California Will Lose Its LGBT History Classes Because Queers Wanna Mind-Rape Kids

Last week Equality California Executive Director Roland Palencia told reporters on a conference call that if the “referendum to overturn Senate Bill 48, the FAIR Education Act, make[s] it to the ballot, we will lose.” Damn. Why the cheery outlook, Roland?

In short, even two years after Prop 8, we have no way to convince parents that we don’t want to teach their kids sodomy:

…there’s no robust unified strategy to keep the referendum from qualifying or what to do if it does. There needs to be one message to meet the opposition. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Prop 8 fiasco, it’s that our side was disorganized, afraid, and timid… the coalition has yet to find the “silver bullet” on overcoming the fear factor that the homophobes are quite adept at instilling in straight parents, especially mothers.

And calling Tony Perkins a liar certainly won’t keep the referendum from passing. So how do we convince parents we don’t want to convert their kids? We’re open to suggestions.

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