B: Well, thank you for posting this.

    Alas, I think was Mark Leno and his team’s fault if this goes down; they billed the law as a pro gays/lesbians education bill instead of what it actually is: no discrimination in education planning against protected classes. The bill provides for the additional inclusion to the list of protected classes for Pacific Islanders, lesbian, gay, bisexual,
    and transgender Americans, and persons with disabilities.

    A better bill would have been to require that the education code, with regard to prohibiting discrimination in curriculum, mirror the anti-discrimination laws of the State. Too late now.

    If I am misreading this, enlighten me.

  • DlowGreen

    How about giving queers their own reservations, like native Americans?? Seriously, would you guys be down for that? This way you can have your own perverted fun and my kids could be live in a queer-lite culture.

  • DlowGreen

    OMG I have a great idea guys!!! How about giving the queers their own reservations, sort of like the native Americans?? Seriously, would you guys be down for that? It is really a win win. This way you guys can more fully enjoy your perverted life style while the rest of us raise our families in a…..let’s say cleaner culture. What do you say?!?!

  • DlowGreen

    OMG I have a great idea you guys!!! How about giving the queers their own reservations, sort of like the native Americans?? Seriously, would you guys be down for that? It is really a win win. This way you guys can more fully enjoy your perverted life style while the rest of us raise our families in a…..let’s say cleaner culture. What do you say?!?!

  • Riker

    @DlowGreen: yes, that worked out SO well for Native Americans. Taking the Sioux as an example, the government gave them the black hills area as a reservation. Then, they discovered gold there, so they took it all back and massacred the Sioux in the process.

  • DlowGreen

    @Riker: Cool, glad you’re on board!

  • DlowGreen

    @Sean Chapin: With all due respect to you personally…convincing others that your specific sexual orientation is “beautiful” is a bit unrealistic. You are a human being, therefore you are beautiful in that respect alone. But if you expect the masses to view your behavior as a thing of beauty, prepare for a life time of disappointment.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @DlowGreen: And why, prey tell, DlowGreen, are you trolling on a gay web-site? And, bigot, you show you are such a moron that you think Sean Chapin’s comment was support instead of the sarcasm is it. Scamper back home, sewer rat.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @DlowGreen: I say you should be scalped and your children taken away from you. It is because of scum like you that we need gay history in every school in the country. You’re just afraid that you’ll finally get yours when the next generation learns of the duplicity and evil of the white heterosexual Christian man. We won’t need reservations once we control the entire country.

    I, for one, will not support or send any child of mine to any school with a history program that does not include gay history, nor any sex-ed program that is hetero-only.

  • DlowGreen

    @Mike in Asheville: Holy crap Mikey, you are one angry gay….”pray tell”?!?! you’re hilarious too

  • BBloB

    SO!!! WTF!!!

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